How to make a girl jealous? methods and techniques, working!

как заставить ревновать

Often the day comes, when old feelings weaken and can no longer give those a burning passion, originally. I want variety and entertainment, again want to ignite the fire.

Quote on jealousy

Bland and monotonous relationship can not bring pleasure, so, you need to change something! It is because of boredom and lack of sensations from his girlfriend, guys wonder how to make a girl jealous?

What you need to make a girl jealous?

Call women's passion means to Wake the woman from sleep, give her understanding, she does not control anything, and your relationships depend on you and your will!

female jealousy

Show, how important is it to maintain your interest in it, to recall the previous uniqueness and again to get her to get your attention! Showing, you're still free to do as you please, the girl fidgeted and start anew you be interested in.

What can you get from a jealous girl?

  • Passion during sex – the girl will try to show you, what she's capable of, to demonstrate its maximum and prove, what is it you need, and not Vice versa. She will be more rude, hard and dominant not just in bed, but in everyday life.
  • Craziness – now the main occupation and problem your darling just You! As it was during your Dating, so it will be now. It will begin to pay more attention to their appearance, interested in your activities and even friends.

Her desire to learn, as you have fun and spend time with friends, what are you doing away from her – has not only advantages, but cons. Possible, you won't be hurt, what is your personal space so much expect, but this loss is compensated with a change of your lady in a better way.

  • The importance of now, when there is a risk to lose you, it will begin differently, more accurately applies to you. Initiative on her part, even if it was not previously, and, of course, satisfaction you in all areas, she will be a force.
  • Development – the ability to surprise not only for you, but for myself the changes. She can start going to the gym, to show originality and quality, it had not known before. All for one purpose – to become better, what would the other watch have made no sense!
  • Understanding something, before that she did not approve of, now you can take. This does not mean, she will turn a blind eye to very unpleasant things, but you can afford to make more, as a variant – to buy the right thing or spend more time with friends! It's better you go out with friends, than doing who knows what!

What you cannot get from a jealous girl?

Jealousy deals a fatal blow to the most durable and strong of love


Constant voltage and regular depression because of the inflection, can't contribute to a stable relationship. If time does not stop to test his girlfriend, it, or cease to pay you, at least some, either attention, or will start swearing and scandals. It is important to feel the line and at the right time to time to stop.


Sometimes jealousy is used not to restore the old feelings and emotions, but only for revenge for past grievances. If you think, that way you can teach her, then you are mistaken. She will not feel remorse for the past and certainly will not, blames himself for what he did, the only what causes the desire for revenge – indifference and isolation.


Also some guys think, using the authority that many women, they will grow in the eyes of his only. Only it works Vice versa, the more you scheme behind her back, the less she begins to appreciate you as a man, referring to the fact, the temporary and disposable relationships with other, more important to you, what a long and responsible life with one.


Yes, Yes, that is true love, you likely will not experience. When you show indifference to the girl, specially when paying attention to other, you offend in the first place its dignity. A jealous woman is more likely to not think about that, do you love her, and how to bypass that, you're looking.

The desire to become better than, that would then simply leave you forced to bite your elbows! Of course, not all girls are, but quite a large percentage will want to give second place to their rivals, and not to keep it! This is not a competition for your attention, and for the championship in the best shape, or big eyes!

Problems, which may arise

As has been said, it is necessary to feel the line and if you cross her, your relationship breaks down. The correct approach is in the variety and well chosen time.


You should not care for any one particular woman, so your lady will decide, you're cheating on her. But if you decide to deal with a wide range of ladies, constantly switching from one to another, you can tell your desire to find something new and interesting, such, what should you give your favorite.

We will see, how can you lack of female attention, that should get nervous and worry about the safety of the relationship.

Learn how to balance, play on her emotions, in this case, never posing a serious reason to doubt your loyalty.

The challenge, to revive old feelings, not destroy them and look for new love. You all also have a responsibility to show love and care, while alluding to the fact, what is missing.

  • The rupture of relations

Perhaps, the worst, what can happen, so as to return the favorite, it is not always possible.

  • Indifference

Another, not a favorable outcome, if a girl close eye on your adventures, and even, she starts to look for a replacement. And with her, this is not an attempt to cause jealousy, namely, the desire to find another, a more faithful man. Jealous ladies are not always burning and Groovy, sometimes they just get tired of wasting your time on that, who do not need it.

How to make, what would the girl you were jealous?

Action men


  • Flirting with other

In a joint walking, use the opportunity to talk with other women, in this case, easy flirting with them, implying, you can easily find its replacement, and more, you are not difficult to find topics of conversation with strangers.

  • Put another example

In conversation, focused on the appearance or dignity of another woman, on the feature, which is your lady. She needs to understand, it's not perfect, a must see, where to seek, the more, when there is this unknown, you mentioned in a conversation.

  • A new hobby

Not always for jealousy need another, sometimes, what takes the most time, able to make a girl start to get nervous. If meeting friends or playing football, you interesting and enjoyable, it, well, this is a particular problem of your companion, since I couldn't interest him.

  • Get away for a while

Come home from work later than usual or disappear for a couple of days, without notifying, very much can excite and stir up anyone. In your life there should be suspense for girls, the mystery, she will want to know.

  • Communication with your beautiful girlfriends

That is attractive women, you can invite guests or go to them for "business". Women, that something better and able to compete with your, can cause a feeling of envy, and this is a sign of jealousy. There is not even need to flirt, only one of their presence. Your lady will do everything herself.

  • A password on your phone or laptop

As soon as such details as the call history and messages will no longer be available, the idea of the existence of someone else, immediately flashes in my head.

Signs of female jealousy

That would know exactly, that she is a girl and does she get jealous of you and others, examine this list, which will accurately determine – what are the signs give, what's on her mind?


  • Increased interest

As soon as a woman begins an obsessive interest in the, how did you spend your day, where was who with, you know – you seriously made her jealous!

  • Craving for attention

She begins every possible way try to attract attention. This may be a dumb idea on the type of: Oh, I accidentally deleted your favorite song! And more sophisticated as: Today I with the girlfriend go to the movies, can after the session to pick me up?

  • Memories of the past

Stories, how long ago you tried to get her attention. How original and interesting you were then, and as if she wanted to feel it again!

  • The uncertainty in the decisions

It becomes difficult, to understand, what exactly a girl wants and what she's trying to say. She's afraid to make the wrong choice in almost everything, depends on your attention. Sometimes the question: Dear, do you want a coffee? – can be light stupor.

  • Discussion with friends

So as to deal with all the thoughts in my head can't, she begins an active discussion on your behavior with friends. In particular she is interested in, don't flirt if you're with someone from her entourage behind her?

  • Excessive frankness

Start of deep questions about your relationship, about, what you think about her, I think I love it even? The girl was able to think, she's not interesting to you, her desire to know the reason for it is logical.

What not to do


  • The first rule, you want to remember always, it is – don't change! You're just pretending, looking for a replacement, not doing it seriously.
  • You cannot communicate with your former. Unclear thoughts on this account, capable to carry the tower to any woman.
  • Not keep secret too much. Mystery in your life should definitely attend, but at the same time, notify about important events or changes to the plans your favorite.
  • Excessive depth in itself – a manifestation of indifference. If you think that to ignore or avoid – a good Foundation for jealousy, you are mistaken! The task is to update your relationship, not worse.
  • Don't lie in order to benefit! In your relationship there should always be trust and mutual respect. Can FIB about the day and looks attractive, but it will be painful, if this will become a habit. And in any case, a lie never pays!

Actionable advice from the guys, they will tell you how to make a girl jealous and run after you:

The girl opens secrets of the female zeal, after all, they need to ask:

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