How to make compliments? Stage of the conquest of women's hearts!

комплименты девушкам

The ability to do to podbirat compliments, beautiful and apt words, flattering and need to, hides flaws – will open the door to the heart of any woman.


Female individuality, need unique to her approach. More important, to be able to emotionally and sincerely tell those same compliments. The dry words, how beautiful they may be, not going to have any effect. Sometimes, simplicity and honesty, do more, than affectedness and falsehood of your words.

Living example – how girls react to nice words:

What is important to remember, complimenting the?

Every girl has a weak spot, which she was pleased to hear amenity, and it usually sounds different, than – “You are very beautiful”.


To pick up the same, any key will have his own. But how to do it most correctly, for girls, like, a hint of it, what you want to get, namely, it, there are a few basic rules:

  • The emotional basis of a compliment

As mentioned above, acquiring below – emotions – expressing feelings, but the feeling is the most important attribute for girls.

There is a feature, how easy it is to distinguish a good courtesy, from failed attempts – you will be very pleased with what you've said. The purity and sincerity of the beautiful words pierce any armor.

  • Action

A good word should be possible, to fix a good thing. How close are you to your interviewee, this depends on the threshold of what is permitted. Nothing new in this, but often, guy, feeling confident after compliment, allows himself too much, thus, breaking sympathy for yourself.


If the touch time has not come yet, then it will be enough your, of course, persistent and the male gaze, the main thing – do not make too serious face!

  • Restraint

Rarely, but to the point! A glut of courtesies to good arguments!

  • Interest and Attentiveness

Watch girls, characterize her and her classes-Hobbies. Find out, what is important to her and what interests her. Compliments in these areas, not only a pleasant, but interesting. So she will understand, what do you think about this.

  • Honorably accept failure

Not always a woman can take your gallantry. A unfamiliar individual, the more, able to ignore and even to answer rudeness. It is not necessary to impose, and if your compliment has failed, tell, you, only highlighted her feature, no, any hidden intent.

How to interest a compliment?

To say that it's just – no, on the contrary! Here is a little to emphasize her beautiful figure, eyes and smile, need more! Of course, to hear it would be nice, but no more, and to us this is clearly not enough.

Intrigue – a great way to interest!

Such a compliment should retain some kind of innuendo, lead to continuation. It needs to be a push, where it all begins. A pleasant mystery, to which you want to find the answer. But, enough beautiful theory, move on to practical tips:

Be original and resourceful. Tell me, what she haven't heard, but it would.


Your beloved big, beautiful green eyes, and surely every second she speaks about it, you – you don't need it. Ignore it and focused on her sense of taste to design (if she, of course, understand this). You don't have to stand in line with fans of looks or some other obvious advantages. Focus on that, what is hidden from the. Thus, it can solve, her skills and interests, closer to you, than these green eyes!

Let me understand, her interests are closest to you are your Hobbies.


Here follows the continuation of the first example. Possible, even have to learn that, what she's doing, in parallel, emphasizing its experience and expertise, and most importantly – supplementing and bringing your ideas. Just a beautiful teacher of no use to us.

A compliment with a hint of improvement. You're good – but I've seen better! Of course, so straightforward to say so in no event it is impossible, but the point is clear.


She from a young age dancing and, of course, have already reached certain heights. You need to say: "I like well choreographed and graceful dance. Not just movement, and hidden meaning in every change of body position. Don't just watch and forget, and still some time to keep dance in my head!"

Receives, you stressed the admiration of her case, what is the best compliment and pointed to the fact, what attracts you, giving direction and at the same time, at least, left a mark on time.

What compliments to say to his girlfriend?

There are virtually no restrictions, it all depends on you and lady. It can be as straightforward courtesy of beating the facts in the forehead, and the ambiguous hints from a loved one. Light compliments the hair and smile, or neat leading to sex.


Carefully consider, what I want to say, as, clumsily emphasizing the sexuality – it's easy to insult.

Compliment the eyes

Yes, this eternal theme is such a fascinating peephole, what there has not been invented and written. Hypnotic, mystically, mysterious, fabulous, heady and even killing!



  • I am impressed with your look, seriously, beautiful female eyes my weakness!
  • Your beautiful green eyes, only your nose!
  • When you're serious, your look even more expressive, it suits you!

Compliment the figure

Figure perhaps, the most important part of the female body. It affects literally everything, who would not say that! To emphasize this aspect, the most pleasure for both parties.



  • You have model looks, directly to the envy of others!
  • You can admire forever, you are the ideal!
  • You have a very sexy walk, you are not a fashion model?
  • Your slender long legs out of my head!
  • Got the perfect body, you is everything!

Compliment her sophistication

One of the most interesting topics, as usually she gets the least attention. Noticing the merits of its taste, you have to present yourself, as an experienced, attentive and in a similar way: sophisticated gourmet. That is, you need to discover her flavor in manner of dress, accessories and perfume.



  • I love your perfume, very good smell, it's my weakness!
  • I couldn't help but notice, you always look amazing!
  • You have a wonderful necklace, combined with the color of your eyes!

Compliment her lips and smile

Lips is one of the very coveted body parts. How many times how many guys they circled head on the stronger eye? And what about the smile of his girlfriend? Of course, such moments are remembered for a very long time. What would they have more, make use of my tips.



  • I miss the taste of your lips!
  • Every time, when you laugh – I fall in love with you new!
  • Really beckon me your lips, I want to try it!
  • In difficult moments I remember your cheerful smile!
  • I've been warmed by your smile!

Compliment the hair and the hairstyle

Hair emphasize the femininity and uniqueness of the nature. They create the image, which we so love. Original and stylish hair style allows you to not only stand out from the crowd, but to tell the woman on the, what she wants to show.



  • Driving me crazy the scent of your hair!
  • You have beautiful hair, I really like it!
  • Your hair goes perfectly with this dress!
  • You have a very beautiful thick, dark hair!

List of compliments to girls

Examples of beautiful, ambiguous and non-standard compliments, to enjoy your girl and give her a smile:


  • I'm happy, we're together. I feel, you are the, – I've been looking for!
  • I am grateful, what brought us together. It's not just a coincidence, I'm sure.
  • You're awfully beautiful....
  • You're so...mouthwatering!
  • You smile, often smile!
  • You bring to my life colors and tranquility.
  • I envy friends, after all, you got only me.
  • I'm drunk...thee.
  • You don't need makeup and cosmetics, you're too good for that.
  • Your voice is my favorite sound.
  • I'm not hung, you just stunned me!
  • Your presence near is the best for me.
  • I learned the feeling of love because of you.
  • I see real beauty – only you!
  • The only thing I can be sure, so it is the right choice for the right woman!
  • I disarmed, with your silence...
  • To say that you are important in my life – to say nothing, you are my life!

What compliments do not make?

Strictly prohibited compliments, designed for mass, but not on personality. It, what the dry statistics is accepted as normal, it is very likely to pass or even offend your beloved.

With a sense of humor about that, how to make compliments to tell the well-known comedian:

It, that may appeal to one, – able to offend. A specific list of taboos, for any compliments – no, but there are examples, to avoid.

  • You look so young!

Not every girl wants to stay a young girl. Where attractive looks, the way grown-up, independent and responsible women, than infantile young teen.

  • You have a very light and pleasant character!

Girls, unlike men even more dynamic and changeable. It can vary from day to day and that sweet girl, you noticed, able to become a selfish fuckwit! Of course, this is an exaggeration, but the idea is clear.

  • You're different from my former!

The very fact, what do you compare their present with the former, anything good does not promise a. Every girl, of course, wants to be better than others around, but such comparisons are not relevant here.

  • As for girls, you're very smart!

One such "compliment" you put all the girls below men. After this, you will only, sorry.

  • This is the best I've heard from you!

There is already the very Foundation of compliment speaks for itself. Of all, what she said, only that you really liked, but everything else was – an empty phrase.

In addition to the article – a great man tells the secrets of tackles:

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