How to understand, the girl lost interest and wants you to leave

девушка хочет бросить

You clearly understand that in your relationship something has changed for the worse, but not yet realized, what exactly? Possible, guy, she wants to blow you off. But, can be, you're just too sensitive.


How to understand what the girl has long wanted to leave and not to fall into the trap of their dubious speculation – I'll tell you, and…

TOP 9 Disturbing symptoms occurring pairs

Foreshadowing the future of the gap manifests itself in a standard action. They distinctly before parting, but many do not pay attention.

Symptoms of separation
The main thing in time to understand, what feelings have cooled, your choice: to correct or prevent separation.

Symptom No. 1. You rarely stay together

  • If you often went together in the movie, for a walk or just spent a lot of time alone, now found only in the company of friends – probably, what girl doesn't want to be with you.
  • You can offer her to go for a walk together, and she'll bring his girlfriend.
  • On your offer to go on a romantic picnic she will answer, it's better to drink beer with friends etc. Yes, there is clearly something wrong
  • She doesn't want to be alone with you, so, she's not so nice your presence, she doesn't want kisses and cuddles. She'll leave you!

Symptom No. 2. You don't know about her dreams and plans

If she used to tell you about their dreams, I shared with you the most intimate, and now the girl does not want to communicate with you and not saying anything – will soon come to a tragic moment in your relationship.

It felt right – it just will blow cold, she withdraw and will cease to trust you.

Symptom No. 3. "Actively searching"

If earlier on her page on VK has been written, she's Dating you, and now there is something like "Not married" or the status just disappeared – it is another alarming symptom.

Girls rarely immediately put the status "active search", they often do a cunning move – change it to neutral.

Symptom No. 4. Hugs, kisses...

No reciprocity
This means, that lady is not a pleasant intimacy with you.

Think, if it no longer holds your hand, avoids kisses and hugs. If she doesn't want physical contact or more, you notice, that she is uncomfortable – she is not interesting.

Symptom No. 5. She specifically makes you angry

Girls create weak and not just physically, but morally. And break up with a guy is very difficult. At such moments, girls often do everything, the guy threw them myself. That is, they begin to behave provocatively, to humiliate a man in public, be exercised when your boyfriend signs of attention to other guys, frankly dress, constantly provoking scandals and whatnot.

Listen to intuition! If she tells you, that your girlfriend is not casual suddenly towers – maybe, she's waiting for, when you run out of patience and you throw it.

Symptom No. 6. Its all annoying

Call her – she is angry. Called honey – she suddenly begins to seem, that's the most stupid name. Hug wrong, kiss like a fool etc.

Unexplained irritability, of course, can be a symptom of critical days, but it can also speak, you're just enraged the girl and she doesn't know, how to get rid of you.

Symptom No. 7. She remembered her old friends and began to walk without you

Suddenly appeared her old friend, resumed Hiking club, drinking, spree, you're no place? Maybe, your girlfriend won't even tell you, where today she is going to spend the evening, lying and not telling?

She almost pushed you out of my life and looking for a new candidate, or want to relax from a relationship.

Symptom No. 8. Stick to the guys in front of you

in active search

She will not hesitate to show signs of attention to other men in front of you? She casually touches others, dancing with them, flirting. Then she almost removed you from my list. Ahead of her, dump her first.

BUT: if you recently were fighting over her jealousy, if she thought, you show interest to some girl, possible, she just wants to teach you that so.

Symptom No. 9. She humiliates you in front of other

If your girlfriend begins to compare you with the guys from your company at all. If she's telling the audience that "you're not so strong, like Dima", "and you would , weak, and could not", she compares you, and you obviously lose in her eyes.

Loving girl will not humiliate his beloved in front of others (if, of course, she's not a bitch).

Deceptive signs of an upcoming breakup

Female psychology – very difficult thing. Sometimes, even women themselves can't understand themselves. That is why I do not advise you one hundred percent believe the list of signs of an upcoming breakup.


Many of the symptoms fit girl, which is going to leave you, but mostly they manifest and those, who about the breakup even thought.

Sign №1. She writes 30 letters per hour

Previously, she always called, wrote you a romantic message in VC, threw a video with cute cats and woke up in the morning? Do later 3 months of your relationship it's gone?

You don't have to worry much, because it is absolutely normal. The euphoria of a new relationship sooner or later passes and communication to become habitual. Tumultuous passions are left behind, a quiet romantic evening become the norm. That's why she can gradually stop so often to call and write you. Her mind regain possession of study, any interests and all that, that she loved before. You will be just the most valuable addition to her life.

Anxiety: but if you're calling her, and she often turned off the phone for a long time or she simply did not answer – think about it. She has no time to talk, irritate her your calls, and she almost stopped calling and writing, Yes, it is here that she wants to dump you.

But don't panic – ask the reasons of such behavior Possible, she really is busy or she has any problems.

Sign №2. She no longer wants to have sex with you

At first, you just did not get out of bed, had a very stormy sexual life, and now you can't get laid? She constantly has a headache, she was tired or something? Then it's "smell of fried". This can be regarded as an indication that, that she's no longer interested in physically and never need to look for…

But there is another side of the coin. Do you have sex, but not so often, what you wanted, and do you suspect anything? Push panic, after all, the reason for this may be not only the desire to leave.

Possible, she had not wanted to have sex 8 times a night, but at first she didn't want to hurt you or seem passive nestrashno girl. That's why she easily walked you halfway, 've always accepted and been more proactive. Now, when you become very close, began to trust each other and your relationship has moved to a new level – she just stopped to see in this sham need.

Over time, all relationships lose their fervor and passion.

Listen, when she speaks and is silent when the

Yes, you did not seem to hear her silence. You hate quarrels, long conversations and clarify the relationship? That's why you think, you are on the verge of breaking up? No – if she tries to talk to you, if it conveys to you some of his experiences and talks about the offense, so everything not so bad.

When the girl said, crying, so, she's just trying to keep what, what you have. It thus solves the problems, you, may not see, and is trying to say, that it is bad. She is waiting for a response, and any changes. And while she does it – she loves you.


But if she stops is not good. No, if you are all good and smooth, then it's normal. But if you yesterday swore, hysteria and so nothing decided, and today it is just cold silent about it, glancing condescendingly at you – better talk about it first.

When a girl is indifferent to the problems of paired means, she either fell out of love, or harbored great resentment, which just sees no way out.

Let her tell you

You're the man. So do not wait until, when she decides to leave and leave you with nothing. Just talk to her and find out, what she plans. She can string you along for months, and then change with someone of your friends.

You need to make one: in a quiet environment just ask a direct question: "I see, something was going on. To be honest, you want me to leave?". That's all she wrote. !

If you have a chance to save the relationship, she will begin to talk about, what's her problem. But if she had made the decision – you will ease her task and will be able to quickly move away from the situation.

Initially, you need to understand: why the girl loses interest, and then solve the problem:

Always consider the female perspective:

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  1. Eugene

    My girlfriend already 4 years together , the problems started recently, I started messing with her all, and she doesn't want to talk about it and govorit that I whine, + always says that busy no time to meet with me

    1. Alexander

      Apparently, she wants to break up with you

    2. Vova

      I have a point is it
      I don't want you rastrawadi but she'll leave so I threw.

    3. Luda

      4 years together? And still boyfriend and girlfriend??Or maybe you just need to make her an offer? Maybe she got tired of waiting?

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