How to hit a girl: what to do, how to speak, how to act? Experienced advice

Как отбить девушку

With childhood comes the sympathy between the male and female. To get any girl, guys treat her with various tokens, trying to discourage the girl from each other, showing their strengths.

Unfortunately, not always the girls reciprocate. So maybe for many reasons. For example, she already has a boyfriend, and it does not need to communicate with you. Also, you can be just uninteresting and boring. But, though, anything, it is possible to achieve reciprocity from any girl.

How to discourage a girl from another?

It often happens, that girl fall in love (want) two guys, and maybe more. Depending on your actions, the choice of girls can be made in your favor.


What you need to do, to discourage the girl from another? In the first place, it should start to trust you. To do this you need to spend more time together. Call her out, and to communicate during the walk was not stretched, tell her interesting stories from your life, ask, what she enjoys, find common topics of conversation.

A real man should be able to stand up for his woman. So if someone claims to be your chosen one, do not miss the opportunity to prove himself as a stronger and better candidate.

No need to be too Intrusive, it can only spoil the situation. After all, few people can like, when a man constantly in control and do not leave personal time. Be a good time to leave. So, after numerous courting a girl will definitely choose you.

Not the most revealing and cool video, I saw, but here's just a normal kid – quickly meets a girl who has a boyfriend. Have a look.:

How to get a girlfriend from friend?

Due to the fact, you fell in love with the girl friend, and want to recapture, your relationship with each other can turn from best friends into sworn enemies. But if you don't cherish your friendship and the girl is more important to you, then you can try to take her away.

quarrel with a friend

Often it happens, what the guys take their favorite girl, and it is not always lead to the best outcome. Most of the girls can leave her present boyfriend and go to, with whom they had better.

For a start, you should become good friends with her. There are many examples of couples, who began to meet after, how were friends. Don't be afraid to tell her about their problems, just don't complain! Quite a bit, to test the reaction: so she'll understand, that you trust her, and if I support you – so there is sympathy (need not particularly supported). Over time, she too begins to tell you about their boyfriend issues, and you will understand, what is not so they all and it's great, it may seem from the.

Find out, what she doesn't like her boyfriend, and try not to repeat the same mistakes. It is important to know, what she needs and offer her help, as support. Try to be in communion with it, more responsive.

Don't be shy and spend most of my free time with them. Invite them to any parties or clubs. Find out, what kind of movies she likes, what she would like to see – then tell me that, too, would like to go, but not with anyone.

Show me that with you it will be more interesting and fun to spend time, than your friend, be fun, open, talk to her. At a certain moment will be right to admit other: do you have a crush on a girl and want to steal her, well, or can't refuse, if she wants to be with you.

a conversation with a friend

Be there at the right time, at the time of their breakup, put her manly shoulder, don't let her go in their environment. Spending so much time together, it, of course, will begin to guess about your feelings to her, don't hide them and can be – get reciprocity.

How to beat your girlfriend?

It happens, so adore thee, lady absolutely does not show any interest in you. But even in this case, it is not necessary to drop the hands. If she refused to March in a restaurant or watching a movie, do not worry. Can be, you start with too big steps.

Every girl should be able to find the approach. Start with easy communication, find out, than she asked. Possible, she loves to read, and ask her to tell me about your favorite book or to tell you something advised. After, as you will have common themes, your communication will be much freer and relaxed.

The main thing to be an interesting conversationalist and a nice guy. Do not just tell her about your crush, so you can only scare her with my intentions, and all your efforts will be in vain. She has you to love, for this you need to act slowly and carefully, but it is impossible to drop the hands – everything will be!

To begin the conquest of ladies, you can conquer her friends. If they, will high opinion of you, then half the battle is already over. You will be at least a potential candidate in her Boyfriends.

It makes no sense to condemn the guy, with whom is she now. To look like a boy, aiming to break a foreign idyll, not the best method to achieve success. Women tend to exaggerate, and if you will appreciate its environment, it is even better and will describe you in her eyes.

girlfriend girls

Was good, will be the best, but if proved mediocre, it appears that do everything very poorly. The main thing, to leave a best impression, but to exaggerate and paint it, it will take the other.

In addition to the above, we need all the forces to indicate their willingness to relations and maintaining quality level. To show their loyalty and affection, responsibility and confidence in the choice. It is not difficult to exaggerate its advantages, the main thing, to keep the spoken word.

Girls love not only the wealthy and affluent, but where most of those, in whose eyes they see a fire and a craving for movement. In this way, the guy is always one step ahead, next thinks, and more plans, and the girl, feeling the fuse, join him.

Touch, compliments from her boyfriend, needs to fade in comparison with your seductive expressions. Let the power of words, is not the number, and as. Single apt and a nice compliment, a light handshake when meeting, all this can deliver a lot more pleasant emotions, than the daily rash attempts, she can hear.

How to beat an ex-girlfriend

It happens, when couples break up, the guy continues to love ex-girlfriend. Can you return the love and start the relationship again? Of course, can! This will have to make the girl a positive impression.

  • Hardly anyone will pay attention to neglected and lost in yourself man. So the first thing to put in order their appearance. Don't be afraid to experiment with hair, clothing, try to change your style. Let the people around you will see, what you are good at fashion and you, not noticing, begin to enjoy success with the opposite sex.
  • Also do not forget about the internal state. Behave confidently and courageously. Don't show that, that something bothers you or you have any problems. It is much better to deal with that, who always Jolly and don't sweat the small stuff. Your changes will definitely impress ex-girlfriend and she will think someone lost.
  • Ladies love, when they make compliments, so don't be afraid to say, she looks beautiful, and hug her at the meeting. Take the initiative in their hands, after all, girls can rarely make the first move. So did not need to be too Intrusive and to go the limit. You have to understand, when the same touch can be extra.

In dealing with ex-girlfriend you know, what she likes, and what is not. Try to avoid those mistakes, that was in past relationships. So you're back for her will be interesting, and will be able to beat the other guy, because it connects you a lot more!

To understand how to hit a girl, you need to ask her. Watch the video about gain experience:

How to understand whether a girl loves her boyfriend?

Guys often think of those, love them girl? Guess this is quite simple. You can hardly completely hide their feelings and not to give them, for example:

  1. If a girl is calling or texting you first, she's really interested in your life and she would like to spend more time with you. Often girls don't want to seem too Intrusive, and they can call very rarely. So be decisive and don't be afraid to make the first move.
  2. Girl, you can sympathize for., will not leave you without attention, she will wonder if you're OK and will always support you in difficult times. Also she can tell you about their problems or about, something else bothers. After saying their problems is a manifestation of trust. Don't ignore it in this case, and Vice versa, try to maintain.
  3. If she really cares about you, she also cherishes your relationship. It can go for you on assignment, find a compromise or even concede to you. If the girl thinks, that is always and everywhere the right, here we can say about the selfishness and narcissism.


When one person always makes concessions, the relationship will not last long, so if it's something not right, tell her about it. If her feelings for you are sincere and honest, then she will know, that was something not right and will go to the meeting. There is no need to wait, what is going under, and maybe, if squabbles and disagreements do not lead to a logical solution of problems in the future, you should think about the power of such feelings.

A real girlfriend will always help her man and support him in all endeavors. If you feel, your girl cares for you and supports, it might mean, only, her feelings for you are sincere.

Any girls you can beat off, and what not?

How to accurately determine, any women can try to get, and what about should not even think?

If a girl looks at you approximately ↑, it is better to choose another girl!

Married ladies are better left alone, it is not only difficult, but also extremely rewarding. Almost always this desire does not lead to good consequences. She already had her own, established family life, with their difficulties and obligations, a loving husband and, possible, children. If you are not ready, to take on all these challenges and tasks, it is better to leave them to, who has already agreed to carry such a heavy burden of responsibility.

Otherwise, think, suspension of their ability and strength, and then, try your fortune in this lesson. Most likely, you will be disappointed, but if her marriage is in trouble, and divorce is only a matter of time, then, and only then, you have all the chances, to achieve its.

All the other ladies, fully open in order, that would be charmed and led away from their Boyfriends. They are still not constrained by any marital obligations, relatively free and is free to do so, as will be considered necessary.

There is nothing cruel in that, that girl, you more expensive and nicer than your friend or acquaintance. The right choice of companion is the choice for life, so, if your heart feels a burning desire to win that, already found happiness, you have every reason to nominate his candidacy.

The main thing, do not overestimate your strength and don't think, if you want, and she thinks the same way. It is likely, she has several alternatives you, her plans are not included. Be able to show that, that no other, to show resourcefulness and prove not only to her, but myself, they are capable of any achievements.

Nothing gets, any woman, do not look at the man, which is just waiting. If you wait for such a moment, you can skip all his life and left with nothing, as an ideal situation simply does not exist.

You need to be able to act on the situation, complicated or not, no matter, always the way to a ladies heart – the hard way. Only your personal qualities and power, able to give a precise answer, who can and who can not fight off, everything else is just statistics.

How to behave and what to say, when you want to beat the girl?

After analyzing and describing the lady, the words themselves will be stored in offers interesting and relevant. It makes no sense, to talk about something, what will be clear only to you. Even, if you're misleading about your erudition, talking about difficult topics, you're still not interested favorite.

In the period, when you only get its location, haven't established a solid relationship, where it would be more rational to speak about the urgent and ordinary issues. Care, which directly relate to her and you, their solutions and suggestions. Trust is built, not on a beautiful and intelligent statements, but a simple understanding, respect and attention. All this, to appear in everyday life, in simple examples.

male behavior

The behavior of your, should not be out of the ordinary, actions are sudden and unusual for your temperament. Sometimes, even useful to visit a skin of that, what you never been, only thing to know the measure and time, when to stop.

If it is too difficult or even scary to seem simple guy, interested, it is possible, to build confidence, to clarify a few interesting questions, in the case of what, to start a conversation, where you would say that. So, you will feel the force of these words, and while your awareness is in the conversation there is, it will be very easy to talk to anyone.

As an example:

Find personally interested in you theme, and ask the opinion of the girl, and then, Refine and dopolni the best of their ability. Let the dialogue in the beginning, will not make any progress in building relationships, but, at least, you talk and learned something useful. With each subsequent time will be easier, and one day, your communication with her, be a totally free on any topic, and having achieved this, you can get everything else.

In addition to the article – see the instructional video: as for 5 steps to recapture and to fall in love with the girl, Boyfriends:

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