4 the rules of conversation with a girl. The main mistakes in communication + Examples

о чем говорить с девушкой

To be able I wonder, and most importantly the right to chat with a girl a science, it demands not only a knowledge of the theory, but the intelligent application of it in practice. Actually, it is the goal of any teaching is to be able to apply the received knowledge in life, and to extract from them the greatest benefit, in our case, to gain favor and attention of a girl during a lively dialogue.


Necessary and useful information is the Foundation for a constructive conversation, however, if only it were that simple, many young people have not suffered and are not looking for advice in terms of proper communication with the fair sex. To say to a girl is not difficult, hard to be interesting. Here is the solution to this I will try to help!

The main goal of any communication, not only with the girl, but a guy is to inspire confidence in his companion.

TOP 3 Mistakes: forbidden topics about which do not speak

There is some range of topics, the views and opinions which, radically at odds, and in addition, such a touchy discussion is able to break even old best friends., and especially a couple of future, who are only acquainted with each other.

Mistake # 1. Policy

Sensitive issue, and clearly belongs to the category of those, which is more efficient and faster way to strike up an acquaintance. The policy is born of the grain of fundamental disagreement, it breaks down and quarrel, and rarely brings something good and necessary in communication.

Of course, even this topic may be useful, but only in a very narrow and specific circles.

Mistake # 2. Religion

Religion is similarly a spectrum of personal convictions and beliefs, which are best left to themselves. There is no point to prove, to impose and convince someone of something like this, for each default is subjective.

Faith – it is a philosophy, which will never be objective dogmatic judgment and common Canon the correct and proven action, so to take up the pursuit and protection of these very ignoble and ungrateful task.

Mistake # 3. Ex relationships

Relationships are always like a demon tempter creep into the consciousness, when the conversation comes to a standstill or simply not built. Such a sweet temptation to break away and start bragging about past adventures and conquests. To tell, what a bad and rude girl you got it early, to respond to these adverse key with only one low purpose – to show yourself better, exalted on the background, to multiply their virtues and merits.

The girl will not be difficult to guess, because you're so grateful to not speak about their past girlfriends, and about her, in the end, you definitely will also have someone pour a stream of mud and exaggerations.

4 the main rules of communication

Communication – such a simple phenomenon in a friendly environment, and such an impossible task, when it comes to girls. It is based on all, it is comparable with the Foundation of a multi-storey complex and houses, the most important part – the basis, where is built everything else.

To start a relationship seems incredibly complex task, but building a house looks, where it is not easier, however, the complexity and the first and second is ignorance and lack of skills, and most importantly – work experience or experience in a previous relationship.

Absolutely everyone will agree, that shyness, stiffness and uncertainty most strongly manifested precisely in the period of youth, when young men plan and think how to meet and Woo the girls, how to change it, see the video:

Many at the time Dating or first date completely forget, and spend the allotted time too irrational and wrong, unnecessary or telling silly stories, not going to win the trust of.

The interlocutors exchange information, conclude, on the basis of which, make a decision: whether to continue to spend time, or switch to someone else?

Rule # 1. Not to be boring, monotonous and predictable

Even the most simple and ordinary word, it is written with humor and in need of irony will cause her emotions, and this is, what you need to achieve the most. Charismatic man capable of absolutely any nonsense to present so interesting and fascinated, that's even starting to like.

It is worth remembering, it is impossible to beat, and each verbal flexibility and emotional recovery needs to be justified, and not to look ridiculous and stupid.

Rule # 2. To speak clearly, audibly, reserved and not loud

Many people do not pay attention to, how and at what rate, they say, though really, from such observations one can make a very accurate and extensive psychological portrait.

Too rapid flow of words, overloaded with information and meaning, even a very interesting and intelligent, not staying in the head, and will go in one ear and out through another.

Nobody hurries, plenty of time and rather than call his monologue headaches and irritability, much smarter to quietly, highlighting every word his share of time, to spin the thread of the conversation.

Rule # 3. To the point, more listening and watching

Everything is more than understandable. If within five minutes to throw out all the prepared verbal script, then there will be only improvisation, which is not the best way.

To be a good and attentive listener is a rarity in our time, and even if her words can be not too interesting, the ability at any time to retell the heard is always useful. Attentive people appreciate a little more all other.

Conversation should be quiet and have a logical, pre-thought-out conclusion.

Rule # 4. Question, to become a new topic of conversation

Dry and banal questions, with the only possible answer is Yes or No, nothing useful will not bring. When it comes to the meaningful, deep, a thoughtful and detailed response he literally smacks you in the face, a piece of yourself. He begins to think about things, which previously, possible, never thought.

You become a kind of benchmark, a beacon in the dark looking at who has a chance to escape the endless fog, and to find answers to many questions, well, to sound smart and erudite from the.

Also watch for her gestures, jokes and appropriately react to them, the reaction will not keep itself waiting long.

7 the main topics for conversation with girl

Now, knowing the theory of the right conversation, you should pay attention to more important problems – topic for this conversation…

Theme №1. About oneself

You can tell about yourself, and when the opportunity will switch to the interviewee, asking small and light she, thus maintaining her attention and forcing to listen carefully. The main thing is too strong not to drag it out, otherwise, the probability of a monologue on your part, and it is certainly, not that, what you need.

Information about yourself should be in moderation, a brief overview the most important thing, not to disclose in some extent all his secrets, keep the intrigue.

Theme №2. Questions

The list of interesting questions, with which to begin communication include the following examples: Favorite books and the names of the best movies, activities and lessons, favorite holiday and time of year, and so on. This is a simple and free themes, but if you address the discussion of books, there is a very easy show your erudition and erudition, to Express their opinion and views.

In that light, discussion of the book or the movie will go into some sort of debate, where each individual will stand strong and consider the weaknesses of the works.

Theme №3. Travel

Travel is not just a flight of fancy and dreams of being, where would like to visit, and where there were already, but for sightseeing and features varying terrain, that to some extent, as the book gives an insight into the views and thinking of each other.

In their plans for the future, who will address this topic, argue and say it, what would she wanted to be near you at this time. Interesting stories or experiences from past travel or adventure will pique interest.

Topic №4. Childhood

Childhood is one of the best themes, if being able to feel the face and not to go too far. Now your on a date with her the most important and interesting, but if excess to take in childish memories, you can forget about the main goal.

Sentimental, nice and good children's story will open the eyes of each other, those sides of the character, that nothing else and no one could see. A large part of our personality and the, what is it in this moment, it is a relic of past years, especially in early childhood.

Family tradition, in which you dedicate each other on a subconscious level – build confidence.

Topic №5. Emotions

Emotions are almost always the most important, not only for the day, but in life. Most people will judge about your past, solely on the basis of, how much good and bad happened to him.

Emotions control us, they are positive or negative is not particularly important, the fact, what to leave a reliable impression giving a smile and good mood, thereby associate itself with this terrific day. Remembering that, the girl will unwittingly remember those sweet joint events, and this is, however as, a big step to success.

When someone sees your fire and passion, see the attention and feels the interest, the desire to always help in difficult times and the desire to just be useful – this mostly creates a strong relationship and sense of attachment.

Topic # 6. Relationship

Extremely tricky task to talk about the relationship, when I try to build a relationship. All women are extremely fond of these topics, appropriate gossip and intrigue, here so they are arranged.

Sooner or later, but you come to this discussion, and the main your task will be then, what to defend, and should consider from a male point of view, speaking for all men once, and not just for himself alone.

Topic №7. Hobbies

Hobbies and activities, perhaps, extremely relevant topic always. All, without exception, will be pleased to tell you about, I do best and what most brought pleasure.

So you will fully reveal and find common interests, which themselves prompt, than it is possible to work together in the future.


3 examples of effective dialogues

Example 1. Start building a dialogue with veiled story about myself:

  • Guy: Hi! Listen carefully: Today I went on the market, searched, sells tweed trousers with deep pockets and parallel saw many unhappy and brooding individuals sellers. Someone, something was trying to sell, convinced of the necessity of this purchase, they do discounts, others talked about the merits of things and they all seemed to me to be somehow unhappy, resentful and inferior. I could not understand, seemed, they all have work, which brings income, regular customers and the prospect of growth and expansion, but something was missing. I came to the conclusion, what: Man this is, what he does! Worst job equals unhappiness in life. And in this case, I want to ask you about the following: "And what actually is normal, human happiness is available to everyone?"
  • Girl: (Listens, considering and trying to answer this, of course, meaningful question);

Example No. 2. The observation of the subject, analysis and constant return to the beginning of the issue under different angles of vision:

  • Guy: I think, have you ever been on a roller coaster?
  • Girl: (her answer)
  • Guy: Know, seems, what nothing wrong with that, absolutely anyone can do it, yet fit close to the trailer. To observe the power of each, but try already a lot of strong people. Do you agree with that?
  • Girl: (answers)
  • Guy: But the attractions are very expensive and challenging field of entertainment. That is why we have little worthy competitor capable rides. Probably, all about potential dangers, which, simply, will not allow in cities with small populations to gather large crowds wanting to ride, and therefore does not pay off such a venture. What do you think about this?
  • Girl: (express their opinion)

Example No. 3. Sharp, unexpected question, which is slightly shocking and attracts attention to you:

  • Guy: Listen, dear, and you haven't thought about marriage?
  • Girl: (in surprise, minute thinking, answers)
  • Guy: I often walk past the REGISTRAR's office and almost always there is a pair of newlyweds. Are we in the city often hosts weddings? It would seem, not so great town, but someone is always celebrating a wedding!

The secrets of good conversations open guys, who know a lot about dealing with the opposite sex:

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