How to overcome fear of girls? Become a real macho!

страх пред девушками

Paralyzing fear, outbound from within and is manifested always at the wrong time breaks created plans. It would seem, did you find that, I was looking for, there she stands right in front of you, but the uncertainty in words and timidity in the body are deprived of any chance to achieve female attention.


Fear Dating with a girl – a common disease, peculiar to any age groups and the most dangerous, if you do not identify the main causes of, it is very likely, keep it for life.

We analyze the main causes and manifestations of "fear of approach" that would save you from this disease and give free communication in any situation!

What is the "Fear of Approach?"

"Fear of approach" – comprehensive and individual feature of causing fear of communication with the opposite sex. There is only one way to get rid of her once and for all, one, but guaranteed effective method.

Any fear, not only fear of girls, is the result of negative experiences in the past. The same experience, which brought physical or mental discomfort.

When you, showing initiative and courage in something, ran across a "sharp rocks", had left a bad imprint in the memory, after which is imposed on all subsequent attempts to change the situation.

Child's fear

Of cause for its occurrence could be not so much you yourself, as the environment, namely: Unpleasant companion, which greatly insulted or offended, cute girl, roughly sent you or a friend, posmeyalsya over your idea, you since then, I'm afraid to realize.

If you stretch your memory, each of us will find in the recesses of consciousness, those "black" days, through the prism of which there is a perception of the present, and even future life.

But how, so, if these memories have all, and fear Dating, though many, but all, not everyone? There is already an individual matter, depending on willpower, character traits and temperament. Can, even strengthen this disease, saying, initially it is inherent in every, and to fight it – your personal debt! But will not thicken the already dark paint, it's not true, but it is that way towards you!

As so? And it's simple! The woman – the mystery and ambiguity, and the unknown always causes fear, the mystery is, that would be solved!

To hear once again burning No means to add a plus one memory to the Treasury, from which so wants to get rid of. A vicious circle? Before trying to open it, need to get rid of existing complexes, and to prevent the emergence of new. It's like trying to solve a math problem, not having themes, and convincing themselves in their stupidity every time, how do you not get the correct answer! It is ridiculous and naive, but that's what happens in talking to girls..

Fear is not a natural phenomenon, and the protective mechanism of the body, continuous every time, as you seek to conquer the unknown! In our case, the identification of the world of mystery – a beautiful girl!


Guy, ashamed of himself, wonders, how to meet a girl? – instead of, what would you ask And what you need, that would get rid of the trash in the head?

How to overcome fear of Dating?

The actual treatment process is very simple, but long to learn the formula: That would get rid of a bad experience in the past, need to get a result, at least once, this is more than enough!

Just how to succeed in, where you for years been plagued with failures? Next time, when you get the opportunity, when will be again a beautiful lady, you already put your eyes, you need to "turn off the brain"! Sounds crazy, but now you will understand everything!

When repeated the same or similar to her situation, the event or multiple events, that was the reason for your panic zakompleksovannosti and fear to open your mouth, the brain automatically plays in the subconscious "bloopers". Such a lever of self-preservation, to get rid of that impossible, but you must learn to control. You remember the past, which stops you in the present, again I hear "No", again, I do not support, like last time, again will laugh at me and so on.

"Turn off the brain" – so not to think about it, just to forget and ignore what, what was once. Relax, this time everything is new. Another woman, another time, and maybe even another you, just don't think about the bad experiences. Sounds, of course, easy, but this is not enough.


Unless you're my mind, that new girl is a clean sheet, nothing will help. On this sheet are given the opportunity to draw, and to portray themselves as anything, to do and say what they want, of course, it's a metaphor, but the point is clear.

If once again to not cheat, not thinking about their, most often, fictional complexes, everything will take place exactly, as you imagine. For healing just one successful times, and a long list of failures go by the wayside, in comparison with the long-awaited success.

Woman per kilometer feels inferiority complex, phobias, shyness words, and body, remember that! To hear "Yes" from the desired lady, will have to practice over their appearance, the way we talk and behave in society.

Fear of girls limit you not only in communication, and it strengthens the false idea of a personal inferiority. And what the consequences might be, I think, not worth telling. No need, I'm afraid. You're not a wild beast was going to tame, able to tear to shreds. And that much more dangerous.

As soon as your spiritual world will find the correct and appropriate direction, the body will cease to produce signs of fear and uncertainty, as fear of women simply will not you.

It all starts with the head, and while it's a mess and confusion, it makes no sense to play sports, in the hope of attracting body. Even athletic body and good looks will give you confidence, as cause "fear of approach" is not a physical flaw, they say, you're too ugly for her, but deep in the subconscious.

Useful tips

  • Think about a replica, you say after the words Dating. In advance of the beginning of a thoughtful dialogue gives confidence and rest.
  • Give a mental countdown from 3 seconds. And then just grab and go. The brain switches off itself after such a sharp jolt and more does not load you with unnecessary doubts.
  • Argue with each other, I can meet a girl. You will either succeed, or lose respect for yourself, which is very unpleasant. For more motivation, you can make money, that would be a desire to retreat from the goal, finally disappeared, a victory will bring more money!

Additional equipment: how to set yourself on the right wave, from a professional wingman:

Psychology of communication with the girls

What would the conversation with the lady was most easy and pleasant, you need to know and understand the peculiarities of their psychology. Learn interesting communication is not difficult, only if you have a goal and aspiration.

You need to be able to take the correct position in any dialogue, namely, not only to be a silent listener, but to complement a girl, to clarify and ask appropriate questions. It's like communicating with a friend, the principle is similar, but has its differences. At least the fact, what unlike buddy, who can understand your reticence or silence, the girl is not capable of. Then you will have to set the tone and direction of development dialogue, to make it interesting and fun.


Here are some tips, which not only can, but you must follow, if you want to learn to attract female attention in communication:

  1. Don't complain. Never greet her their problems and difficulties, no one except you don't care about them. Personal care is for everyone, then, they are personal, as they require independent decisions, not public discussion.
  2. Expand your horizons. Be well-read and erudite, the more information you own, the easier it is to conciliate environment. In the first place that needs to be addressed for yourself. Once your personal growth will begin, different, which was yesterday, life will sparkle with new colors. Information owns the world, is the most valuable resource, to be a source of knowledge is always useful and beneficial.
  3. The conversation must be active. You need to sound confident, clearly and most importantly, living! Nobody wants to listen to a mumbler, while a good speaker is able to interest even a boring topic. A little possessing this skill, attitude and respect go to you only in the mountain!
  4. Learn not only to tell interesting, but convincing listen. Girl needs to see your interest in her words, to understand, what is it I wonder.
  5. Topical compliments pleasant always. Feel free to talk about the beauty of her figure or hair, on well-chosen accessory, and the smell of perfume. So you're still emphasize the care.
  6. A man should remain a man under any circumstances. You should strengthen your credibility a bold and good deeds, to call a certain admiration for his persona.
  7. Learn to amaze. It is a good way to show your originality and originality. Nice gifts and interesting tricks that, what you need!
  8. Don't chase a woman, show your independence. Why would she want another boy? Be as calm, this, who should win. Let me understand, what it is interesting for you, but not through courtship, and the, that will not be in the number of her Fan club!

Common topics of conversation with a girl

Actually, you can talk about anything, how much and anywhere! The question is, how to come to this result? In addition to the good and close relations, you need mutual trust and understanding of each other. To overcome the barrier permitted the, only gradually approaching the interviewee, and then, borders erased.

how to flirt

If while Dating, you could not put two words together, it, in the end, you can spend hours to discuss absolutely everything that surrounds you. However, to tie their first-ever live dialogue you may, given below. They will help you emotionally to open up, to Express their thoughts and to establish regular communication.


  • Clothing. Ask, what brands she likes, what clothes prefers and, of course, make a compliment to her taste.
  • Pets have virtually everyone. A short story about your pet, be it a cat or a fish and why they?
  • If your relationship is sufficiently close, it is possible to raise the subject of sex. To discuss familiar pair, do they really fit together?
  • Religion. One of the themes, you can talk forever, and it does not budge. You well learn about the views, philosophy and method of life companion, besides, very easy to switch on ghosts, spirits and other supernatural phenomena.
  • Movie. Talk about movies, perhaps, one of my favorite topics when meeting. Ask, what genres she likes, Express our opinion and say, what we like, explain why, and then, we invite you to go to the movies. The topic is very broad, you can touch the actors and just to talk which ones are the most important.

Besides, talking about favorite movie, your words will automatically be backed up by feelings and emotions, you will enthusiastically tell, what do you think about this. Interesting and great topic, personally, I have particularly recommended!

  • Favorite books. Unlike movies, if you abruptly and carelessly expressed, you can insult the girl. Since the negative review of the book, perceived personal account, as if talking about bad taste. Of course, it's the little things and the theme, of course, great. That like not reading the book, describe the person?
  • Hobbies. Simple and obvious. Talk about, who does what, likes and why. Asked about plans for the future and get even more interesting.
  • Food. The most delicious, exotic dishes, you ate. What is included in your daily diet? You can also invite in a cafe or restaurant to try something tasty!
  • Favorite holidays and prefer gifts. Certainly learn and birthday, ask, I wanted, that would gave her. Favorite time of year, month and why he!

Fear of girls – it is primarily complexes, from which you need to get rid of immediately! Detailed instructions in the video:

Expert in building relationships teaches you to conquer your fears. Be sure to browse!!!

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