What to give to your favorite birthday? Do the right: original gift!

подарок на день рождения

To pick up really good, useful and necessary gift for your girlfriend is a difficult and not an easy task. In addition, still need and the expression of your originality and love!


Its the birthday of your General holiday, so, serious and responsible attitude to the gift – must! We will help you to understand the intricacies of this issue and surprise the beloved, choosing a suitable and memorable souvenir!

What to give girlfriend for birthday?

Choosing a present, it must be remembered, what to surprise and to please you try my girl, not a girlfriend, so the approach should be appropriate. Will be appropriate gifts with a hint of your relationship, plans for the future and just nice things.

The choice of gift


Of course, easier to say, what to do, therefore, I recommend to look at this list of worthy ideas:

  • Based on her Hobbies, you have to understand, what she might want. This can be as a new set of tennis rackets, and volleyball! There is nothing complicated, the main thing, not to give something, what is already there!
  • Sometimes, her friend, who know that it is much more time, than you, with whom she shares the most important events of his life, able to tell much, should you wish to buy!
  • Universal gifts, to suit almost any situation. Expensive jewelry, journey together, quality new things, as a variant of the bag or dress, soft toys, sweets and, of course, flowers! Variety is just not listed, much easier to call it, what to give is not necessary, namely, that, what you want only you!
  • Extreme sports, which brings unforgettable emotions and sensations. To decide on such a step not just, but if all, to overcome the fear, it is likely, it is better nothing come up! Choose to jump with a parachute, skiing, rides or even try mountain climbing? There are no restrictions, a wide range of features will satisfy any needs, the only question is, are you ready, though not so materially, as mentally?

What is the difference gift a friend or loved one?

Making a surprise for their girlfriends, the main task – to give a pleasant feeling, for your girlfriend is to surprise and to strengthen your relationship! As you can see, the difference in the face! The gift should also be strikingly different, and for your girlfriend assortment is limitless, but an inappropriate gift for a girlfriend can be done much easier.

Big difference

Giving a necklace or bracelet for your favorite, you subtly hint at the future, next time, it is very likely, it will be a wedding ring! And imagine how awkward, it would be a simple your friend, you came to her with such an expensive thing!

Souvenirs for the beloved, as a rule, carry the symbols and manifestation of your dreams, as for friends and acquaintances, most often, you do not have any meaning. It is right and it should be!

With the woman you can spend the rest of my life, and it is very important, to emphasize its value and importance to you, each is suitable for this case!

What to give, if there is no money?

As has been said: More important than price gift – only its symbols! Remember this, wondering: And how to be? When the level of Finance leaves much to be desired, all you have left, this is to show imagination and creativity!

gift with your own hands

If the lack of ingenuity, you can cover up plenty of money, the lack of money – only talent!


  • Compose verses! They, like no one other, able to simultaneously surprise, talking about feelings and at the same time, in addition to paper and pens do not require anything more!
  • Soft toys are not very expensive, and to let a small kitten or a bear you can almost always.
  • The portrait is not only a good way for girls, he's great at all! Not necessarily be able to draw, to order a portrait is not worth a lot of money, and admiration for such art – guaranteed!
  • A photo album of your meetings. Very enjoyable and meaningful thing. Owner, in which collected all your photos, all the memories and experienced events which now fit into the hands!
  • A classic gift of a bouquet of favorite flowers. Just, corny, but at all times tested and nice! But if your lady prefers roses or tulips – daisies, it, well, then it will cost you practically for free!

This is just not a big list of things, that is capable of human imagination is limited by money! And you, do not cling only to these examples, and think and adds to the already proven schemes with his discoveries!

What to give, if you have money?

Case, the opposite of the previous, but not without their difficulties! Sometimes, wisely and properly spend money, much more difficult, than earn them! So, need a very responsible attitude to the selection of souvenir, when you are not restricted, but still, don't want to throw money to the wind!

Coach for girls
The most precious gift – this impression

As usual, a list of tips and examples on any occasion:

  • A set of expensive cosmetics, which allow, able clearly, not every pair. A well-known brand to the face of any woman, able to enhance her beautiful facial features. But even if makeup is not like it, the feeling of being, that your girl enjoyed such an expensive luxury item, cause her pride in a dialogue with friends.
  • The long-awaited trip together, or stay in a luxury hotel with your loved – what more could you ask for? To give the splendor and uniqueness of her birthday, this event will once or twice! The journey, which you've planned and discussed, this day has to be done! It is not only a dream come true, but also memories for a lifetime!
  • Dinner in an expensive restaurant not only saves you from having to cook yourself, but will try all those Goodies, so I want to try. Also quite simple and obvious gift, but does it not become worse! It, like flowers, always in fashion!
  • Very expensive and elegant gift would be her own car! Of course, this can only units, but if you are one of them, it is a better day and not find! I don't think, your companion is waiting for you buying an expensive sports car, not at all. However, I am sure, her car also will not be from among the second-class car. Such a strong act of attention, irrevocably proves your love and devotion.
  • Option easier, rent a car at the time. To spend time in a luxury car, riding around town and enjoying the Goodies, and a variety of desserts – a very cool pastime!

Unique gifts girls

The greatest manifestation of originality is satisfaction with the dream girls. Each woman is unique and wishes she, too, unique. But stop, on Minutochku, slow down the speed of your thoughts. Dreams and desires are two different things, and important to get into first, or the second.


No guaranteed original gift, as one girl will appreciate a piece of music, and the other opposite, do not understand the complexity of the creative process. Originality is a subjective concept, but still there are things, which is likely to impress.


  • A joint portrait. Unlike personal portrait, in the joint you are forever happy together, although this is only the pencil, but it carries a strong emotional color.
  • Balloon flight is not only extremely romantic, but an interesting exercise. To observe the city from a height, to consider all its minutest details.
  • Fireworks, commissioned in honor of the birthday of the beloved – expensive solution with expensive emotions. Such a breathtaking eye catcher, able to surprise, anyone and bring a lot of fun!
  • A ticket to the concert of your favorite music group is an affordable and smart solution! The front row seats will cost more, but is it really worth now to save? Is satisfied one of the desires women, you stand in her eyes!

Living, original greetings happy birthday this guy did:

Tips for choosing a gift for a girl

Price and symbols depend on the strength and duration of your relationship. Your surprise should ideally come under the level of relations, now you have. For early stage cheap and affordable things more than appropriate and meet all the criteria.


You can't build the feelings on the ground, consisting of your money, it is impossible to bind a lady expensive, obviously she couldn't afford, subjects.

Need to feel the face, where the gift is himself, not a bribe to get something in return. Sometimes, cheap thing, presented with love, valued much stronger than the pretentious and unnecessary luxury.

Lovely and very cute greetings for your girlfriend, very innovative approach. Inspire:

Another extraordinary greeting surprise, which you will remember for a lifetime:

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