What to give a girl on New year: favorite, friend, the former. Top best gifts!

Подарок девушке на НГ

New year's eve the most memorable time of the year. This magic night ready far in advance, trying to give the best memories to your other half about the time spent together. Any other holiday pales in comparison with lights of the New Year! Choose the best and unusual place, gift and Christmas souvenir. Everyone would like to surprise or a toy corresponding to the most sincere wishes. And whatever wrong choosing and converge in tastes with my girlfriend, I give some practical tips to help you deal with this issue and get out of the situation victorious!

What to give a girl on New Year

31 December is not far off, time flies very quickly, and that would keep up with him, need to know, how to properly and effectively build a daily routine, leaving time for rest and entertainment. One of such entertainment, is the holiday of all holidays – New Year, when couples remember the best moments of the year, and making plans for the coming year. The symbol of this holiday is not a Christmas tree or snow, namely, the gifts.

All girls are unique, they are unique and the only. You can find similar in appearance, tastes, Hobbies or views, but to collect all the same the similarities in the two different personalities – it is impossible. Knowing this, you need to understand, what gifts should be relevant, and not restricted to a simple system – all the same, the main thing, that would be more expensive!

A romantic lady would never say directly, what exactly they want! But don't do this for the simple reason, because they do not know themselves what they need, but sure, what attention is the best gift. In this case, gonna have to guess, what could be a pleasant surprise, but at the same time not to burden the girl.

More straightforward, or pragmatic – you say, what they lack for happiness. The complexity of the gift in this case, lies in its execution and an appropriate manner of submission – the Christmas loving manner.

There is a list of unique gifts, namely, those, which will be glad to absolutely any girl, no exceptions. Only the cost of these Souvenirs can reach the sum with a few zeros, and not every man, pull such a waste to your pocket. Much more gifts of this kind are common in couples or pairs, planning your wedding. Actually, when not in the New Year, it is best to make an offer hands and hearts? And no secret, that your heart – it will definitely be nice to warm the darling for the rest of my life. Yes, with this gift have nothing to compare.

What to give to his girlfriend

A list of such gifts is much difference from each other, ranging in different price ranges:

  • expensive jewelry, such as: necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring;
  • modern gadgets: phone, tablet, wrist watch, e-book, audio player;
  • good and most importantly expensive perfume;
  • various certificates, such as: certificate in beauty salon or cumulative.

As you can see, this list is pretty obvious and simple, but he surprised by its practicality and valuable, and not originality. And in the end of it all, in addition to the beloved woman, there are still parents, brothers and sisters, and the friends, well, where do without them.

Sometimes, the answer to this question, to be always near you, it is necessary to pay attention and listen/look. A good Christmas gift does not have to be expensive and luxurious thing, the most coveted may be the subject, hand made.

Gift girl teen

  • professional makeup kit – what, that is not very expensive and not too cheap;
  • athletic trainer, not the latest model. Very convenient, when the ice and cold, and run somewhere you need!
  • clothing set, you can pre-discuss together. Highly unlikely, what to choose then, that will please not only you, but it works out for you.
  • monthly membership to the best gym of the city.

Good and safe bet is purchasing a chic accessory. Here a mistake would be impossible, and the variety will give all possible space to select.

A gift ex-girlfriend

For ex-girlfriend, best suited inexpensive cute gifts. They are able to restore the previous level of relations and not make her feel in debt to you.

  • new women's handbag;
  • leather purse and/or leather gloves;
  • strap, under any style of clothing;
  • laptop case, phone or tablet;
  • umbrella, which in winter can be very handy.
  • scarf would also be a good addition or alternative to a belt.

Original things sometimes are very high and moreover, heavy price, but good copy – less option available. If the budget does not allow purchase of brands, to distinguish a well made fake from the original – nobody can, in addition, except that, expert. To choose the best for your pocket, only can help the expert in the store, for this they need.

Smart and logical solution, is search of gift, is transmitting your feelings and love. Such a gift can, not leave the girl in a pleasant shock, but will affect so to speak for the living – for the soul. Ideas what to give in this way – a lot, but they all share a common theme – simplicity and ease.

Gift girl student or friend

Present the student of the lady that, what is the practicality and usefulness of this is true, however, and expensive jewelry can also be appropriate, but sometimes, the extra costs don't need.

  • warm, soft and fluffy dressing gown, to walk around the house in which, a pleasure!
  • USB flash drive is inexpensive and most practical, she will always find a use;
  • warm winter mittens, as an alternative to expensive leather gloves;
  • Christmas or Christmas plaid, so nice and warming on a cold winter night;
  • thick and big winter veil, able to cover both of you;

If the most important gift a little, it is always possible to complement the less significant, but still pleasant, secondary, reinforcing positive reaction.

Gift for creative girls

  • small table lamp in her room, more beautiful and more good, than the previous (if ever there was);
  • her portrait, ordered from a local artist and made on photos. Such a thing be kept all the time, delivering a pleasant admiration for its owner;

Gift pregnant girl

  • lingerie set. Photographing the label, professional in the store to quickly pick up the necessary size.
  • box of sweet chocolates, always taken girls with a big smile.
  • flowers, perhaps, the most common and usual for girls gift. And with a box of chocolates, stalling has almost full souvenir. Experienced men gather bouquets of different colors, fir branches and tangerines.
  • kitchen utensils, in the midst of the winter holidays, will be more than relevant and logical gift. However, it should be taken into account, what, most likely, it is a gift for the future and it can not correctly perceive;

Gift girl

Beautiful stranger don't need expensive gifts, to them she's just not ready yet. It is not necessary to shock her or to present an intimate gift.

  • soft toys;
  • cosmetics;
  • custom mug with a striking design;

What to get a girl alone

Lonely man always wants to cheer you up and something to cheer him up, skreiv gloomy days.

  • interesting art book;
  • player or good headphones;
  • fortune cookies.

Original gifts girl for the new year (list)

This list can be extended indefinitely, help us – write in the comments, what gifts, you've been doing your favorite – were the original.

  1. The certificate for a tattoo parlor
  2. Decorations for Christmas decorations or Christmas trees, garland
  3. A stuffed toy or figurine in the form of symbol of the year
  4. Beautiful pillow with her name on it
  5. Beautiful, great photo in the frame
  6. A website dedicated to her and her Hobbies
  7. Cool, original USB flash drive
  8. A bunch of kinder surprises
  9. Pajamas-kigurumi (the symbol of the year or of your favorite character)
  10. Balloons with wishes in them
  11. A reindeer sweater or t-shirt photo
  12. Warm scarf
  13. Passes to her gym
  14. Certificate for clothes
  15. A certificate for a star named after her
  16. Certificate for a photo session
  17. Blanket with sleeves
  18. A portrait made photography
  19. A box of tangerines
  20. Slippers-bunnies
  21. Mittens for lovers
  22. Elite alcoholic drink
  23. A journey or tour
  24. Congratulations on the Billboard

What to give the girl's parents for the New Year

Serious relationship – large responsibilities, and if at the beginning of meetings you endow only each other, after a while, surprise have and the parents of his companion. It, on the basis of, how much you will be able to surprise your parents, depends on their attitude.

A gift is not a synonym for material things, in addition, for parents, your attention and meaning invested will be valued higher, than the high price tag. If the choice is to refer to the date the, to which he gets. If the gift is one common to both the girl's parents, it makes sense to pay attention to gastronomic products – kits candy, unusual confectionery or practical things, as: dishes, table clock and glass inventory.

First visit to family, most often goes for dinner and spiritual conversation, there will be very appropriate to come with dessert, you can even take the whole cake. In subsequent meetings, you can buy a bottle of expensive alcohol, as a variant – brandy or wine, such gifts may go on self-gifts for the new year.

Having studied the interior of the house, in which you have brought to visit regularly, you can complement it as a useful subject or object of decoration. If you take into account the style, where are apartments houses, you need to give accessories by type: table candles (it is possible and pleasant scented candles), clay figurines, made under time favorite era of the father or mother girl, bookends or wooden boxes. Remember, all these things will be in the living room or hallway of their apartment, as for personal bedroom all the things are selected independently and do not make attempts to guess and to please in this matter. Plus, any thing, must be Packed, whatever it is, you should not give it out in the open, purchase a, as if just returned from the store. The gift must look the part, otherwise it can be confused with a bribe.

  • Portrait of all members of the family will also be a win-win option (remind, as a portrait for a gift, girls, if you have already done this, it is not necessary to repeat). Discuss with your girlfriend this wonderful gift, let her choose one most favorite family photo, you will bear to the artist, to order a painting. We must not forget about the size of the picture, pre-determined, where it can hang. Plus, a good portrait you need the proper frame, that, too, will have to order from the master.
  • Good family film for General viewing, with your favorite actor father or mother – very pleasantly surprised, and if the father is an avid movie buff, the best gift does not come up. Packaging the disc in a beautiful festive box, in which very handy it will store.

What to get dad

When you make a gift to the father, it is always easier, so how can you focus on their own desires and preferences. It is likely, something, what would you, enjoy and dad. Stimulating and developing interests – a very nice gift and act. Knowing, what are the parents, it will be easy to understand, need to give. Inflatable boat for summer, binoculars for hunting, fishing rod for fishing or a new cleaner in the house, that will displease his father and mother.

However, promoting the hobby is a good thing, but nobody forbids to encourage habits, even harmful. Expensive wooden Smoking pipe handmade in the kit with the corresponding tobacco, will look more than solid and gorgeous.

What to give mom

Gifts for mom girls? To answer this question is a bit trickier, as, first of all, you will have to hit another woman. Here, the flow and appearance plays a big role, what is the practicality and application of the gift. Even simple and trivial at first glance, the gift, will give a positive effect, if it cover like my mom.

The first thing that comes to mind as a great surprise for female, of course – flowers. With age, they are beginning to appreciate more, but because, should seriously consider this option. Only now let as a package is not the wrapping paper, a cute wicker basket, and flowers tied with a satin ribbon. Each flower carries its own specific message.

Acacia charm and punctuality, Fern – fascination, Lilac – beauty.

If you have long been familiar with the girl's mother and whole family, then nothing bad will happen, if you give expensive jewelry, of course, such gifts speak about the seriousness of becoming her daughter's fiance. Gold and silver gifts are always relevant.

The mother especially will be glad to dishwasher kit, sweets, and all that, what is able to ease her chores and to lighten the mood. Actually this task gifts: surprise, to entertain and help. Satisfaction of one of these three points, can already be considered a success. As all this is appreciated in equal measure, depending on, who touted this thing. Donated gifts for the new year are very much appreciated, close the door your attention, and his parents – the practicality and the appearance of a souvenir.



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