What to give a girl on 14 Feb? The list of gifts on Valentine's day according to the girls!

Что подарить девушке на 14 февраля

International Valentine's day is a unique holiday, combining the attention and love of the opposite sex. 14 Feb – date, perfect for disclosure of his romantic feelings through gifts and cards. This day could be the beginning of a new relationship or, to strengthen the power and strength of the former. Giving this special holiday is rewarded with love and feelings for their other half, and that would achieve the maximum positive effect, need to know, how to choose and present a gift.

What to give a girl on 14 Feb

The same girls are no, but there are the same gifts, which inexperienced Cavaliers are trying to surprise your different over the lifetime of ladies. Original greeting will be only then, when you take into account the peculiarity of the nature of, whom it is addressed.

Often, on the eve of Valentine's day the man goes to choose a gift for your girl, and without much thinking, prefer the old and classic schemes, such as: "Buy perfume, candy and flowers". This, the fantasy ends and can only hope, what she likes. A gift expresses feelings, and than he original, the stronger and truer your love looks.

Standard output from the situation is limited not only in choice of gift, this reflects your attitude to life. A way of solving problems like not every woman, it is vital to be able, to feel your second half and to know, what would she like the most.

bad gift girl

Original greeting will long remain in memory and will lay nice imprint. To be practical the very right, but the romance is flexibility and individual approach. Gave it, what do you get the girl 14 Feb, and what exactly you'll find out soon, at least worth the cover. A good book needs to look good, the same goes for gift, even the wrapper it is often left without proper attention. Romantic gifts girlfriend great many, and list only a few of them:

Romantic gifts

  • Start small to the great. Flowers can be a good gift, if you properly execute and submit lush bouquet, consisting of girls favorite colors and beautifully tied with a bow in a festive film, vase or box.


  • A delicious dinner in the desired restaurant, in the same, you have long wanted to visit together, but he postponed the visit for the right day, which has actually come. A restaurant is just one of the possible locations, as a good and original alternative may be a dinner on the roof, decorated in a romantic atmosphere with candles and cooked or ordered in the same restaurant.

dinner on the roof

  • Decoration of flowers made by an experienced craftsman more than the original gift, which also, easily combined with a classic bouquet and chocolates. In the living there is a kind of decoration, unconscious closeness to nature, giving comfort and bringing peace. Of course: after giving a gift need a photo shoot!

Decoration of flowers

  • The most romantic, what could be a joint trip to the new location, where previously you have never been. Constant pairing, the suspense and interest of the place is able to strongly bond any relationship as a new, and old. Not necessarily to wipe out burdensome financial journey to the other end of the world or another country, it's not the most important thing. The main gift here is the close proximity and a certain isolation from others, friends and relatives. In any home there are a lot of decent places, sometimes, fit much better expensive journey.
  • Joint photo session with an interesting plot, costumes and a photographer who will shoot the entire love story.

Unique gifts

  • Horses are unique creatures, which I do not want to insult the word – animals. They are able to give calm, to help to overcome the uncertainty and give a great pastime – horseback riding. Doesn't matter, riding your lady used on horses and has some experience doing, or just dreaming about it – such a gift few people are expecting, to predict it is almost impossible, such a surprise will be able to accurately!

walk on horseback

  • Extreme extremely attractive and contagious, worth it once to test and in the case of a shortage of people starts to get bored in their mundane and safe life devoid of any excitement and share risk. The first thing that comes to mind is a parachute jump, one of the most daring and potentially dangerous entertainment, however, danger is his main point. However, it is not necessary to restrict ourselves only to this, you can go ahead and try sports such as: diving, climbing, rafting, Windsurfing, base jumping, a ropejumping and cyclocross. Of course, such entertainment is not suitable for everyone, but it is possible, someone is wearing them or, at least, will get the extreme, she needed. Here the main thing not to overdo and not to hurt myself and my girl are constantly in search of new and risky, how would it not sound – self-preservation should prevail.
  • Portrait, very eye-catching and memorable option, particularly popular pop art style and if you order a gift for a girlfriend, you must hit. Ask them to make it your photo or, whatever she knew to the last, select the best photos at its discretion and send it to the artist.


  • Joint visit of theater or Opera, however, fit and a concert by her favorite performer. The first options open new facets of the imagination, will relax and amaze, the gig is on – likely, what will be glad to any girl, no exceptions.


But it is important to figure out whether to risk your lady on an adventure, you decided to present, phobias – thing delicate!

Useful gifts

A good gift – useful gift, these are options we will discuss, selecting the best of them. More than, they would be appropriate, if your ladies the romance is not the most important thing in life, and she will be happy to give preference to more useful and practical things.

useful gifts
1. A ticket for free admission to exhibitions, Museum and galleries. 2. Portable audio BT6000R12, Philips. 3. Bag-shopping bag Van Gogh Museum. 4. Box for seeds, Roots&Shoots. 5. Kit for making lip balms. 6. Ballpoint pen, Montegrappa. 7. A set of magnets Flying Birds. 8. The book, "Go set a watchman", Harper Whether. 9. Suitcase Bon Air, American Tourister. 10. Picture frame with box. 11. The book is for tourists, "Stylish travel light", Anna Sharlay. 12. Glasses virtual reality VR Gear, Samsung. 13. Roller skates Reaction.
  • Any item of clothing, and as a gift for a lady on Valentine's day – winter clothes. A scarf or gloves is not only necessary in cold weather things, but good they, what to choose the suitable will not be difficult, to make a mistake here is extremely difficult. Warm and comfortable – nothing more is needed!
  • A wonderful option would be the balance between good and romantic thing, such as jewelry. Some may wonder: And what good in earrings and bracelets? The secret here lies in the fact, such expensive jewelry are best able to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of women, making its appearance is maximally perfect. Jewelry for girls as this dress, not only that, it was just, the whole point is its beauty and originality. Knowing this, choose jewelry preferably together, however, masters of jewelry stores sometimes know everything you need, in order to impress any, even newpagetitle lady.
  • You need to focus on that, what your woman needs most and certainly, from time to time this suggests. Maybe, this certificate for a beauty salon or a desire to see new just released film? Sometimes listen carefully to this broad, in order to know, what we need from you for the fair sex.
  • Combining the useful with the original and extreme should think about buying such things as: Videos, skis or skates. For girls the leading sports and healthy lifestyle such gifts would be more than relevant, well, or they can be a great addition to the main gift – extreme sport.
  • Set of cookware for the upcoming holidays. Ranging from new pans and finishing with the steamer for cooking healthy and delicious food. Gift ideas for Valentine's day, have unlimited range, you can pick up literally anything, knowing only what you need to build.

Inexpensive gifts

Most often, the budget for public holidays is strictly limited, and to choose a gift from straitened means. There is a problem, when you can afford anything, but I can't choose, but there is another, equally difficult is to choose, on that enough. The size of the budget and he can suggest, what worth to buy, but it is better not to trust him, and to understand yourself. In the end – expensive gift, still not the best.

Cheap romantic and practical gifts could be divided between a, but all of them, it is best to combine into one category – always nice to get.

  • USB flash drive will be useful to everyone and will not be excess, a if you select it in the shape of a heart, it will give a festive mood.
  • A large plush toy as common but no less spectacular gift. It is available date and pleases the lady, so why not?
  • Phone case, tablet or laptop is useful and enjoyable.
  • T-shirt with a picture or message to order, able to tell you, it's hard to say the words. Cute and funny sign or just a beautiful pattern, not too expensive and not too shabby.

Gifts with your own hands

The expression: The most precious gift – the, which made with your own hands, most often sounds like an excuse, but not in this case. Such things, creating a memory, and the memory is something, what is not measured by money price – it is eternal.

gift with your own hands

  • To start with pleasant music and finish a postcard in the shape of a heart. Sounds funny and not serious, however, it is only at first glance. Making composition, consisting of songs and Valentine cards which will be recorded your verse. Or accompanied by music to read a poem. Of course, this will impress today, not every, but if you present yourself in a comic and relaxed state, that is not to make his speech a serious hack, that looks like a fake. If you do so, it will turn out fun and enjoyable, a poem on the postcard will always be, as a reminder of your ingenuity and resourcefulness.
  • Not as creative option, to make flower vase full of paper hearts, each with a compliment for your girl or to Supplement the composition of chocolates and liqueur. If neatly and cleverly it's all to make and present, the effect will be more than positive.

a sweet gift

  • Declaration of love is not uncommon on Valentine's day, of course a gift to call it difficult, but at the appropriate atmosphere and in the appendage with a nice addition to the, same toy or something more practical – visit to the restaurant, it can set a wonderful mood for the whole day.

Expensive gifts

As I said, even when financial constraints no, it would seem, choose and give all that you want, but that's just the trouble, and what you want, and what to give? However, that would be correct and wise to spend your money, surprising favorite, you should pay attention to the list of some popular things.

  • Let's start with chic decorations, which is relevant always and everywhere under any circumstances. Combine your decoration with a trip in a limo to the desired restaurant, you will get the effect of a bomb, turning a girl into a real Queen.

limo ride

  • Much cheaper previous released hot air balloon flight, but then it all depends on the weather, if she allows – you can fly in the sky, watching the night city lights and the shining stars.

balloon flight

  • She needs the gadget, such as a phone or tablet, maybe e-book will be always highly appreciated., the need is in our time is simply enormous. Let it not romantic, but the effectiveness and value of this gift will cover this problem.

How beautiful to present a gift (the atmosphere)

In many ways, the joy of the gift depends on, it's the atmosphere and how it is presented. The feature of Valentine's day and this is nice, easy and free atmosphere, when every thing is in a festive place filled with love.

Attention to detail and seemingly, minor detail, in General, give birth to a full big picture. Ranging from gift ideas and ending with scented candles and rose petals. You cannot create beauty, not loving her and not feel. Women, unlike men, more likely to see the little things and give them serious value, so, should take this into account. The main role is played not the gift itself, but first of all you do, however, nothing does not change. Lover will fully appreciate your efforts, if you treat everything with the proper seriousness.

For more gift ideas for Valentine's day, see the video:

As unique and unforgettable approach to the organization and atmosphere of surprise, look here:

Share your past gifts have caused the desired effect – it will be useful to the following readers and, possible, will push for his ideas!

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  1. Bond

    We like that with boys bus, where my girlfriend went to work painted, but she didn't believe that this is my gift, while this video she showed. It was originally, she said that the driver was swearing all the way, that wash now we have the car.

  2. Eugene To.

    I recently found a page on instagram @zaykina_toys very handy. There is a knitted Bunny handmade. The price is not very expensive, but original and stylish. Ordered the rabbit with the date of our acquaintance. Уже жду, когда можно будет подарить подарок, очень уж мне понравился зайка, милый

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