How to break up with a girl correctly, without offending her. Methods and techniques!

как расстаться с девушкой

The relationship is a long and difficult period, during which, there is a convergence of two different personalities. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a common language with himself, what can we say the people around us. No wonder, what happy couples, exactly as family units, not so much as I would like.

guys and girls after a breakup

The divergence, loss of senses and loss of interest – an unpleasant side of the relationship. In this case, their breakup just one thing, to resort to which we are forced is not the circumstances.

How to break up with a girl?

A great video about the breakup from experienced, in a relationship, and meet girls, man. I advise you to watch:

There is a fine, invisible face in the breakup. A convincing statement of the facts, allowing once and for all to stop communicating, by doing this as smoothly as possible and without unnecessary scandals. The other side, the opposite phenomenon – the uncertainty and cowardice, fear to offend the girl and admit how, that the love between you is gone and can not be.

To be able to choose the right words, but knowing his chosen, this is not difficult, the main thing – to appease your, passionate temper, not uttered unnecessary and inappropriate comments. You break up, and dig into each other more, there is no need. The honesty and openness of your explanation should finally put everything in its place, leaving no questions.

insistence upon rupture of relations

In the case, timidity and incoherence, it is very easy to think, what is your decision – a stupid mistake. Your girlfriend will calm you down, trying to allegorithmic and forced to abandon plans.

The rupture of relations, exactly, as in their creation, no time to hesitate and mumble. If at the beginning, you might miss the chance to meet any lady, then on the stage of termination of the relationship – are you going to torture yourself, wasting time and your own courage then, that no longer brings pleasure.

How to break up via SMS?

Modern society is saturated with threads in social networks, mobile phones and communication at any distance – no problem. Saving time, the accessibility and convenience of the network of correspondences sometimes exceed the real, live chat. Contactless exchange of information facilitates many tasks, before requiring personal presence, and now – only Internet.

you can't just break up via SMS

The easiest, but not always effective way, as the conversation of such importance, authorized to deal directly. If you are familiar recently and haven't had much to get used to each other, then problems will not arise, but in the eyes of girls you seem a coward.

Write one, large, thorough and accurate communication. Devoid of grammatical errors, verbal inaccuracies and omissions. After reading this, the girl should not arise any questions, everything becomes crystal clear.

Message sent to change will not work, to restore the old feelings will come, so, choose words carefully and consider possible questions, in advance for answering them. Brevity is the soul of wit – does not work here, precision and clarity – that, what you need.

A selection of interesting options to breakup via SMS, (we recommend not to write such things):


How to stay friends after a breakup

Ending relationships is always difficult and hard process for both parties. There are several ways, in order to properly break up with a girl, who loves you, the most painless and peaceful and at the same time, try to stay good friends.

Honesty, the calmness and straightness

How to break up with a girl correctly, without offending her. Methods and techniques!Pick the best place, which related your shared memories. Say, looking into the eyes, all as lays in your heart. The most important thing, not to say insensitive, as if the past meant nothing to you. Give my respects to well spent time together, but let me know, what's more you don't need it.

No revenge

How to break up with a girl correctly, without offending her. Methods and techniques!At the end of your conversation and after some time, don't try to tell us, now, when you are free from each other, love or meet someone from your mutual friends. Do not attempt to anger or provoke envy, in such a stupid and childish lesson, there is nothing beautiful.

Throw a girl is not difficult, the real art is to stay friends after a breakup, and envy and anger – not the best assistants.

Do not lie on the former

In the circle of friends and acquaintances, not worth it to blatantly exaggerate the flaws of the former and its advantages, its weakness and tendency, which led to your departure from it. Sooner or later, but the spoken word reaches the ears of the former, and friends, you would have to be can never. In addition, a real man will not complain about that, how bad or weak-willed woman he came across and even more, would not do her the object of ridicule. Do not forget, that condemning his former, you equally condemn himself, as your intimacy was not neglected.


As already mentioned, commitment speaks to their seriousness and perseverance you. This is a deliberate decision, which does not require additions and clarifications. Just do so, as you'd planned. In the best case, you will give the impression of a strong and confident guy, then, the girl herself will not want to walk out of your life, and offer friendship.

No cheating

False hopes and promises for a possible meeting, about, this is a temporary breakup and you need to consider – it's not that, what you were going for. Should give such false hope, as it will only be worse, if not for you, for girls, constantly waiting for your phone call about the change of decision, it was definitely going to hurt.

false hope

All the guys, who can not honestly favorite, although in the past, about, that you're no longer related, I can advise to put yourself in her place. Understand, the bitter truth, will be a thousand times nicer, sweet lies, giving obmachev hope for the impossible.

What not to do?

Whatever to hurt the girl to just disappear from her life, in any case, not. It just brings the maximum mental anguish. It is not necessary to be rude, insensitive and selfish. Still, that you didn't love her anymore, and she, maybe, still experiencing feelings for you. Words must be firm and clear, but not cold. Cold, test thee to her, offends no less rudeness.

If you want to stay friends, it is not necessary to plan already a friendly meeting for the first time, as they will not allow the remnants of the feelings out, especially girls hard to survive such events – they need to accept, one week better not seen and not speak at all.

Ignore the girl, what would she left you, also not the best solution. It is not only humiliating, but will take some time. To provoke a scandal, with the aim to break here and now, on a rough note, until you hate each other – too violent way. Much the loving lady is able to endure such, and you will be in a very awkward situation. Besides, I'm not talking about that, how much suffering it can bring.

indifference to the girl

The blatant disregard, insults and criticisms – low and despicable way. To hurt someone else's self esteem, the last thing which ran to an adult, a smart man.

In a relationship love is not enough only one. If you want to leave the girl, it must be done in the shortest time. Do not try to wait for a convenient opportunity and comfortable date, this separation lasts too long, causing discomfort.

How to break up with a girl?

A gentleman will be to prepare the girl for the upcoming important conversation. In about a few days, to warn her about the necessity of your conversation. Unexpected and abrupt cessation of communication will always cause more pain and discomfort. In certain dates of the year, the importance of, better to wait and not rush things. Throw a girl in her birthday or new year – not a funny joke, a gross insult to her as a person. Whatever the occasion, he's still a holiday and if it is your interest, then, that goes for you.

Place it is better to choose a crowded and bright, to maintain the mood after the news. Preferably, what would the meeting took place in neutral institution and does not cause feelings to your person. The surrounding people, don't let the girl lose her face, to fall into tears or rage, they are – as a deterrent its not just you., but of yourself. Very often girls regret, guys that show their weakness, vulnerability and dependence on them.

the scene of parting
Scene breakup from the film “Social network”

If she thinks, the problem is you, but not in it, even if it is not. The important thing is to soften the blow, and not to try to change and rebuild her character. Compliment her, say beautiful and nice, stay at altitude at any time. Your care, explain to her the, that's tired of relationships, want a break and calm, bachelor life. Or, as an option, convince her that, that you're completely wrong, what she needs. Your love is, attention, caring – all this is only a temporary, and to permanent feelings and relationships you're not ready.

Throw the girl much harder, than to start Dating. To cause the pain of separation easier, than the joy of Dating.

When to go to break relations?

If your feelings, start to weaken, but the enthusiasm disappears somewhere- it's time to think about the continuation of the relationship. The reasons for the breakup lies a pointer to all the defects and disadvantages, leading to unhappiness in life together. Each failure should make you stronger and smarter, but if these life lessons stay you are not understood, there is a risk, what long-term and good relationships you will never experience.

in relations should be easy

Better to say that you, was wrong about her, or overestimated their own passions, than to endure and to pull him for a relationship, which is more worthless. Time to admit their mistakes, and take them is a trait of strong people. The weak will always try to justify their failures or stupidity, make them for success. In its decision to leave everything, to be more than a strong and inflexible.

When constant misunderstandings, quarrels and elementary fatigue from each other already cross all boundaries – it, it's time, break something old, to create a new. Such moments happen rarely and quickly to be forgotten, but their appearance in General, there is already a guide on the weakness and fragility of such communication. The situation, with time worsening, not giving hope, and hope nobody asks. Such a pair need only one thing – to find a replacement to each other.

it's time to part

How to not sound trite, but youth is not eternal, with age, to find a mate will be much harder. Relationship in his youth help to develop the necessary skills and inclination, allowing in the future, more easy to cope with the difficulties of a real family life.

First love and the first date after such stages of life, not difficult to replace changes in a person's character. A much needed and powerful phenomena, create in you the part of the individual, responsible for the care and welfare of his beloved. There is no happiness without unhappiness, the only way, it really is appreciated.

What to say to a girl when breakup?

Start the conversation with gratitude about the good times, and to finish her reason for leaving. Warm memories and moments of happiness, remain in the memory, never left, but price by discounting and becoming in line with the usual, routine considerations. Such past events, deserve at least, that would be remembered, and the girl, gave them to you – when was your source of happiness.

The termination of relations should not be scary, hard and sad day. It's only a while, when the ends of some old, for a long time not bear fruit – loop. If it is good to see and understand the resulting versatility, disinterest and indifference – becomes tangible and the need to stop it. Pair, divergent trivia and girlie, excusable reasons, just was not ready for his partner, not knowing, what is it inside. Completely different, when the love in our hearts keeps to the last, forgiving and ignoring things, which require consideration.

that goes, that comes

If a girl, still in love with you, trying somehow to stay close, should be as restrained, not allowing to exaggerate the real reason for leaving, and grateful, reminding her, all the charm which once appeared, but the victims feelings. Sometimes separation can do more, than failed love.

Video about how to break off relations with a girl as a man, without offending her:

Do not make mistakes after a breakup! That would not fall face in the dirt, avoid trite things:

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