About love: how to admit the girl feelings?

как признаться в любви

Sooner or later, but each of us there comes a time, when the same, companion – found! When you finally understood feelings and understood, that this is the man, you need, it remains to make a confession.


During this period, pronounce it a hurricane of emotions, the caller different questions. But, giving answer to each of them, you know – that Declaration of love, harder, than it seemed initially.

Preparation for confession

Necessary, what would the recognition is kept secret, otherwise the impression will not be fully implemented. I know from experience: don't tell me about the plans for best friends or sisters, if they are unverified!

Only training can lead to the expected result!

Practice and Gifts

You need to think carefully about their words and choose the most appropriate tone. Practice in front of a mirror, watching the expressions of his face and facial expressions, also try to gesticulate. You need to sound confident and aggressively, not giving, your woman begin to doubt your intentions.

Prepare any nice gift, he does not have to be expensive. Even a small change in the form of a nice toy, significantly improve mood and give a smile.

The Time and place

The same alley, street, the restaurant or the area where you together was the best. Vivid memories overlay the words, causing much more pleasant feelings, not only your girl, but you have the.

Favorite place will contribute to your confidence and will give chances of success. Not just you, but she appreciates it as much, remember that. Such places are strictly individual, therefore, one formula at all just yet.

This time should be free from worries, be lightweight and suitable for, that would change your life. Here has a value of literally everything. Starting from the coolness of the street and ending with health problems grandmother. Understand? It should not distract the work or someone, except you. On this period you its only fun and experience!

Find out, when your woman will be free from the routine cases, when the frequency of her thoughts will be configured for you! Choose the most appropriate weather or even the season.


If now is not possible, better to wait, than to hurry and to laugh, however, here you need to feel the situation, since excessive tardiness is also harmful!

Be ready to hear the refusal

No great revelation will bring the most love, if it was not before. Speaking about his feelings, you may not feel her feelings. The girl is quite right to ignore you, conceding said, deaf ears, or, on the contrary, to answer sharply and unpleasantly.

You can not push and continue in the same spirit. If she's not ready now, so, the time has not yet come, you only need to wait. Pretend, that never happened, if you are refused, be strong to accept and try to understand, why so.

One of the stages – be prepared for failure. The boys made a confession in video, did not expect such a turn, but the future is not predict.


Important tips

If you focus on these tips, the probability, that everything will be just, as was intended – increasing! A list of useful action, which can help to get out of a difficult situation, or Vice versa – not to get into it!


  1. You can't tell right and left about their feelings! To learn about them, your girl needs from you!
  2. Be yourself, unnecessarily do not hesitate and embarrassed, confessing his love.
  3. Don't rush her to answer, if she thinks as much, how much she will need!
  4. Answer yourself the question – "are you Sure your feelings?"
  5. This is an important day, and the look you want. Sort yourself out, still love to confess!
  6. Match his words! Every word of love, should be fixed by your feelings. Speak from the heart, calmly and confidently!
  7. Be attentive to your interlocutor, don't take your eyes off her, but it is foolish to stare there is no need!


  • If too many abuse the words of love, this will make them invaluable and unnecessary.
  • Never lie. This is especially true when it comes to the future.

The original examples

Monotonous standard theme is already tired, and I want something new! To be special and the best boyfriend sometimes not so easy, as it seems!


For unique recognition can help your own fiancee, her tastes and interests should take shape and appear in you. It's time to show their creativity, as a second such case can not be.


  • Write a love play, and to play it together with friends.
  • To write a poem or record a song.
  • Draw a picture, even if you do not very, here is important symbolism!
  • To go to one of the desired spots.
  • Paper note in one of chocolates.

The most successful example of the original recognition at the feelings I saw in the movie “Real love”

Declaration of love

That came directly coveted moment, where you will need to demonstrate in practice the collected early theory. Take a deep breath and relax.


The first time is the hardest, but as a rule, first love often, if not bring eternal happiness and life together, then certainly grant you experience for the future.

  • Banal – "I love you" can ideally do everything you need, producing a desired effect. If the girl herself feels for you, very strong feelings, this simple phrase is more than enough, of course, if she will feel your sincerity and purity of intent.

Tell us what you are so dear and important to her, what it does not allow you to sleep at night and why, you chose her? However, how to say these words, it's up to you, and no one better than you yourself can not cope with this.

  • Gentle and tender words fix actions. As an option, after love confession, give the girl a chance to respond only after some time or at the end of the walk, the maximum taking care of her all this time.

Make it as happy for this day, and maybe, it will make you happy for life.

  • Be support. In a serious relationship everything based on trust to each other. Learn how to fully believe and accept the vagaries girls, even if they are not clear to you.

In recognition of this Foundation should already be, and if for some reason there is still no, lay the first brick, fulfilling one of the desires or having your physical support in her case.

  • Her problems are now your problems. It is the responsibility of, that falls on you from this moment and you have to accept it. If earlier you could still be separate from each other difficulty, require solution, now it's your common challenges.

You as the man should take the initiative in all convenient cases, and, to offer a solution. Hope for you girls in the first place, since you main her amulet and talisman against all failures and difficulties of life.

How to overcome uncertainty?

I'm afraid, and doubt is normal and nothing to be ashamed of here. All people are afraid of the unknown and uncertainty of their future, I'm afraid to make important decisions, as this will significantly change the life, to which they are accustomed.

That would get rid of the fetter of uncertainty, first of all, you need to understand, what exactly causes it?

Most often, the main reason is doubt about personal strengths and qualities. You underestimate your talents and put themselves knowingly below her. I think, that can only be her friend? That you are unworthy of such a wonderful companion? Nonsense! Relax, any guy can win any girl and it will be enough for one of your uniqueness. So use it and just be yourself! Do not pretend to be fact, what you were not and you never will. You're you, no more and no less, understand.


If you do not like something in own character traits or not satisfied with the physical body – do it! None of you will not make it and throw the costumes of other characters – not just self-deception, but girl cheating. And what kind of relationship can be built on lies?

If, doubts arise due to the effects of your confession? If you are afraid of responsibility, not ready for a serious talk, so it is not the time to make such a bold statement.

Declaration of love, it is not easy to say 3 short words and hold hands. Love is primarily the responsibility of, that comes with age and should not expect it in early years. Love it great difficulties, what was your life before this. Love is a complex wave, which in addition to fun and happiness, can bring tears and frustration.

To experience real love, with all facing the consequences – a heavenly delight. If you're afraid to be covered this wave, if you're ready to only the light and easy side, then step away from the shore, and let it spread away from you, tempering your character and preparing at this time a new, your, wave.

Not everyone will be able to rotate, but if to procure all the necessary materials in advance – Everything is possible.!

The children showed the contrast between the different approaches, a little sarcastic, but it is intelligible message:

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