Meet the parents girl: how to avoid failure

знакомство с родителями

It's that time, when you have to learn how to meet the parents of his girlfriend. The question is not simple, after all, you don't know , who would have to deal: with religious fanatics, old rockers, biased intellectuals or with a fun and easy to talk to people – so you need to be ready for anything.

Find out about the parents of the girl still! 5 important thing, you need to know about

Before, how to meet girls parents, be sure, what they are. This will save you from many awkward situations. Find out all you can:


  1. Ask your girlfriend, employing her parents, where they rested, what do you do etc. So you can stock up on at least some topics of conversation in case, if your communication comes to a standstill.
  2. Find out, what are their expectations about you. No, you don't have to lie and squirm just to live up to their expectations – this is just a lie, which soon will be revealed. Be yourself, but still consider this information and try to use it to your advantage.
  3. Ask about the nature of her parents. Possible, her dad is too strict and does not accept in conversation any topics. Maybe, on the contrary, he is a fun sociable man, who only give to talk about football, fishing or about anything else.
  4. Find out the topic, which is impossible to touch.
  5. Foresee in advance all the complex issues and think them concise answers. Can safely start from the expectations of parents about you. If they dream, what you're about to get married, then they will ask about it. If they are successful businessmen – be ready to question about a career, etc.

Where and when to meet the parents of the girl


There are three options:

  1. If you are still very young and just Dating, most likely your acquaintance will be held in the house of bride. Such an event often timed to any holiday, combining the pleasant with the useful. In this case, Dating site – this is not your problem.
  2. If you live together, but with parents you never know – invite them to your home. Let the girl cook dinner, and you fix the faucet in the bathroom, fasten the socket and wrap electrical tape all the exposed wires. Make it so, your house was warm, and you looked good host (if you have this a little confused).
  3. If you're not as young and good standing – invite her parents in a cozy restaurant. Pick a place, where is not very noisy and is comfortable enough for any man. Bear in mind the lifestyle and tastes of the expectant mother-and father-in-law. It happens, that people never go to restaurants and they simply are very uncomfortable and awkward in such a place.

Tuxedo, shirt and tie? How to dress?

Even clothing plays an important role. – Your task is simply good and neat look: not need classic formal suits, ties and other oficialista. But not so much with freedom of expression – no need t-shirts with obscene inscriptions, sweatshirts with bloody images, and so on.


Even if your ears tunnels, and you're wearing only the shoes – just get dressed more or less decently, without disturbing your style.

I would advise to ask your girlfriend, what parents want to see you, and try to live up to that image. But I will not do that – just be clean, neat a. And Yes, women always look at shoes, so for the joy of her mother's eye wear the coolest shoes and a good clean.

The correct approach to parents

The mother and the girl's father is a completely different thing. So you have to punch the ground twice!

The girl's parents

How to meet a girl's mother

To locate the mother of his beloved pre -, you can give her a small gift in advance. It can be candy or any other knick-knacks. Even better, if your eve experience was a holiday: be sure to tell your mother a symbolic gift in honor of him. Arriving at the house, also bring flowers or candy. Don't come empty handed.

Also your psychological weapon to be a genuine smile with direct eye contact. Most women perceive this gesture very positively.

How to meet girl's father

With no a bit more complicated. Though, to be honest, mother is a hundred times worse than the father is for you to find out and to consider for the future. But take traditional strict father as an example. The main thing – it's good to shake hands. Without a handshake, just anywhere, moreover, it should be stable.

After, how your girl'll introduce you, call father by name. Act cautiously towards his lady. In any case don't start to flirt, paw, bite, pinching and kissing with my girlfriend. You can do it at home. But in the meantime just be polite, gentle and attentive enough, the Pope saw, what a catch you are.

With adequate father simply cope: find out his main interest and ask him about it. You don't have to pretend to be a professional and speak with him on equal terms. Even if you know absolutely nothing about the subject of his Hobbies, ask him a question and he will gladly fill you in on it. Enthusiastic person always happy to talk about your Hobbies.

Nightmare at the table

When you sit down at the table, don't start the first thing to fill his mouth. But it does not need to completely give up food. Eat in moderation, show, the food of the future mother-in-law is very tasty.

Mind your manners. Despite popular belief, all parents are strictly comply with the rules of etiquette, and you just sit there and not know, which plug is a lie. It may be, you're more educated in this regard, than they. But even in this case, try to be polite – don't ask yourself additional devices (what if they they not) and the like. Be a part of their atmosphere.

Fascinating conversation

You've already got the base for your conversation, when I questioned his girlfriend about the interests and Hobbies of the parents, now we need to think: how to build a dialogue.

  • Knowing about their journeys, can you ask some interesting facts about the country, to know the impression.
  • May also be asked to tell something interesting from a girl's life, ask to see baby pictures.
  • Can joke (but only appropriate and decent).
  • If the parents ask your opinion about something, you don't have to agree – show, that you're a man, you have a point of view.But don't overdo it and do not provoke dispute or even more, scandal.

The main thing – try to maintain a lively and natural conversation. Don't sit silently so, like you brought to the torture. And even if you really want to do is grimace and bury your face in the pillow – get a hold of yourself.

It is not necessary to confine answers to the questions, but too much talking is also not necessary.

Parent interrogation

meet the parents

A closer look – have to endure the next stage of Dating, you're going to fight off an endless stream of questions. Will have to answer at all – better to give brief answers.

Show, that you really love their daughter, that you have serious intentions and that you are quite Mature and serious. Show, you have plans for the future, but don't be very naive.

The end of the agony + 6 recommendations'

When you passed all tests, you can go home. Leaving, thank parents for a good evening, tell, glad to meet you. Shake the father's hand, say goodbye to your mother and boldly go.

Time to go home

Very important tips:

  1. If you are still very young and she has a curfew, better take her home and let me go early – so you will cause the trust to her parents.
  2. Praise the food of his future mother-in-law.
  3. Remember the rule about the blooming hands: when the mother and father better move her chair, help to remove coat, but don't grab the ass, not get hands under the blouse, and generally keep a low profile.
  4. Do not lie about yourself: may slightly embellish or understate, but don't tell stories-tall tales.
  5. Be gentle and kind to the girl, but don't loose your male face.
  6. Don't tell dirty jokes, history, associated with drinking and any other silly stories (even if they seem like fun).

Now you're armed a bit and can safely explore. Don't try to please in everything, you still will not work. But do, to earn at least some trust and respect of the parents of his girlfriend. In fact the most difficult part is still ahead, as you will have to meet the parents of the guy with the girl's parents. Good luck!

Of course, a few tips from Pasha, expert in such matters:

Here's an interesting video from the show: meeting his parents. View, laugh:

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