Rules of Dating: 87% men do not and half!

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And so, you decided to use all possible ways and find out – how to meet a girl online and not miss an article, which will provide you success? You did the right thing, and with all of my tips familiarity will be more than successful.

The basic rules of Internet Dating

Let's start, perhaps, with, without which all your further actions will be meaningless – with the rules and principles of conduct in the Internet.


You can use these rules and in social networks, and on Dating sites and in any other setting, plan where to meet.

Be well-mannered

You just don't have the right to be vulgar and rude. Forget This does not give you points in the eyes of the ladies. At best she will just think, it has to do with Gopnik, at worst with unbalanced pervert.

Try to cope with the literacy

Yes, some girls also "not a fountain", but you still try to write correctly. After all, if one 10 will not notice your blunders because of their own illiteracy, it 9 – be sure to pay attention to it. You have will right place all the commas, but the words "devachki" or "hachu" – this is an incorrigible stain on your reputation.

If you have all the spelling is very bad, use special services to check texts. In the end, write your message in Word, copy and paste to the chat window.

A few tips

If for some reason you can't see the photo of the girl or can't learn her age (this often happens on the forums, on Dating sites), can try to use these tips:

  • If the young lady is very capricious and touchy – she's probably beautiful (well, or so thinks).
  • Cowardly, a bit silly and quite naive – she's probably underage.
  • If gets the subject of the work, on the weekend, the lack of free time, earnings etc. – most likely, she is already 20.
  • If starts talking about studying – she or the girl, any student.
  • If the page of the girl you see only pictures of the face – try to do so, to see it completely. Can just ask her the photo in full growth, if you are already close enough to communicate. Otherwise you may see on a first date is not the, hoped for.

Advice banal, but sometimes we forget to pay attention to the little things and the attention received is not what, drew in my mind.

Meet on a Dating site

How to meet a girl online? Of course on a Dating site – they are all here and open for communication and Dating, they have guys and they are just waiting for her Prince. But on the other hand, for popular websites with thousands of active users and they are not sitting idly by.


Your goal is to stand out from twenty men, who wrote the beauty of your the same time with you. What you need to do:

  1. Never write a girl that, that could write and all the rest. That is: "you're beautiful, let's get acquainted" is not a ride. And probably, what 15 people from those 20 so she and I will write. Look at her profile and write something unique to her.
  2. If the site is designed so, what messages are transmitted with indication of the subject, always make it beautiful.
  3. If possible write girls, which “online” – so you immediately see the result, if she doesn't want to continue the dialogue.

Girl: "Marina, brunette, 17 years, the student of the pedagogical College"


The theme: "The most charming girl normal school"

The contents: "Hello, Marina. I knowingly took a chance to call you the most beautiful girl in school, after all, with such deep eyes, as you have, just can't be different. Guess, what you hear is not the first time, why I look a bit banal.

Then I would like to tell you about myself: my name is Oleg, I work as a programmer, and in free time I prefer active rest. Soon I'll be 22 year and for his birthday I would like to meet a great girl, where you can go on an interesting journey".

  1. Of the writing of the letter follows the second rule: a message on the Dating site should not be too short. You have to get the girl to read it and think about you. Simple 25th "Hello" runs the risk of being even noticed. But long interesting letter is sure to stand out on the background of banal one-word messages.
  2. You could use the romance and mystique of. For example, communication do not hesitate to do strange things: write, you invite her to slow dance. The following message unable to write her name beautiful slow songs, she needs to hear.

Experiment + example

For the sake of experiment was chosen 10 girls, the introduction was the same, and the answers are not particularly different. Goal – to take a phone number.

I: Hi, looking for love?)
It: Can be / Just talk / Of course / No
I: Hardly on this site it is possible for someone to find, just kind of silly offer…
It: Exactly / Yes / Blah-Blah-Blah
I: I hope you're a good girl, nothing bad to write?))
It: No / No, I'm good / Do not write…
I: I honestly did not go to such sites before, apparently more and will not come, after, what I write here. Let's phone talk 2 minutes. Write the number)

The result:

  • 2 she wrote her number after the last message;
  • 4 I wrote your number after a few messages, basically I had a compliment, and said, that in a hurry;
  • 3 continued conversation, later was given a room (banal conversation about the interests + intrigue);
  • 1 refused to give the phone and the conversation did not continue

The dialogue is a bit gutted, but the essence of the correspondence clear, the psychology of this Dating reveal in following articles, if interested, unsubscribe in the comments.

How to meet a girl in Facebook

This website is known to you firsthand and you, for sure, have already received a lot of failures. Just to warn you, what will continue. Statistics, even with the right approach, girls in VK will not reply to messages in 45-50% cases. So the harsh truth. But if you act wrong, you can lose those 50% girls, that answer.

How to learn

To understand how to date online – we need to develop an approach. So, in order:

  1. Weed out girls, where you train. Choose absolutely any city and put on the same. You need to gain experience, before you write girl, which is really like, and those, with whom you will communicate – even help advice!
  2. Next, choose 10 normal, not "fashionable", not "terrible", simple and pretty girls "online", maybe cockroaches – to train well.
  3. Write everyone the same message with individual character for each of the contenders. Guidelines for writing the first message below↓
  4. Call it – exercise. It has to be repeated until, yet 8 from 10 the girls will continue a dialogue with you. Times a week is enough.

Thanks to your training page will be filled with interesting girls, who can ask for advice, and you will gain confidence in their abilities and can easily develop a dialogue.

Your task:

  1. to work out a certain model of communication, things on the Internet;
  2. learn to identify what kind of message are suitable to a certain type of girl;
  3. to be able to develop a dialogue before the final its end or its goal;

It is important to have a purpose to communicate with the girl, ie, set a goal to rent a room and different ways to achieve it, otherwise your time is wasted.

Everything must be perfect – 6 preparation stage

If you take into account the rules, put on a good avatar photo and fill your page with appropriate information, do not rush to relax:

Stage # 1. Hide the extra albums

If you managed to put online a photo with a wild booze, leave romantic photo with ex-girlfriend etc. – hide them. You must have a perfect profile: photos in the moments of your success at work, photos in the company of your friends (adequate, sober...), photo on nature, during the journey, at the concert, etc. Hide all the incriminating hell – leave it, what harakterizuet you best.

The same applies to vulgar videos, vulgar idiotic songs, subscriptions to porn groups, etc.

Stage 2. Clean comments

Develop a habit to delete comments, which reveal all your cards. Record type "Zay, yesterday was a very good" want to delete immediately (if you don't dwell on one girl).

Stage # 3. To recognize fakes

In order not to waste time on pages-faux, learn to recognize them immediately. If you see, that girl is too perfect or she has very little photos, in addition to the avatar – it could be fake. You need to take her photo, load it into the image search from Google and see, what other profiles, and the websites that found this image. If you see it on various sex sites, etc. is fake.

You should alert the imbalance between the comments under the photo and number of friends. Also the fakes are often more than 1000 friends, a page created relatively recently.

Stage # 4. Find the "right" girls

Your task is to find the girl, with whom you have something in common. According to statistics and my own experience the usual compliments here are powerless, but common interests are very good. Come in groups of their favorite music groups, open the participants list and look for the pretty girls. So you the first message will have the subject "she, too, loves the band Nirvana".

  • The same applies to groups, dedicated to your favorite movies, series, books, writers, places, travel etc.
  • If you're not fond of anything – share common interests in itself. She has nice legs and do you like them? Most likely, she also like her long legs. What is not a topic of conversation?
  • You can search for girls with the same last name, like you. First act, what do you think, if you're related. Then just translate this in a normal interesting conversation.

In a word – generates effective tactics, and not just add anyone.

Stage # 5. Be vigilant

You'll have to add a huge number of girls, among which can meet friend. But you're "not noble Lovelace, a simple nice guy, who decided to get acquainted with a beautiful girl", so palitsya you can't. As soon as you come to the page girls and see, what you have in common friends that, who are you 5 minutes ago very well thought – get out of there.

But if you have mutual friends, you are being your hunting for girls that will play you.. When girls see their friends, it seems, what you already know, that you can be trusted etc.

Stage 6. Don't disappear

Be prepared for the fact, what about two weeks you will have to have with a girl conversation. If you suddenly disappear for a week – things can get out of control. So don't be too Intrusive, writing to her all day. But don't be a stranger for long.

Pause between messages, but the girl must not think, you brake and squeeze the answer.

The most important is the first message to the girl

All of the sites telling you about, what is the first message in the VC is the most important part of your Dating. But I will Express a different opinion: if you have an awesome account, looking at which the girl thinks "he's cool" – 85% work done. In this case, it is sufficient, so your first post was just normal.

  1. Do not write in your first message offer to have sex, as if it was not veiled.
  2. Do not write just "Hello", even if you complement the phrase "How are you". Such messages girls practically never meet. You have to come up with such a phrase, which will lead to the development of the conversation.
  3. Don't be too cocky: "Sly, today I go on a date with me".
  4. No need to be too nice, with the first reports talking about the fact, you want to take her on a date, that she you caressed etc.
  5. With compliments also be quieter: beautiful, amazing, gorgeous – this is too much like the first message.
  6. When you add in friends, know, whatever you're doing and let the girl know about it.

Here are examples of, how to start a conversation:

  • You just write: "There's something I know about you". She will want to know, what do you know. In response, you can write about it, what have you noticed, studying her page, and that you yourself liked it.
  • "When I saw your picture, was just amazed, how much can a do Photoshop". This phrase caught her feelings and forced to pay for your message attention. Most likely she will answer, that photo of her course and as she looks in real life.
  • "Hi. Look energetic girl. What sport do?"
  • "Notice, you play tennis. Long train?"

The last two phrases may have hundreds of options. Enough for you to understand, keen girl and come up with a message about it.

It is important, what would the first message provoked the girl to answer you, ie, you need to ask a question at the end of the monologue!

  • "Hi. You strike me as an attractive girl. And I'm not bad. We just destined to meet, do you think?".

The dialogue of correspondence with a girl in contact

It sounds unusual and a bit loud. You're not covering her with compliments, boosting her self-esteem to stratospheric levels. But they say, what's your interest in her. You yourself are also holding up decently, showing, that she will get you a lot of good. The example shows, you laugh misbehaving, but it's good! We can develop a dialogue, because the girl ready to chat.

If you have a good sense of humor – let her see it, and don't write, "you know, I have a great sense of humor". Can make jokes and even teasing her – the girl is just raise your spirits. But always check that, what you say: at least your jokes and undergarments can be really hurtful". You do your dialogue can begin with some jokes, for example: "It's not you at the supermarket yesterday and ate all the tangerines? Continued: It seems like – that girl was also so cute".

In General, for the first message may come joke, but not vulgar and not offensive. You don't need immediately to occupy her compliments or show that, what are you super man, they say, "as he said, so be it". Just be yourself, communicate naturally and easily, let me know about your interest, but it is not showing, that you began adoring her the first photo.

I want to tell you, even it is hateful "Hello" might work, if you fit into its framework. That is, if your page she found a photo of her attractive for a young man, and then another reinforced this view, after reading the information on the wall – it will respond even to a regular greeting. This is why there is 100% methods, phrases and ways. You can only be yourself and not to do anything stupid in communication, thus obtaining the desired, and with our tips you will understand how easy it is to get acquainted on the Internet.

If you have suggestions or real-world examples of your success Dating online, write them in the comments, all very interesting to Supplement their knowledge.

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