How to attract a girl? A guide to action, tips!

способы заинтересовать девушку

Since high school I haunted the question: how to interest a girl? And why someone succeeds with ease, and some to old age walk and chew snot with their terrible wives. While some ladies – shy, brooding, cute guys and like, but basically the process is more lengthy and close contact, after all, to arouse the interest of girls they have not obtained.

the main problem women

Everything in this life is to learn! And to understand how to attract a woman – you need to understand the fundamental principles of communication with the opposite sex.

TOP 9 Male, that attract girls

These traits will always be relevant, regardless: you get acquainted with the girl or going on a date, make friends or just talk. Since ancient times ladies pay attention to real men!


All my life waiting for a Prince on a white horse (limousine), and the princes have a number of features, which should be in communication.


Powerful men are constantly surrounded by women, because it is a sign of success and a sense of security for women.

To demonstrate this feature – should be a girl, to manage its behavior, if you do not like something in it – not ashamed to say it, to be a straight line

The power of the spirit

It is the ability to stand up to the end, in spite of all the factors playing against you, to get what you want using various methods. Show, what you will not give refused, what are you going to continue to fight, in the hope get her number. Many girls use this check, to ensure the persistence of the guy.


The fact, you've approached the girl – already indicates the presence of courage, in other situations, the woman needs to understand, you'll be able to save and protect if anything.

Talk to the girl calmly, not a tambourine, do not rush and most importantly: don't be afraid of the girl!


An integral part of men's personality! What to interested in the girl, as not their brains? Naturally in conjunction with other qualities, however, what is the difference as in you positive features, if you're stupid.


Not the most important symptom of, if we take into account the possession of other good qualities, but with equal points – a lady will attract a guy higher positions, for the best car, with great features.


The way you talk – evidence of all the qualities, which you have, as a positive, and negative. Watch your language, put yourself deep nice voice. Speak clearly, simply, don't mumble and don't hurry.


Girls pay attention to guys, around which goes the other lady, this is reminiscent of herd instinct, the likeness of, many girls want a Iphone as a gift.


Can play an important role in trying to interest a girl, after all, girls hate lies – it is genetically inherent in them apparently. Honesty is manifested in the observation of the deficiencies in girls, but you need to know as!


Women are absolutely identical to us in terms of choosing a guy! They are also looking at ass, clothes, hair, face, figure. A girl has to brag about you, so sign up in the gym and getting in shape. But if you're a freak – then saves expensive clothes

Social status (3 rules of attraction)

All men choosing companion tend to get the attention of a beautiful, well-dressed, long-haired women.


You must learn to accept and to put themselves above women in status, if you're her boss at work, of course not literally: not worth it to point, what to do or to show no respect – she needs to feel that communicating with you. First impression – it is a factor, who needs to hook a girl!

How to get respect:

  • Appearance – you have to follow that girl, which you want to generate interest: neatness, normal clothes, a good Cologne. Ignoring this item hard to Woo the opposite sex, the girl will simply confuse you with the furniture.
  • Unobtrusive – successful guys always have enough female attention! How would you not want to inspire a friend – in any case, go ahead its space: drew attention to themselves – left. They're like little children: give a child a toy, then take – he would roar!

I always do it this way, if you meet in a club or at a party: choose 3 -4 an unknown girl and in turn learn the names of (it is important to remember them), after leaving, sometimes submitted in response (on the situation). Next time I see her – I have easy to start a conversation: call her name and ask any question, then again leaving. So the lady gets tired of you, but on the contrary she become an interesting.

  • Demand – on the similarity of public opinion: when the girl sees, what are you successful in communicating with others, people respect you – it, kind of, approval, your positive. So saulcy into a fellowship of strangers: the saleswoman at the store, passerby, taxi driver (they are the easiest to draw).

The worst – it is a cheap show-off! Never need to put themselves above others: humiliate, to make fun of, to hurt the girls – even if she refused. Such gestures inherent to the frustrated losers, very imaginary and cynical people. Always has to behave decently

Behavior is to attract views!

That would manifest all of these qualities need to behave, because the behavior, look who you are. As you move, as they say – it's non-verbal signals, able to captivate a woman, so to push it!


  • Confidence

You have to be confident, when you approach or are already talking to a girl! The most important, things to be interested in – this decisive action, regardless of your status, other qualities…, always decide the strength of character. Women are the weaker sex and when a man knows what he wants and openly shows it – they obey his will.

To catch the right wave, you need to convince yourself, that girl wants you more than anything, just hides. It is possible and is not recognized, therefore, you will need to wait. And your task is simple – Express yourself, don't need posturing or bragging. Keep it simple!

  • Calm

Despite your confidence, you need to remain calm and reasonable – pay attention to the response from the girls: non-verbal signals, gestures. You can't pressure her, if a room she doesn't want to give or is covered by a guy – continue to act calmly and without hysteria. Stay cool and skip everything that doesn't fit on deaf ears.

  • Audacity

With audacity you can achieve much more from girls than the other guys, just because, they rolled half way, when it was necessary to pressurize friend: to take her by the hand and lead, regardless of her views. The main thing, her to like you, how to understand this? Read here!

  • A positive attitude

Who do you want sad? When it comes to girls – always smile! You must radiate positive, because women hate boredom and boring boys, out of boredom they start to think, and this is bad!

Imagine, that can talk to each other: have fun on it, joke, pin up, the banter – she's your best friend at this moment. Don't overdo it, that would not offend the girl.

How to attract a girl conversation 45 seconds

To talk with the ladies, too, need to be able! There are several techniques, to help to do so, to the interviewee's interested in you.

First impression

  • Call emotions

Any, in addition to indifference – it's the worst, when the girl does not feel anything towards you: make her laugh, if you did not work – get him angry! Definitely need an emotional connection, to achieve it it is necessary by any means.

  • Humor

Long known: when the girl laughs – she stops to think. Make her laugh as much as possible: learn funny jokes, practice telling funny stories from life. If a girl laughs at your jokes. – there is a chance!

  • Change the subject

You need to show how much you're versatile – to do this, jump from one topic to another. Saw she had some kind of attribute – tell me about it, remember what you were doing 5 minutes ago – tell her.

Often guys make the mistake of remembering his ex-girlfriend, although in the right context, mention of it will play into the hands, but try not to mention the former when meeting.

  • Say

You need to talk more, what she! As soon as she begins to long to tell you – don't be afraid to interrupt her, ask additional questions and answer them yourself, ask about personal things. You need to talk, what would the lady interested! Control the dialogue, and don't be a listener!

  • Desire

A prerequisite in communication! Flirt with her everywhere and always, otherwise it if and will continue with you, it is only as a friend and don't expect more! Therefore show their desire – it is natural!

  • Originality

You're not like all! The girl should understand it from first seconds, since we are always interested people, which are not similar to our friends. Ask her stupid questions, ask her what she had for Breakfast, talk about everyday things – if this is the best in the world of employment, argue with her knowing, they will lose. After all, who do still?

  • Compliments yourself

Nice to hear praise and compliments from others, but imagine how beautiful she receives them in the day. So, move in the direction not of the ordinary – praise yourself, all the compliments you make yourself, she can too, but much less.

  • Intrigue

Women are very curious creatures, so try it!. It is important, what would it hooked, because it is not interesting schemer will lead to the result. What would catch the girl – find out her Hobbies.

Practice and tips

All of the above, though is the tips and is quite good, but without their own practice to achieve success is impossible! Here's a few tips, to learn how to attract girls yourself and not to be afraid to get rejected.


The competition

Arrange with friends competition on the number collected per hour. In my case it was the obligation to meet and take a phone number from 20 girls for the evening, otherwise I'm stuck sleeping on the bench.

I don't know how to attract girls at a time, didn't psychological techniques, but your 20 offer I got, fortunately it was summer and we were vacationing on the sea, so with some girls we met a few times.


In the process of Dating and trying to impress, you have tactics – it's your behavior and manners, which lead you to the result. Which girls and under what circumstances did you have any sympathy?

Try to repeat all steps in a greater degree approaches you will get as well! This is elementary statistics and is quite a simple idea – happened with one, interest and other.

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