How original and unusual to meet, hitting the girl from the first second

оригинальное знакомство

Want to take out a beautiful girl, but all did not get to meet her? Then what are you waiting for – surprise, raduy, battle. Not are the simple methods – use the original, but just don't stop! I'll tell, as originally to meet a girl and get her "Yes" after a few minutes after the first contact.

On the horizon, a beautiful spur of the moment!

You saw a girl, which you like, then act now. Not ready, don't have any prepared jokes and phrases in stock – just improvise, using these tips.

"Girl, where I?"

where I

After, you saw his goal, play the lost person. Pretend, I can't understand, what city are you in. Go to the girl and ask, what is this city and where you actually are. It's not important is your acting skills, because this phrase will make you smile and bewilderment on her face. After, she'll tell you, you can thank her for saving his life and to continue the conversation – one step at a time.

Corny-the original method of Dating

Remember, as in the old Soviet films men used the phrase "do Not tell, what time is it" or "How to get to the library", to meet a girl on the street. But hardly anyone uses such a platitude in our time– we will complicate the task:

  1. Show your men's "I", blatantly blocking her way. In this case, such a tactic is permissible. Yes, and this method is designed for individuals with a sense of humor – girls, who can't take a joke, you can just be scared. But we are not need.
  2. Show her, you're kidding – smile, get a serious face and be easy going, funny guy.
  3. Plug all this flirting and continue the phrase, what a joke. For example, if we are talking about the library, say, "the horror, as I love to read". If the girl tells, he did not know, where is the library, ask about the bookstore. If you're going to hear a negative response, say, "Do you not even know, where is the most cozy and beautiful café?…And I know". So, continuing the conversation, can you take her to coffee or invite her on a date.

"Can I do for you will stay?"

Very unusual (brazen) method – to impress an old friend, or what. It looks approximately so…

Take all of your self-confidence and charisma, and follow this instructions:

It is important to let know to the girl, it helps, and not merely as a stepping stone or a pillar – they love to cheat, and the female imagination can ruin your attempts in the Bud.

  1. If you are in closed shoes, a little take off one Shoe, sneakers etc.
  2. Go to the girl and say something like this phrase: "Girl, wait a little bit on the spot, please".
  3. When you're talking to her – don't look her long in the eye, to look more natural.
  4. Approach a girl with confidence – you will not refuse. If you still have a drop of fear, just imagine, I'm an old friend, which definitely will help you.
  5. You already caught her attention, now tell, what she'll really appreciate and invite for coffee as a token of gratitude.

You – the hero-Savior

hero for girls

You once represented, how to save the girl's life and she gives it to you for this favour? To be honest: this hardly ever happens. But to play the role of Savior is still possible: pretend, that girl now comes to the ladybug:

  1. "Girl, carefully! You almost stepped on a ladybug. Where are you in such a hurry?".
  2. If the girl tells, there is no ladybug: "Don't worry, she flew. I notice everything – especially a cute beautiful creatures, like you...".

"You forgot to meet me"

Then you will have to surprise and shock the girl – be brave and persistent. Run after the girl and shout, so she stopped: "Wait, wait, you forgot something". When the girl to stop and ask, what are you talking about – stop, smile and say, she forgot to meet you. This method works, tested many times already. You say not with passive girl, who is concerned about their business, and emotionally Horny girl, which is more pliable. Well, originality is also capable of this gives off.

Surprise a woman with gifts

Roses for strangers

Today you're not just a guy, who hits girls, a gallant man, which is simply impossible to refuse. It will have to spend, but the result promises to be good. Buy a single rose (can buy a whole bunch and pull out one, if you want). Just go to any girl and give her a flower. Any of them would be embarrassed, surprised and immensely happy in the shower. Tell her some compliments, invite for a coffee. My experience and the experience of my friends confirms, so you will be able not only to rent a room and go on a date, but even seduce a lady in the day of your experience.

If you like the girl for a long time...

Every day you go to work and find on your way beautiful girl? Or, maybe, you know, where she walks with her friends. So why are you still not familiar with it? The most obvious step – this is to meet a girl on the Internet, but it is better to act in a big way: Buy balls, helium and colored markers. Inflating balls, write them notes with compliments or confessions. Can one attach a little note with his phone number. At the meeting, just hand the girl my gift – she will want to see you again. But most likely, your communication will begin during the gift presentation.

"And you happen to have...?"

A great way, I always suggest to my friends. If you are prepared in advance, can buy a candy bar or some little interesting thing. If you are improvising, don't hesitate to use a flashlight, duct tape, the handle and all, what you have with you. Just go up to a stranger and ask:

"Do you have a beautiful pen?"

When a girl says "No", answer: "Then I give it to you, and you give me a minute of your time". Can ask in return the phone number.

Perseverance and talent will help you

These methods require special conditions, but they are the best. Don't give her the chance to wriggle out!

This is a great method, I found on all of YouTube. Using it, the guy in half a minute he met and asked out a beautiful girl. Now:

  1. For this you have to be a machine (at least she), closed cups of coffee and two phones.
  2. Stop at the traffic lights near the car, in which sits a girl.
  3. Tell her: "Girl, you would not like to drink coffee?"
  4. Most likely, she'll tell you, that excited.
  5. Then you just take an indoor Cup of coffee and give it to her – she's in shock, laughs and wonders.
  6. Then you ask for her number and trust me it does!
  7. If she says, that phone is not throw her in the car and the phone (it, of course, very risky).
  8. Then call on him and ask for a date.

You can act differently, but most importantly, that inviting her out for coffee, do you have an answer for any of its failures. This is your perseverance, the reasonableness of your plan, the courage and good sense of humor just won't let her go.

Method for artists

You really took, if in addition to the strength and courage you have the talent to draw. You have a huge advantage. If you are long with the girl in one place (for example, you waiting for a bus at the bus stop) – draw her portrait on a sheet of paper or beautiful bouquet of flowers. Then give it to her, Osipov compliments. From such a gesture will melt any lady. All, now in her eyes are you romantic, mysterious and very affected young man.

Meet everywhere, where possible

It is important to always practice the art of Dating. Try not to wait for the right moment, not to seek out your second half – come and compose on the go, after a couple weeks of this practice you will have a great experience: you will send, to fall in love, tell you about girlfriends etc. The main thing – your every approach will be unique and memorable!

Acquaintance in the supermarket

Grab a bottle of wine and put her in the basket. In this case say something like: "I've had wine, and you good night...or cake...or a date". You showed, what are you self-confident man, which simply does not accept the refusal and that should impress her.

Option for shy


Even for those, who was not able to cope with their shyness, there is a way! Girls just love secret admirers, their this appeal, gives confidence. Anyway – this is romance, and they love her so much. Now, when you sit in a cafe or restaurant and see a beautiful girl, write her a note: "Hi. You are just adorable. I was looking at you, almost late for work – had to escape quickly. Let's meet here in 18.00 Wednesday. I will wait for you". Write a note to the waiter and leave unnoticed. Now you will be the main intrigue for her, she will want to unravel.

Now you have an Arsenal of original ways to meet a girl. Be confident and persistent and you will be able to achieve not just Dating, and more.

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