Seduce women correctly: first date, which end of the bed

соблазн девушки на первом свидании

Is it possible to have sex on the first date? It depends on several factors: nature girls, alcohol, the meeting place and the atmosphere of the evening. Maybe her childhood was told that men suck and they are for one thing only, although girls do think about it are not rarer. Let's see, how to avoid all the moral and ethical obstacles and get sex without waiting for the third date, or something worse, wedding =)


You, of course, can meet a drunk girl at the club, in the bar and on the same night to have sex. But that's another story. Now we'll talk about that, how to come out and get what you want. Now, first, you will have a little chat with girl on the phone. It's your job to warm her up, to increase the level of interest and even trust in you. Write her, call periodically, lead the conversation so, as if you knew him for a very long time. So the girl herself at a subconscious level believe, you're not a total stranger, and it will be easier just to get her in bed.

A few rules

There are a few rules, which can facilitate you foreplay. You can not use it, but they are very useful.

  1. Change places

This is not required, but if you first sit in the movie, then go to the restaurant, and then another, and walk through the night promenade – you change three places of stay. Thus the girl on a subconscious level there will be a feeling, what you are meeting for the second, and then the third time. This will help her begin to treat you more simple and easy.

  1. Choose the right place

If you're going to hold a meeting only in one place – let it will be quiet, laid-back and intimate. It could be a restaurant, but then choose the most sheltered place in it.

  1. Do not force to have sex

When you start to act, don't show, your ultimate goal is sex. Let you be with her good – enjoy the process. Then she will be more open. And Frank sex talk from, forget. No need to tell, what a sexual giant and how good sex with you. It will not increase her desire to have sex. Pressure too early can frighten her off and she stops to respond to attempts, because you've already proved that before her next “Goat”.

Seduce a girl – gradually

You have to set the right tone Dating from the time of your meeting. Your task will be establishing tactile contact. That is, you greet her, at the same kiss on the cheek, embrace and inhale her scent. I can say something: "You smell delicious". Also don't forget to make a compliment about her appearance, grab the handle and pull to the place, where you'll sit. Sit not opposite each other, and next.

Start to communicate reserved

The beginning of your communication is the moment, when you establish a spiritual contact. At this stage, the girl will decide whether sex on the first date or not. Pay attention to the conversation: be unusual, joke, tell me something good. Many pick-uppers suggest to talk about growing up, about pleasant memories. It will bring into your conversation some tenderness, trust and will raise you both in the mood. You can also talk about any human values, situations, which reveal your best masculine qualities. Let it see, before her strong male, who deserves proximity.

Go to the heavy artillery

Act begins, when you see, what a girl you are sincerely interested, she is open and ready for closer contact. At this point she starts to flirt sweet, possible, even ask some candid questions, will be interested in you no less, what you do. Also watch her expression and gestures. It should not close on you hands (to cross them in front of you), should not Express condescension or frustration. Smile, bright eyes, touching your neck is a good sign.

Start with the arms

Now your goal is gaining access to her body. First let it be hands, then the neck, lips, and then everything else. Easiest way is to take the girl's hand. Not worth it just grab. Focus all your attention on her beautiful fingers, interesting manicure, ring and any other (only a beautiful and positive) the details of the hands. At this time, gently grab her pen and start to consider. Fingertips stroking the palm of her hand, fingers. In this keep talking – it should not escalate into a silent temptation. Just do it casually!, so she's used to your touch.

Get a kiss

Then walk up the arm above, gently caressing her with his fingers. Continue such actions, until you get to the neck. Don't worry: if the girl still didn't stop – she likes it, what are you doing, and you can safely continue. If you disturb the hair, just pull it out of them and easily slide your fingers up her neck. If everything goes smoothly, can move on to kissing. Strange thing, but when you kiss a girl's neck and shoulders, but don't kiss her mouth – she has a wild desire to finally kiss you. "Well, how is it he kisses me everywhere, but on the lips never kissed?" – something thinks a girl this time. And often she turns to you a head, wanting a kiss.

Time to take her to his

There you are kissing, you caress her and she does not resist. But your one wrong word and it all may end with a slap. You need to understand – is it possible to sex at this stage or the girl is not yet ready.

She must be excited

I think, only you lose your head, when you're approaching a beautiful sexy lady? No – the same thing happens with girls. And if you trigger it, her inner barriers begin to crumble, not withstanding under the influx of passion and desire and she only thinks about that, how to have sex. Therefore, to begin to excite, and then offer to go to your house.

"Come home with me"

I beg you, just don't use this phrase. Of course, you're both adults and understand everything perfectly, but the phrase "Come to me" is able to destroy everything. Be original – tell her something: "I want to take you out to this really cool place", "I got you a beautiful gift, but it was impossible to take. So you need to call me and I will hand it to you". You're not lying, after all, you really have a gift – massage. Also can offer her to drink tea amazing of Thailand, Shisha etc. The main thing, wrap the offer in a nice wrapper and gradually lean the girl to have sex on the first date.

It is important not to pressure her! In fact, she should want to seduce you, we need to push her to make this decision!

Keep the excitement

As you already know, excitement turns off the brain a little girl and she forgets, what her mother taught. But it's a bit to recover and all this stuff again to reach her mind: "I don't have to do this", "What I'm doing – it's wrong" etc. So don't stop get a girl to caress, to kiss her.

Here we are, when sex?

I hasten to disappoint you, but even that's not all. It often happens, that coming into someone's home, girls are closed in themselves and behave completely differently in an unfamiliar place, and the fact, how to have sex with you on the first date – it becomes unacceptable! To defuse the situation – you must offer her something to do.. Use the option with massage. Admit that, what a gift you wanted to give, and yet give it. The massage will help you relax and will only increase your excitement.

If the option with the massage passes, just pour her a drink(better to have a normal wine and two glasses). You can offer her to watch some funny movie or film. Again you can smoke Shisha etc. But all this is just background, and at the heart of everything – touch. Put her hand on his thigh, keep fingering her neck, stroking and do everything possible in your situation.

Move into the lying position

If a girl responds positively to your petting, to do so, so you moved to the bed, start to kiss her and get it over with. I hasten to remind, what girls love prolonged foreplay. And one your kiss, it could be not enough.

  • If you, for example, was sitting on the couch, I watched the movie and she answered your kisses – you can just pick her up and carry to bed.
  • If a girl is kept slightly detached – turn on romantic music and ask her to dance. At the same time show my passion and at the end give her a kiss. This should bring you closer together.

Alcohol – assistant No. 1!

As bad as it sounded, but remember about alcohol. No, you don't need to solder the lady, but alcohol just has to be. So the girl is easier to justify to myself in such a promiscuous sexual relationship. The next morning, she'll just tell myself: "Yes, I took the drink. If I were sober, I wouldn't do that".

About, what to do in bed, we'll talk another time. So good hunting and the stormy nights you!

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