How to massage: Complete guide with examples

как делать массаж

Massage is the shortest way to the heart of any girl. The correct technique is able to involve internal organs, multiplying power of pleasure. Massage hands always welcome, and if the perfection to learn the skill of relaxing, soothing and even stimulating massage, you will always be in demand and respect the opposite sex.



To emphasize their attention should not only with expensive gifts, and personal abilities, to meet women. It is easy to understand, what is the duty of every man to be able to provide everything you need for a good welfare ladies, a massage like no other medicine, can heal the soul and improve overall health.

Preparation for massage

Skillfully to master this art in just a few weeks of practice. Here are not required special skills, tons of knowledge and experience. It is enough to understand, what to do, and in what order to move from one part of the body, to another, however, the latter already depends on the type of massage.

A romantic setting is needed for erotic massage, while for the classic no features of the interior do not need. Arrange scented candles, scatter the rose petals (many do not need, they are the main), dim the lights, and finally turn on soothing background music.

Massage room

Any massage must be a solid and hard surface, since the body has to straighten up and make the right, healthy state. Otherwise, health effect, as the pleasure greatly weakened.

Soft surface takes any form, and your awkward movement can cause discomfort and slight pain.

The stomach need to put a rolled towel tube, to maintain normal circulation, and if the room is slightly cold cover with a light cloth not involved at the moment areas of the body. Before, girl needs to take a shower, as clean and fresh skin is much more sensitive and elastic.

Posture for massage

What oils and lotions to use for massage

Hands of any massage therapist must retain its tenderness, therefore, the use of lotions will, it is helpful to you. Warm the hands in warm water, they must not burn, but only warm, after you apply the special cream. Nearly always massage wet skin, it's nicer and more practical, in a pinch, can massage and dry skin. Always warm-up a smooth slide of hands is much better. Skin softening, calm nerves and even restore immunity! Oils give much more, it may seem at first glance.

Consumables for massage

The main objective oils and aromatic properties, so, if you use them, take an ordinary candle, aromatic will only mask the smell and spoil us created the idyll of flavors. The smells is able to lull and excite, therefore, based on your goals, choose the right oil. Lavender, Jasmine white is perfect for erotic massage.

Oils have an extremely dense concentration of, therefore, the brush body is strictly prohibited. Very easy and quick to score spores on the body, which will lead to inflammation and itching. Add a little lotion or cream, and then RUB on the body.

Before the session

But, pre-heat the desired parts of the body. Massage them with her warm hands, and this will be enough. It is not necessary here to be creative and try to put a warm cloth or use a lamp. It's not that, what we need and not a massage.


Start with the feet and hands, and then get to the brushes, paying special attention to them, as it is one of the strongest erogenous zones of women. Start with easy and innocent petting-stroking and finish has a rougher, but all such, the same gentle rubbing.

How to do a relaxing massage

His goal is to remove fatigue, voltage, stress and give your muscles a welcome rest, they deserve a day. Most often, this massage is done on the back is the most tired and require rest part of the body. Such a massage would in any case be useful, even if massaging girl no health problems and regular back strain. This massage does not treat existing diseases and prevent possible future, as mentioned above, it gives a bit different result.

Psychological health in the wrong lifestyle, is violated daily. The constant depression and anger make themselves known, undermining the commonplace, and depriving the strength to go on. This fifteen-minute medication is the best antidepressant.

During the procedure, there is irritation of the tendons, muscles, ligaments and skin. Irritation, transmitted from nerve endings to the brain, bring him for the appropriate reaction.

Start by stroking her along the spine, slowly and gently. Now is the time confident rubbing movement, paying special attention to shoulders and neck area, slipping his hand from the sides to the ridge. Gradually come to the waist, pre-oiled hands massaging well the muscle. Gradually returning to the neck, adhere to the approximate distance of five inches from the vertebra. Sometimes presses the palms, putting one above the other. At this moment already felt mild euphoria and pleasant tiredness.

Muscles in the cervical region tend to go numb quickly, therefore, turning to him, puts his head under a folded towel. Sometimes you have to change position, that would be the most convenient and in order to avoid such spasms.

Circular movements of the fingertips of MNU muscles of both shoulder blades. A similar point is pressed especially quickly helps to relax. Two centimeters from his spine pressed for two or three seconds muscle, then slowly compress the skin. Compress – fast close and rathmichael fingers, like a tingling all palm. To start tingling from neck down to waist. Massaging the vertebra passes slowly, picking up the pace in the process. The end is about the same as the accession, namely, the light and gentle strokes across the back, from the blades to the waist.

How to do erotic massage

This very special massage, and the place will be used the same, special. Belly, back, feet, feet, hands and feet!

A huge number of erogenous zones need to be learned to succeed! To know where the zones are located and how you need to influence them – the task, which pays for itself over completely.

Need to start warming up with all the same regular stroking and petting, they will quickly catch the right direction. Every movement neat and smooth, we would like to talk to the girl's body, giving her pleasure and receiving it in response.

First, there are the feet and the toes – they have a lot of interest to us nerve endings. Massage the pads of the toes, pressing and gently squeezing. Feet, as the spin, constantly exposed to loads, and massage for them will always be more than relevant. Ankle and calf massage at the same principle. Thighs and buttocks dilute stimulating a pleasant bites and tender kisses with the same gentle spankings.

The back is a place for creativity in approach, since the excitation here there is the greatest number of areas. You can press your fist and hand, rubbing the oil in circular motions. Add caress and touch. Ice cubes will help to play on the feelings, dramatically lowering the temperature of the hot body. Between the blades is compressed and wrinkling the skin. Neck rubs and easily compressible.

When she falls on her stomach, begin the same procedure of rubbing, rising to your chest. This place is extremely delicate skin and need to feel the power of your pressure during circular grinding. Propagates fingers, in around chest area adding the kisses.

The girl already completely in your location and you can move to the final stage, leading almost always to reach. Throughout the massage to maintain smooth and steady breath, it will contribute to the emancipation of girls and the whole process will be more free form. Change the speed and the pressure force, gradually alternating variations. Don't overdo it, arousing a woman, ahead of time, now we are interested in massage! Feel when it's time to stop on those or other areas, not allowing the body to cool down, but not to burn out.

How to massage the palms and fingers

Not just saying that, that hand – slices of the brain! Information, coming into the cortex from the palms, connected with the part of the brain responsible for emotional responses. Therefore, knowing how to interact with the palm, you can easily gain the trust and cause the most pleasant feelings.

Rubbed hands, sharply compress fingers in his hand and gently pry them. Then Vice versa, slow finger compression. After repetitions in the amount of ten times of such approaches, moving on to the next part. Alternately presses on the back and front side of hands, massaging fingers, moving from side to side. Knead the palm from wrist to fingertips in a circular motion, pressing on pain points. This massage glosses over ten minutes and is repeated throughout the day several times. Especially useful to do it in the morning.

Do easy and fast pressing on the palm with fingertips. Tingling with different force and speed. Further, the friction of her palm on the palm of your partner. Circular pressure with fingertips and attention to each finger. Massage them from the nail to the base, nothing else.

How to do a hand massage

For starters, lock the arm in a comfortable position, for you and girls, all the muscles should be relaxed. The shoulder is withdrawn slightly back and to the side, bending the elbow.

Like other massages, you should start with gentle movements, to prepare the skin. Compressible two-headed muscle under the elbow joint, massaging the inner side. Thumb all this time must be in the outer basin. The other fingers are on the inside, separating biceps and muscle trigavou. Massaging the whole length of the hand. Getting to the deltoid muscle, stop and pay it some time. Near the armpit bend backwards hands, lifting the edge of the muscles in the shoulder area.

The outer edge of the deltoid muscle rubs with his left hand from the place of attachment. The thumb slides down the side of the internally, others in this time squeeze the outer part. Turn the whole hand slightly to the side, after return to the original position. Crossing fingers, lead them up, tightly clasping the palms of the hand. Near shoulder joint to move on the clavicle, gradually complete relaxation massage.

How to do feet massage

Massage improves circulation and relieves General body fatigue, reduces the daily emotional stress. For care and concern, the body will respond the same, giving you strength and well-being! You will feel younger and cheerful.

Fingernails should be trimmed, whatever drugs and not to scratch during the massage. The feet are very sensitive and have their pain zones. If possible, avoid point pressure, whatever is causing unpleasant pain. Massage starting from the ankles, you will improve the spreading of pleasure throughout the legs.

With center feet are starting to slowly make a circular motion. The right finger we hold clockwise, the left is against it. Repeat the following rotation for two to three minutes. Going down to the heel, the amplified pressure, since the heel is the least sensitive, will have to make considerable amounts of power, but don't act too rude, it is still a delicate part of the female body

Alternately squeeze between the thumb and the index finger of her toes. Pay each finger for fifteen seconds gradually moving from the big to the little finger. After, repeat the circular motion and down to the heel, gradually increasing the power. At the end of the massage ankle, pomassirovti hollow under the bone twenty to forty seconds.

Here is what should be your massage! This tantric energy massage – this should learn!

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