Dress like a real man! The secret of success with women

It's time to learn how to dress to attract girls . Maybe, we have to get rid of half of the things, maybe, you're pretty stylish man. This is what we will talk…

Single formula does not exist

This is the main rule, you will need to learn. To the question "What to wear, to impress her" – there is no single answer. The views of the women on it are radically different. One finds man sexy in a suit, another considers him a jerk, if he comes out. Someone like guys in sweat pants, someone sees this as the height of bad taste. Here is it's very subjective.

But there are rules, about which almost all ladies converge in their views. And you have to follow them:

  1. Girls don't like Sluts, so always wear ironed and clean clothes. Oddly enough, but the smell of your yesterday's socks and a t-shirt a week ago did not disguise even the most fashionable jacket, dressed from top to.
  2. If you are not a supporter of strict outfits, still get at least one classic trousers (this can be even fashionable formal trousers brown).
  3. Dark colors can cause a sense of security.
  4. Bright colors with a light show you a romantic side.
  5. Always take care of the cleanliness of their shoes.
  6. Wear size.
  7. Take into account the peculiarities of his physique.
  8. Don't wear baggy things (if you, of course, not a hip-hopper).

The secret: If you want to impress a girl with their appearance, first, define, what style she prefers. For example, adult elegant ladies love a guy in a more simple outfits (shirt, expensive shoes, stylish pants), girls, who persistently follow the fashion like the young man in a pair of skinny pants, with a beard, the blazer etc. It all depends on, with who you want to meet.

Get it out of the closet....

Much easier to say, what not to wear. In almost all of the ladies unanimously agree. There, of course, and some differences, but I tried to choose for you, that sickens all of female. So:

  1. Mike-mesh

Dress like a real man! The secret of success with women

T-shirts and tank tops in a grid look just awful. Especially if it is enlightened your flabby stomach or chest. But even if you're all right – throw it out immediately.

  1. Hawaiian shirt

Dress like a real man! The secret of success with women

This relic of the past, too, is to throw. Women understand, that bright painted shirt is not so visible spot, but points you don't add.

  1. Sandals with socks

Dress like a real man! The secret of success with women

About this combination you know all: there are legends about it, jokes, stories, but some individuals still continue to use this combination. In any case, do not combine these things.

  1. T-shirts with funny inscriptions

Dress like a real man! The secret of success with women

"Ha ha ha, him that, 13 years". The only thing that you may think about the man, who wears a stupid shirt with a hackneyed joke about girls, sex, relations etc. And the inscriptions of the type "Sex instructor" and the like will tell, what sex you obviously are not okay, Yes, adequacy is also.

  1. Mike-alcoholic

Dress like a real man! The secret of success with women

If you're sitting and indignant about it – do not be surprised, you have no girlfriend. This is the most tasteless thing, which, besides, is underwear men. Especially the "beautiful" tank top looks on you, if you are overweight or, on the contrary, too thin. Although the pumped-up body tank top looks rather as a means of demonstrating their biceps, but not as a sign of good taste.

  1. Cap cabbie

Dress like a real man! The secret of success with women

This is the worst headpiece for women. Besides, he has managed to earn fame essential accessory-hop culture. So with this cap you will be able to pick up is that narrow-minded girl with a beer and Semko.

But what to wear on a date?

To please a girl – guy, in the first place, needs to be stylish. This concept is quite loose, as a sense of style everyone has their own. I'll give you some advice: just try at least sometimes to follow the trends, watch a variety of pictures with men's fashion images. You don't need to watch the fashion show – just enter in Google "male image" and you will see a lot of articles and photos. Further we learn – how to dress a real man dreams!

  1. Men's cardigan

This thing should be in your closet, as she hit the spot almost all the girls.

  1. Blazer

Dress like a real man! The secret of success with women

Fashionable jacket, which can be wear with trousers and jeans. It can be used to create a representative image, if you are going to charm elegant lady. Very well, under the blazer you can wear as a shirt, and t-shirt.

  1. Things with V-neck

Various t-shirts and sweatshirts with this form of neckline looks very sexy and stylish. Most of the opposite sex approves this decision.

  1. Coat

You used to do the big puffed-out jackets? But the coat you look much more attractive. Besides, today is just a lot of models, which do not stifle your imagination, are not too strict and allow you to use the different shoes. Today it is fashionable and stylish, so have at it.

  1. Business suit

Dress like a real man! The secret of success with women

If you want to be personable and courteous, conquering the proud and unapproachable lady, you can use a business suit. That's just today is a bit tapered trousers and a cropped fitted jacket. Combined with a good watch and shoes it will have a flawless look.

  1. Shirt

Dress like a real man! The secret of success with women

Now they are as popular as ever. But it plays into the hands of, because women are just crazy beautiful body in tight shirt. Very cool look denim shirt. The main distinguish, what shirt can be tucked in, and what – no.

Pick clothes under the figure

It, probably, even more important, than the selection of fashion items. After all, a lack of understanding of, what looks good on you, and what is not, able to completely ruin your looks.

What to wear for thin guys

If you have slim body type – don't worry, many girls like guys. But if you properly dress, you will be a real looker.

  1. T-shirt with U-neck

You need to get a free t-shirt with this form of neckline. It is capable to distract from skinny legs and bring him to your breast. And freedom fit will hide your true thinness. But do not let, to t-shirt hung on to you.

  1. Horizontal stripes

They are able to visually expand your chest., why buy sweatshirts and t-shirts with such pattern. Fortunately, now it is fashionable and clothing enough in the stores.

  1. Chinos

Light cotton pants should be in every thin and tall. This is a very stylish garment, which will be appreciated by all fashionable girls. They can tuck, especially if you're very high.

  1. Blazers

I mentioned this blazer. It is very well suited to the skinny guys.

Also you preferably choose things in bright colors – they visually increase the volume. Also try not to buy things tight or too large. The wrong solution is to buy oversized things. Better look for a middle ground between loose and tight stuff.

What to wear full guys

For you there are a few tips, which will make the look less baggy and add harmony:

  1. Give preference to dark shades do Not have to wear black things – use olive, brown, green.
  2. Better choose clothes made of thin fabrics.
  3. The less on your clothes pockets, the better. Besides, most women don't like jeans with lots of pockets.
  4. Choose a shirt with a stiff collar of medium width.
  5. Better wear classic shoes dark colors.

It all, now you know how to dress for a date solid man. Just follow fashion trends, buy stylish clothes and follow the above rules, you will love the right girl.

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