Why would a man need marriage in our time – you “for” or “against”?

The question about the need of marriage is quite controversial and everyone here finds your "for" and "against". But let's see when and why a man to marry and that the ladies think.

Male marriage is not needed! 4 the positive side

In fact, every man, as a woman however, could easily do without marriage. These two individuals give each other: sex, convenience, children. But all this is possible and then, when they are not married. So, why men can not do without a wife…

Bachelor – this man, who managed not to find a wife.

Order by maid

Yes, the wife can maintain order in the house. But can't a man handle it on his own? In the end, without waste, which brings to life the men woman, he can hire a maid, to pay a neighbor, or request other cleaning services and apartment cleaning. And is it with a cat looking for the perfect clean? I don't think.

Sea sex

If you're not married and well-behaved, you will be able to secure a regular sex with different Babes. Yes, one night you're going to have sex with blonde beauty, and the following night, to touch huge Boobs brunettes pushy. But the wife after years of marriage will lose its passion and beauty.

Food to order

Not all women are good at cooking, and the food today, you can order by phone. In the end, you can dine in the restaurant, to order a pizza, rolls, chicken and many different Goodies. Even in supermarkets you can buy a huge number of different food – from burgers to salads.

Financial savings

Women spend an awful lot of your money. They do the shopping, they buy a lot of products, detergents and other stuff. Without them, you will be able to save a decent amount of money. So easy to save yourself on the car, the apartment and will be able to become eligible bachelor, in which every beauty is not averse to spend the night.

Or, maybe, need?…

On the other hand – often the relationship grow into marriage and family later in life, so people find some meaning in that, to legalize their relationship. Let's see why?


Family home

Do you really think, that the women in the house to keep clean, and with this you will manage just fine myself? Then how about this opinion:

You should understand, that the home is not only maintaining cleanliness. The wife in the house creates a warm atmosphere. She fills it with different things, flowers, beautiful thing in the end children, the aroma of delicious food and the scent of women. And she always will sincerely care, so you slept in a clean bed, wore ironed clothes and lived in the best house. No maid will not be able to be so much mistress of, it's not her family home.

The price of sex

You can take the whores, but here is something else…

And you thought, sooner or later you're just going to be these nasty single links? You didn't think, what to have sex with his beloved wife is much nicer, than some girl? In the end we should not compare a normal animal lust with love. If you want, so every morning your bed was empty, and last night was only half-drunken memories, go for it – don't say goodbye to the single life.

And if you think, you whole life will be able to date beautiful girls and have sex with them, you're wrong, my friend. For later years 10-20 you'll have to do with prostitutes, divorcees or fat "moms". Normal women will sleep with their husbands.

And when you start to torment prostatitis, only your wife, that, too, would no longer be in the best shape, together with you'll go to the hospital and take care of your treatment.

Warm dinner

I like fast food? I prepare myself? No problem. But all this is not to be compared with that, when your wife is waiting for you from work, kisses and delivers a freshly cooked dinner. She knows all your characteristics and preferences and prepares food so, how do you love. Amazing, but his wife will always give you the best of everything, and she will say, what she is enough and a simple mashed potatoes. And holidays and nights you will spend alone with yourself? When everyone will sit at the festive table – you're just gonna eat my pizza... Well – Bon appetit.

For this reason I would like to give a review of one of the married men, taken from the forum:

Don't know how the author, but when I come home after truebody, eat delicious, already enjoyed the food, when you look, how is my lump of warm fumbling there something around the house or as they snuffle in the morning together with Kote, then all at once cons fly away. I want to live, and not only on logic and algorithms.


Yes, in order, to have children, marriage is not mandatory, Yes indeed, and the mind does not need much. But is there any sense in that, to you gave birth to some sort of step-aunt? For example, you'll meet a girl and she will give birth to your child. Further, not to limit myself, you abandon her and promise to help with money. The trick is you and the baby made, and like wouldn't leave him to starve, but you're free, as before. There are two versions of events:

  1. Do you really think, what you did to someone better? Is this child, when you're old, will come to you with open arms and begin to take care of you? No – girl, most likely get married and this man will be the father of your baby. You will be a stranger to mother, and baby.
  2. The second option is a little better for you. Toddler will acknowledge you as a father, you'll see him and to do him much good. But this way you will create an accident in the soul of man, brought up mainly by mother. Psychological trauma, grudge against you, and many other things make this little man. He will tell you this "thank you", when I grow up.

You will not be able to understand, what is kids in the house. As they fill it with warmth and light, and your life a priceless meaning. However, if you fixate only on yourself and your selfishness, you realize it only in old age.

The financial aspect

Wife will be spending a lot of money? Then I'll start with this: and making gifts, giving roses and arranging the site for their many girls, you're pretty save? Or, maybe, having dinner at the nearest cafe, you save on food?

The purpose of a normal woman is not to badger you for more money, if you, of course, not found selfish person, which only this and is interested. How to find a good wife – that's another question. But it will help you to save, to rationalize the family budget, to put your spinning and stuff.

And you forgot, in our time, women are also working, and often do not earn less than men? Finding family, you gain your footing.

Most importantly – love

I hasten to disappoint you, but you have to really try, to find the girl, which will eternally wait for a proposal of marriage, while staying in your apartment apart from you, coming to you only at night, and expecting, when you have free time. Girls are such beings, which at one point more than anything want to start a family. And no love can save your relationship, when she finds out, what you tell her this is not going to give.


If you don't understand, why do we need these attachments, then you, each, there is nothing to say. In order, to love, you need to understand the meaning of mutual support, to understand, that wife is your best friend, a good conversationalist, counselor and personal your just a ball of happiness. If you don't know the price of that, as next to you in the morning wakes up your favorite, as the fragrant smell of coffee, brewed it for you, and what peace it gives, that somewhere out there a home is waiting for you native man – you just don't know the true nature of love.

You can continue to live for himself, if it makes you happy. But your life will be much more valuable, if you live for someone, and in response to someone native will live for you.

Why do I need a stamp in the passport

We were talking about marriage and the family as a whole, now we will discuss the need of oficialista. There's should come from the education, from the benefits and disadvantages.

The first and the main drawback for you is the, you may just lose your girlfriend. Even though it is banal, but all the girls dreamed wedding dress, change of name and other standard things. And if you don't want it to go, they begin to suspect that something was wrong: you're not ready, subconsciously, to take responsibility, you're not sure, that want to live her life, etc.

Yes, she will begin to look for the cause, even if you have a few years of living in a civil marriage. And she's just need confirmation, and yet you stubbornly resist (though for you nothing will change, if you're already husband, though civil), she understands, something is stopping you to do it fully. Here already plays the role of the other – you're not ready for her to act. Why? What do you care? You may ask why the modern man to get married? But to explain this to the girl, Oh how not easy! Sooner or later she's just leaving you.

Another thing, if you found that, which refers to the stamp so, like you. If she does not see the need, then you can easily do without it. Just be ready, that at birth you have to go through the adoption process, but if something were to happen, your wife will not be able to make any decisions.

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