How to fall in love with a girl? All known methods!

как влюбить девушку
  1. Love paints life in new bright colors, make sense and allows you to look at everyday things from a new angle. You need to be able to love, and to be able to fall in love with any girl.
  2. Very often paralyzing fear of Dating binds, leaving no chance to build a relationship. Sometimes, already left in the past feelings and emotions, come alive again, and the question arises, again how to fall in love with his ex-girlfriend?
  3. The heart wants, and it may make you, to experience the love of already engaged girls or a friend of your friend.
love the girl
Fragment from the film “50 first dates”

If you want, do to gain favor and attention of the, which you like and sunk into the soul, you need to have sufficient courage, self-confidence and perseverance. All, so love girls, and then, what distinguishes boys from men.

About love and love, what it is?

All tend to fall in love, to part and to meet. Everyone thinks, something better, and no one wants to settle for mediocrity. Only the best to be hard, much easier, consider, what are you already good enough, that would have the right to vote to want more. In this case, girl is your best reward and the reason for change.

Little people surround themselves with even smaller, that would seem in such a friendly environment, a little higher and more capable than other. Strong and high, to reach for even more higher, to realize the real height of their flight and once again do not err on your account.

Relations represent the same gambling, level – and whose friends better? I am ashamed to admit, your boyfriend or girlfriend can't do anything, but only complain or accuse. Leave alone, come to others, constant movement, the goal is to find not only the best, but loving.


To be the best and stay loving – in truth, one of the main tasks not only men, but women. In this way your love is not an escape from ourselves, care from spiritual or physical nisin, and the key to happiness, surrounded by beloved and the best man in the world.

Love is too heavy entertainment, to master which, given only to the favorites. For all other, there is a beautiful love. Transient and narrowed model of real feelings, just that, what you need, to see, touch, sniff and forget.

That's just to try will not work – this is just one possible sense. Max, which you can expect to take a bite of the fruit, covered with a bitter and hard skin. To raskoshelitsya, spit it out and move on, your way, look for something, the way Dating and casual encounters. Love – this is the final stop, when without hesitation, ready to sacrifice their life for a loved one!

How to fall in love with a girl?

From early childhood we pay special attention to the female sex. Want to get women's respect and attention to the person. To find a girl, to love and to enjoy the beauty of relationships. Only problem is, what's between a guy and a girl, often occurs, an invisible wall preventing the ball rolling. Any attempt to overcome this invisible barrier, you're just hitting this wall, losing their ambitions.


Love and infatuation go hand in hand, and the second, able to impersonate the first. Love – the approximate state of love. Passion woman and an irresistible desire to be with her. In this condition, you turn a blind eye to the shortcomings and problems.

As a rule, love takes place in a few weeks, and in place of it, or true love comes, devoid of illusory ideals and exaggeration of the merits, or gradual loss of senses.

If you're still sure about his feelings, and finally configured for the conquest of a beautiful Princess, you will have to start and to become a Prince. The higher you set the bar yourself, the harder it will be to achieve it, and then to stay on the set level. Better than you yourself, the better your beloved.


  1. To get rid of the fear of girls. What would the girl you loved, she must experience confidence, respect and admiration. If you're shaking, timid and afraid of normal conversation, about any mutual feelings of the question.
  2. Do not build far-reaching plans for her. You still really don't know the woman, but sure, it's the same, the only. Be calm and reasonable. Communication is the key to the answer to any question. And with my mouth closed, all your keys, there will be only guesses and assumptions. Be open, decisive and honest in communication. Don't pretend the, who are not, don't try to make false impression. All your simulated attempts – girls see through.
  3. In the presence of women, watch your manner of speech. Say beautiful, clearly and emotionally. Girls love with their ears, therefore, appropriate compliments are able to exert great influence. However, appearance plays an equally important. I agree, that you are very nice to watch the beautiful, good looking girls. The same love and they, therefore your wardrobe should always be, if not up to par, then just for good, well maintained level.
  4. Don't open your heart at first meeting. Try to learn as much as possible about the interests and personal life of his companion, leave a good impression of spending time together. Don't be Intrusive and too forceful, if a girl refuses to date and after several attempts, so, she's just not interesting, and nothing to do.


To be able to accept rejection, much harder, than to achieve a positive response. To captivate a girl easily, and make love, already more time-consuming process. But perseverance does wonders for the hearts of women: small gifts compliments and helpful – in the long term will play a role.

The most important thing in this list – it should be able to be interesting in conversation, and is able to maintain any conversation. There is a saying: "Who can speak well, that can do everything". It works in all areas of life, not only romantic reasons.

Fun, passionate about, an interesting and lively conversation can break the ice of any, even the most criminal of the heart. The main thing is your weapon of choice is dialogue. Much of the success in the conquest of any girl, boils down to a simple formula – surprise her in communication, and it will surprise you.

How to fall in love with ex-girlfriend?

Girl, you broke up in the past, already requires otherwise, a more unconventional approach. If earlier, your relationship broke something, something in them goes wrong, you need to make sure, in the future, such will not happen again. You or her, fault, that feeling faded, actions only insulted, and the plans were in opposition.

Originally, when you were together, she saw you as the ideal, strong and worthwhile man who loved. People tend to change, and maybe, it's not even your fault, that you broke up. In any case, offended by the decision is just silly.


During your relationship, she could tolerate in you quality, which was not pleasant and irritated her. She suffered disadvantages, since your merits are exceeded, but one day, she just might get bored to endure. Disappointment or someone else, more promising could put an end to your love.

The problem could be not just you, but if you're wondering, how to return the favorite, you have to start with yourself. Analyze their attitude, manners and behavior, actually all the, what was the first, and could be subsequently, the last straw, straw, which is never infinite.

Do not fall into a depression and tell all about the cruelty of love. Yes, love is a complicated thing, but all that gets easy, never be appreciated fully.

In any case, don't fall at her feet, don't ask me to come back or forgive, it just finally burned all the bridges. Stay courageous in any situation.

Now, it's time to start to change for the better, show, what you can do. Not to play to the audience, namely, to engage in their own development. What would any other, in your place, it seemed only a copy. If possible, show your feelings in the form of light. Give her a sign, you're still willing to take her back, you can start first. Just don't do it from a position of favor, but on the contrary, give her the honour to know you made a mistake.

How to fall in love with your friend's girlfriend?

Often due to the inexperience of the young man, this question leads to the loss of a friend and deprivation of the chances of his girlfriend. What to do in such a situation, how to succeed and not to fall face in the dirt? There will have to think well and decide, which of these two is more important to you? As in this situation, to save the friendship would be extremely difficult.

Girl friend

To be honest, business is not easy and requires iron nerve. Haste makes waste, going long delay – have a chance to miss the only opportunity. Discourage a girl from a friend, not the best, but the heart wants what it wants and if we decided, there is no turning back.

You should start with a conversation with his friend. Learn, how strong is their relationship and what he thinks about their future?

  1. If he is not sure, don't make plans beyond tomorrow and the lady, for him just a temporary distraction, there is nothing wrong with your intentions no.
  2. If, on the contrary, the relationship is strong and he has serious intentions, you should again ask yourself – should we try to break their closeness, or is it better to leave it as is?

In any case, if you're sure, what's wrong with you, it will be better, then wait till the right moment. You need to be always in sight to keep their communication to a minimum.

Communicating with the girl, try to divert her attention to himself, to suppress rival their ingenuity. If their relationship was quickly becoming weaker and weaker, it is exactly the same chance.

Go hit on her, show signs of attention and make her forget about the current guy, during your communication. Just, after parting, the girl especially needs a strong shoulder, which is required to lend you. This is a great opportunity, to reach a new level of communication, and if before she might consider you just a nice guy, now, when it is free, this nice guy could become the new replacement.

How to fall in love with a girl by correspondence?

Now is the time of information technology, emails and Internet communication, therefore, to neglect this skill is unacceptable. Not always any person will be around, and will have to win his attention solely to the ability to write correctly, telling about your feelings.

fall in love at purespace

  • Will have to write a lot, often, and most importantly – correctly. Wasting time on an uneducated youngster, no girl wants, only if it's not the same exactly, as this youth.
  • Your emails should be interesting and full of important information, no need to tell about their daily life, routine of missing each.
  • Dilute communication is necessary humor, not only dull and flat, a good and witty. The situation itself will tell you, how cool to make a joke.
  • All women love to talk about themselves and their experiences. Be attentive to her problems and stories. To the best of their ability, help her practical advice and try if not to solve, or at least mitigate difficulties.
  • Each letter is unique. If some of them, left unattended, no, no sense I repeat and tell the same thing several times. In the worst case, she will start to ignore you and decide, what you just have nothing to say to her.
  • In messages, very easy to invent and to give itself the, you're not. Be him, open and interesting, from time to time making the dialogue something special.

Quite a wise and informed advice on the correct correspondence with the girls, I recommend to view:

How to fall in love with a girl on a first date?

Immediately fall in love with, at the first meeting it is extremely difficult and this can only units. You need to either be very talented at seduction, or to stumble on that, which was created just for you. Generally you should know, what if the girl agreed to meet with you, so, she already likes you, and it gives you a chance. Your task is to show yourself in the best light and to justify, or even better – to surpass her expectations in your account.


During this period of time, you will have to show all their talents and best qualities, abilities and features. All passed the theory, will be tested in practice, and a second chance, in case of error – may not be.

Need to be not just yourself, funny joke, and fascinated to say, requires more. No doubt in their abilities, in the worst case, you're still going to look decent in her eyes. Imagine, you've made it to the location, and this date won't mess anything up. Quietly rejoice imaginary victory, so excited will calm down and will not be too nervous.

As always, not, pretend to be the best, than you are, but also to relax, too early is not worth it. A girl needs to feel your confidence and peace of mind, and not to see in you the fear of failure. She likes you, so, half the battle is done! It remains only to convince her of this, adhering to simple advices and not forgetting, on their own initiative. Non-standard approach is the best approach!


To follow along – work, to follow your favorite – double the work. Your choices are either up, or steadily strive to put you and, who's next. Relationship – ship and you are privileged to stand at the helm. The captain leaves the sinking ship, exactly and you, do not have the right to walk away from their failures, provided the basis for separations.

Search for love

You never trust a stranger, decide for you: how to live and how to be. But due to arrogance and laziness, make mistakes, giving your woman Foundation, to go to another, the stranger with his own ship. Never give up, develop and be able to fall in love with that girl, you want!

Psychological tricks in love Affairs – it is always useful to use as directed:

There is a theory, after certain questions given to the girl – there is sympathy. To test this hypothesis after watching this video:

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