How to choose and give a girl a bouquet of flowers (9 ideas')

Corny, but all girls love flowers. And even those, who says, I don't love – still happy after receiving a gift of a wonderful bouquet. Therefore, it is urgent question: what to give flowers?


Choose colors and properly present them will help this article!

What flowers to give – 9 options'

If you, men, each bouquet is simply a broom, for girls they have their special meaning. Each presented the appearance of colors symbolizes certain feelings, embodies some of his ideas and offered different occasions. And you have to take this into account.

Roses – in the beginning of the relationship

This is the most beautiful and most popular flowers. Give them all the, without exception, positive cases. But here and there there are nuances: if you are just starting to meet, best place to buy a girl a pink rose. Although beautiful Burgundy roses she did not refuse.


If you're going on your first date, you should not spend money on an expensive bouquet of 5-7 colors. Most properly will give one a beautiful white or pink rose.

About yellow roses you can find a lot of legends. Of course, in Chinese culture they represent happiness, health and are a symbol of the sun, the vision of our girls built on other statements.

Know everything, that yellow is the color of separation. And so your bright Sunny bouquet of risks to stumble upon a misunderstanding on the part of the girl.

Gerbera – for a fun girls


Bright bouquet of gerberas can be brought to the meeting in a cheerful and Sunny girl, which is most appreciate in a good mood, entertainment and is a real ray of sunshine. Especially a bouquet of roses will please her during autumn or winter days, when the street becomes gray and gloomy.

Carnation is the flower of the controversial

Have these colors plus they can long be stored, non-fading and retain their scent. Therefore, they can be a good reminder of a great evening.


But the attitude of these colors are very ambiguous – in some they are associated with funerals, others with a gift for older ladies. So, if you and your girlfriend don't succumb to the stereotypes – feel free to give clove. Particularly original is a bouquet of carnations in shades of blue.

Sunflowers – will surprise and delight

Just wonderful flowers, give them very unusual, although girls rarely get this gift. But in them, how much sun, brightness and warmth.


A bouquet or basket with decorative sunflowers absolutely love each. If you want to make her life a little happiness, light and prove to be a very original young man – feel free to give sunflowers!

Lily – symbolizing gentle and pure love

Show, you love her dearly and admire her. All it can give to the Lily – symbol of innocence, purity and beauty. These delicate flowers of various colors are often a favorite among girls.


But bear in mind, that the lilies have a specific smell, so they may also not like many girls.

Orchids – welcome to girls

Orchids are the flowers from the category of expensive. But all girls know, they represent divine love, big promises about the future and a mutual strong sexual attraction.


Passion, charm, the desire for intimacy – this can tell orchids. Think what flowers to buy your girlfriend – think about orchids, well, or banal roses.

Chrysanthemums and irises – give them just

These flowers have no bright meaning, but long standing in a vase, have a low price and can be the most simple and cute bouquet. Give them absolutely for any reason.

Chrysanthemums and irises

To great dates and holidays, I would not advise to waste your time on ordinary chrysanthemum. Better give them at meetings. Let today you already the tenth date, and she expects from you flowers, and you Bang and delicate bouquet of irises she was awarded. She will be happy.

Chamomile – for cute young girl

Small daisies florists make wonderful bouquets neat. A bunch of these colors will suit charming, a simple young girl. Though, to be honest, daisies are happy all women, not fixated on roses.


It's always nice, gently, sensitive and so romantic. Use chamomile as a Supplement to the gift or how beautifully and gracefully prepared the way to call on her smile.

Tulips – confess my love for her

You seem banal tulips flowers? Now imagine a huge bunch of tulips white, tied with beautiful satin ribbon. Looks festive, solemnly, gently and even once in the wedding.


The most romantic way to confess his feeling to her or even ask her to marry.

Give her flowers original – 5 ways

Well, you chose colors, who came your girl and the upcoming event. Now, there's the problem – how original flowers. And if today you don't want to be trite – to get acquainted with such methods.

Method # 1. Shipping through a window

Today you have to be Superman, who will rise to the eighth floor and will give the favourite a bouquet of red roses. Trust me, it's worth your efforts. The girl will appreciate such a thing – she would squeal with surprise and delight, another two months would call girlfriends and tell them about this case. But you she just uniplet your love and gratitude.

Flower delivery

How to ship roses through the window? You need to negotiate with the company, engaged in industrial mountaineering. They have the necessary equipment, to safely lift you to a height of. And due to the fact, that is entirely a commercial organization, for the money they will agree to do it.

Beautiful dress, clean yourself up, get your stunning bouquet and get up. Knock on the window and surprise.

Method # 2. A gift from the present Prince

Had sore ears from the fairy tales about princes on white horses? Then go for it and finally realize a childhood dream of any girl. Invite her for a walk in the Park. Then excommunicated for a few minutes and come back on horseback with her beautiful bouquet. So you can confess my love to her or even ask her hand and heart.

On white horses

To do this, pre-arrange with a horse owner. He needs to meet you at a designated place at a particular time. You need to act quickly and discreetly.

Method # 3. The bear of daisies

Today florists stepped forward and now you can give her not just a bunch, and the whole piece of flowers. It can be a beautiful al heart, and can be entertaining toys. Well, who do not like floral bear or Bunny, made of daisies.

Flower bear

It's just an amazing innovation, which is not small money, but it is worthy of high prices.

Method # 4. Impress surprise

The big day just ask her to walk through the Mall. Pre-arrange with the administrator, tell him your bouquet or basket of flowers and set the alarm time. At the appointed hour, the entire Mall must hear the announcement:

"Dear Full Name. , urgently go to the administrator of the shopping center".

And when your beloved will come at the appointed place, she will find where your wonderful flowers.

Method # 5. Skra flowers working day

If you know, your girl and have access to this room, just come there early and leave her a bouquet with a note. You can wish her a good day's work and write about their feelings and to tell. So you show, what do you think about her constantly. And its boring working day be filled with joy and good mood.

Give the bouquet correctly

If you're still not a great expert on colors, you need to know how to give a girl flowers.

Give flowers correctly

  1. If you have the money for only three roses – don't be shy, and dari a neat little bouquet. Often a small bouquet of beautiful flowers looks much better, than a huge broom grass, a variety of decorative twigs, ribbons and paper, among which the poor Peeps three flower. Tell the florist in advance, what you don't need that many additions (Yes, and it will cost cheaper).
  2. Remember, what colors should be brighter packaging. After all, if the girl will want to keep your bouquet paper and tape immediately flies in the trash.
  3. Always bring flowers heads down.
  4. When presented with, hold them buds up.
  5. Don't pretend, that you get rid of something awkward and unnecessary.
  6. Flowers from the very beginning: say Hello to a girl, give her flowers and tell one or two short sentences about it. And then start talking about business, on her mood and how, how you almost got bitten by dogs on the way there etc.

Now you will choose the best bouquet and present it properly. Because girls are important even the little things. Just do sincerely, from the heart – then it becomes a completely different color.

There is little to choose flowers, it is important to present them correctly. How not to do this, see the video:

The secrets and the correct color values you learn from the video: