Let's meet! A competent proposal, to win the girl

Don't tell, that you fell madly in love and can't live without his beauties. But if it is – you are very lucky: today you will learn how to offer to meet the girl.


Forget about the silly phrases and other failures, after all this should be done without words!

Don't offer her to meet, if…

In fact, it is not always necessary to approach the girl and tell her "let's meet". Even more, in 75% it's just not necessary. To avoid mistakes and not to spoil relations with my lady, look, not if you treat this category of men:

  1. You know, I don't like the girl

To do for women crazy things – it's beautiful and sometimes effective, but not in your case. If she did not pay attention to you, and you have it out of my head – forget, to suggest her relationship. She can reject you and it will only hurt your ego.

You don't like the girl

If you think, such an act, as a suggestion, gonna make her look at you differently – you're wrong. First you need to pass all the preliminary stages of a relationship: contact, date, seduction – and then you can make her your girlfriend.

  1. On a first date

You met a girl and asked her out on a date. You are good at communicating and you understand, what it would you wanted a relationship. What do you do? You say: "We work so well together. Will you be my girlfriend?".At that time the girl feels? She's just in turmoil and confusion – you're the guy, which she only recently paid attention, who have not earned a great credibility and has not yet become a favorite. Of course, she will be scared of such a sharp pressure and not something that you have no relationship with her, but there will be a second date.

The reaction of the girls would be roughly as follows:

On a date

  1. You and so been together

If your relationship started by themselves: here you already spend a lot of time together, kiss, trust each other. Maybe, you already almost do not go out individually and can't live without each other. But you didn't offered her to meet, what to do? Nothing – you already meet your offer after all this the girl will seem at least strange or stupid.


Know, what are you waiting for girls in this case? Recognition! She already knows, that you are together, but she doesn't know, how serious is it. But your confession will put everything in places you to start a serious relationship.

  1. You 15

If you are already a grown guy, who has the experience and know how to seduce girls – forget about the phrase "let's meet". This is the lot of students, teenagers and not self-confident some of the students.

Young macho

Without not to manage, when..

There are situations, when to offer to meet just need. And if you don't tell girls these cherished words – you just run the risk of losing it, or constantly be in painful uncertainty:


  1. In your relationship there is no clarity

Here you like and have close physical contact, and spend time together, and then she dumps you, goes to the club and freely flirting (or worse) with other guys. What happens? Just your relationships have a very vague framework: you and not the guy with the girl, but not strangers. In such a situation, everyone perceives this relationship so, how convenient for him: you can think of, what is your relationship, and she just won't take it seriously, thinking, that is another affair. If this happens – act and offer the girl of the relationship. Express your desire to be with her, get her to give a positive response. Thus she silently promise to be your faithful and devoted.

  1. Love works wonders

If you feel to the girl strong feelings and want, so she knew about this, can hit her beautiful offer. If you see, what she's really like and also have you been on a date – act nice and original. Such a proposal can make even a grown man, because his aim is not so much establishing a clear framework for your relationship, as the desire to cause the beloved best emotions, Association with you and make the day, when you became a couple, special for her. It's such a symbolic touch to the development of your story.

  1. If you teenagers

Finally we come to the main – to meet the most important and significant for teenagers. And if you're one of them – this article is for you. School-age girls is very important, so you can say the cherished "will You be my girlfriend?". Possible, for your sweetheart (and for you, too) it will be the first relationship. And of course, you still can't properly understand the other's nonverbals, do not know how to capture the energy promises, hints and other stuff. Therefore it is especially important to Express your feelings, words and actions. And if she'll say "Yes", know that she is in love and proud, she's got you.

How to start Dating – 11 practical suggestion

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Soil preparation

A girl to do offer can only, when you feel the bond between you, when both of you are comfortable alone with each other. If she continues to shun you or ignore to act earlier. The situation, when you are increasingly converging may occur by itself, but it also may require your deliberate action.

When you see him often

If you are studying in one class or in one group, then you much easier to gain her attention. But remember, before you propose to her, it should take you at least a couple Dating. In order to bond with a girl can try such maneuvers:


  1. Highlight something good, for example, high rating, help others etc.
  2. Ask her to work on the project together with you. It may also be any other school assignment, which will help you to be around her.
  3. Try to talk with a girl, ask her some questions about her. Also use praise: note, she very well today and made a summary, for example, and tell her about it.
  4. Try to become her friend, but keep your distance, so as not to get in the friend zone.
  5. Flirt with her – give her compliments, interested to look at it, even correct her hair.
  6. If you are already close enough to communicate – can the chance for her to touch.
  7. Invite her for ice cream.
  8. If your trip was successful, can you try to sit next to her in class.(better, if she wants).
  9. Now you can walk with her often, attempting to hug her.
  10. When you feel, she's ready – give her a kiss.
  11. Now you can ask her to meet, after you have bonded and she is just waiting for your treasured words.

When there is no opportunity to cross often

If you are not around all the time, you have to organize meetings. By the way, psychologists say, that man, which often gets you in the eye, capable of far faster to build credibility and earn sympathy.

Feelings for the girl

First, what you need to do is to visit those places, where is she, as often as possible. You should try to connect with her – this can add her as a friend in Vkontakte, comment on her picture and try to communicate.

For more information on, like to take her for a walk, read the article «How to ask a girl out on a date". And if you did it and she went to hang out with you – make these meetings permanent. Let her get used to them. And when you feel, she is interested in you, I offer her to meet.

On what date do the offers


According to statistics, girlfriend expects a proposal on 5-7 date. If you tighten, she can disbelieve and be disappointed in you and this relationship. But to make an offer before is also not recommended, after the first 2-3 meetings will only help you to determine the attitude of girls.

How to offer to meet

If a girl readily agrees to the meeting, and leaves them happy and inspired, so, the time has come of the proposal. In order to do everything correctly, pay attention to such things:

  1. Your appearance

Even if you're not going to do anything special – just want to hug her tenderly and tell, I want to see in the role of his girlfriend, anyway, take care of appearance. In this crucial moment you should be handsome and well-groomed, she never for a moment doubted the correctness of his choice. You, of course, you should not dress like a knight of old fairy tales – you're not going to get married. Be beautiful, than usual, but do not overdo it.

  1. The meeting place

The meeting place depends on, how do you want to propose to her. This can be a Park, cozy cafe, the hike in some beautiful or special place. But bear in mind, during the proposal you must not interrupt the loud noise, and the girl needs to feel comfortable.

  1. Flowers, gifts...

Don't buy perfumes and other gifts, which can simply not approach. Beating low-cost gift in the form of a flower, a small souvenir or candy. In fact, you really can get by without it, but the girl will be nicer, if you decide to back up your offer a little gift.

  1. Your words

Remember, what is important is sincerity. You must clearly and fondly to explain the girl, how you feel about her and what they want from it. Girls just love the specifics, when having a conversation do not have to guess, what do you mean by that. Underline the, what you like, speak gently, but surely.


If you select the poems or template SMS, don't forget to add something in the end. Let the girl feel, you're not just copied and pasted this text, even without reading it fully. For example, at the end of the verse write: "I really feel all this for you, want, you were with me".

A few simple rules:

  1. Be self-confident and persistent

It is not necessary to give up immediately, as you thought, that girl is a little cold to you. You should be prepared to offer, using all his strength, charm and persistence. Do not overdo it with the tenacity, but without it you will not be missed.

  1. Fulfill the requirements girls

If you are already close and you are preparing to make an offer, pay attention to the fact, what you need girl. If she is offended, that you didn't call her yesterday never means, it requires you to call daily. And you have to do it, showing her, how much you really care. If the girl still, most likely, it is not so interested in you and.

  1. Say

Girls love with their ears and do not like to guess about your feelings. You're a man and you have to be brave: to say it's all good, what do you think of her and then, I feel.

Say these words: "Let's meet"

So, you decided to confess his feelings for her and offer to meet. Have you got, where are you taking her and is now left to solve, what you say and wait for the right moment.

The time

It is best to start talking then, when you're standing next, it will be in your arms and you kiss it. When you reach the peak of romance, just calmly tell her that, what was going. Can you whisper this to her ear, but not so quiet, to it and not heard.

Can, holding her hands and looking her in the eye, confidently tell her all the cards.


Don't use the phrase "Let's meet" – that sounds awfully trite and kind of silly. You just need to modify and embellish. Get a compliment, offer and Express their feeling together. I can say something:

"How we got close, I can not imagine my life without you. You agree to be my girlfriend?"

"You're the first, who made me to be worried, confused and in love. But I like it a lot. I want, make you my girl"

"Time, which we spend together is the best moments for me. I really want, to have it as often as possible, so I would like to see you as his girl".

Of course, your phrase can be absolutely not such..., but it is not supposed to be like this – you're a special girl, you special too. Just try to Express, what do you feel of beautiful words.

Tell her to go out beautifully

If you think, it's stupidity, I will try to convince you otherwise:


  1. It will change the opinion about you

Of course, if the girl does not love you and she not even cute, whatever you're doing is useless. But if it was just a little doubt about you and you need to make the final strike and surprise her with a beautiful confession and she would give up.

  1. It will make you special

If you're not a student and not a teenager, beautiful sentence can still be useful to you. How many girls there years, she is always waiting for concrete action and the beautiful confessions, and if you give it to her – your relationship will be a particularly important and valuable.

How to choose the right way

Everything is simple: if a girl has a calm nature, is romantic and gentle by nature, then the recognition should be matched. It can be various romantic dinners, rose petals and stuff.


If same girl different brightness, extravagance and activity, give her recognition with the same set of characteristics. Let it be something fun and memorable. This may be a trip to the other town, where she wanted to go. Take her on a crazy ride, in a huge Dolphinarium etc. And at the end of the day you say, it was all for her and make your offer.

You note: don't use gifts as a way to get a girl.. This can easily affect materialistic person, but good decent girl will feel like I owe you and she will not be very comfortable. You don't want, so she walked with you out of politeness?

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