How to stop being jealous? Psychology: 10 methods to defeat jealousy!

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Jealousy inflated sense of possessiveness, an unconscious desire to bind a loved one only to yourself, reducing communication to a minimum. Say, jealousy is a pathology of the brain, however, this is far from the truth.

Quote on jealousy

It is different, and to understand all the subtleties and complexities of such a difficult state of mind is necessary to know the causes and ways of its manifestation in perfection. We will discuss all arising issues and implications, not beating you about the Foundation of such a "pathology".

What is jealousy?

Jealousy is the desire to be the only interesting and important person in the life of the beloved/beloved. The expression of love often becomes a side character, which is a mental disorder, since jealousy is an unhealthy state of mind, of course, if it has no objective basis.

Inflated self-esteem, we see that, you, have the right to communicate and attentions with a certain person. Of course, such a radical proposition may seem a bit rude, but in matters of love, do not underestimate the complexes, resulting from any dissatisfaction.

side effects of jealousy

Most often, jealousy is the totality of fear, uncertainty mixed with excessive pride. This may not seem like not too high, but on the contrary low self-esteem. The cases are different…

Personal complexes of a lover are able to blame your mate, and exactly the opposite, considering themselves superior and more important than in your relationship. Above is just enough, as needed, which would afford the flexibility in infantile and provocative judgments. But this pathology only in the case – if it is unreasonable.

The types of jealousy

If you go deeply into the subject, we find a similar classification of men's zeal in textbooks on the psychology of relationships:

But actually everything is much simpler, by combining derivatives, we get two options: reasonable and unfounded.

Unreasonable or unjustly

The most terrible jealousy. The lack of real evidence and reasons for suspicion of treason does not stop the violent and dangerous flow of thoughts. Unfounded suspicions – the result of internal complexes encountered in his youth and strongly developed in the years of youth.

the development of the pathology of childhood

In adult life they become the basis for a manic suspicion. All people are afraid of loneliness, and most of all – lose the, beloved and only human.

Loneliness overwhelming anxiety, in order to avoid it, love is ready for any extreme and meanness, jealousy is only a logical extension of its growing and constantly evolving fear.

Man abstrahierte from the environment, left alone with his gut and not everyone, able to withstand the test. This condition, in which the expression of feelings of love is the most important necessity.

Fear of being alone
Silly looking – how to overcome loneliness, wise – finds, how to enjoy them

Any, it is vital to see and experience the love, and, to love and to give equal. The negative reaction toward others is not uncommon, but rather the norm of this stagnant period. To overcome loneliness is possible only in a love relationship, when you establish the strongest relationship between the sexes. Good or bad a person feels – love is needed always, and its deficiency leads to unreasonable jealousy.

Justified or real

Everything here is much easier and simpler. The weakness and shortcomings of the feelings of the relationship lead to infidelity and lack, any attraction to your partner. Girls and guys tend to change, but the reason for this lies not so much in individual character traits, how many simple statistics, the crumbling relationship.

in active search

All and always strive to compensate for their oppression and moral abyss, and almost always, cure disease is a new guy/girl. The opportunity, giving a second chance and hope for new, a stronger sympathy and affection, gradually turning into true love, and it is better to love, in which there is absolutely no room for any jealousy.

As a result, jealousy is not the reason for the breakup and infidelity, but only its end result. The result, to which he or she was force forced to resort, in order to avoid emotional crisis. After all, there are positive moments, it can be:

  • Able to brighten up the lack of feelings, to add new colors and supposedly, to serve as a justification for their, thoughtless actions.
  • Jealousy is a medication in a disintegrating marriage. Medicine – giving new, so necessary and desired by both adrenaline.

The inability to control their impulses and passions, cause real problems: the gap or treason. It really is, there is nothing worse, than knowing, that you have deprived those unifying and bridges, bridges of love and trust necessary for understanding the happiness in marriage.

Why are people jealous?

As mentioned above, jealousy – that, what forces, sooner or later, favorite person. You can take the example: many people, so much afraid to ruin the already shaky marriage, live under pressure and constant self-control, who has the key, is not a way out of the situation, but only a limiting aspect.

If there is no happiness, and the changes are only for the worse, it makes no sense to wait for a miracle and heavenly intervention. Much more prudent and rational will to assess your mistakes and failures to weigh, so that in the future, to avoid such.

patience and assess the situation

No one just will not start, change and lie, this is the response of the body to permanent mental and physical dissatisfaction, growing from year to year. Like overflowing the bowl, which able a lot to hold and even greater to forgive, but one not so fine day, the edges will be, crowded, and annual the dirt of your relationship will result in a worst – deception, fear, betrayal and strife.

How to overcome jealousy?

To overcome it, in fact it is easier, than to buy! Because jealousy is a combination of many aspects of the accumulation of years and culminated in some point. If you understand, that feel unreasonable distrust – to start the treatment is necessary in the first days.

Justified jealousy is not a disease, this is an appropriate response to the behavior of their partner. If emotional conversations and questions do not give any positive results: it is worth considering, and how much you do love each other? Unlike words, emotions can't lie, and their absence or opposite, the falseness and affectedness needs to give a signal, about, it's time to change everything, before it's too late.

Sometimes, partner specially resorted to artificial jealousy, in order to Wake from a dream and build a life together. Inexperience, these games, cause far more problems, than provide solutions. Feeling faces – a necessary requirement. Crossing the threshold of what is permitted, it is sometimes impossible to resume previous level of trust.

how to overcome jealousy

To cope with unreasonable distrust is much more complicated and sometimes, you have to seek the assistance of a good psychologist. A man and a woman just completely burned among them, the previously established connection and now, it is replaced only guesses and suspicions, that never have real evidence. Causeless suspicion of the same disease: slowly, but surely gnawing consciousness and depriving everyday life with all joy. To win it, in the first place, understand yourself, since it makes no sense to demand and expect something from the other, when the root of all evil sits deep inside of you.

Psychologist's advice how to stop being jealous?

photo of a famous psychologistProfessionals in this field, recommend to spend more time together. Analyze your life and try to go at that time, when you begin to feel strong bouts of jealousy.

A large part of the problem is the uncontrolled imagination, when the patient can't understand, where reality ends and fiction begins?

Nice music, interesting art literature and communication with friends effectively help to clean up their own state, putting all the thoughts on the shelves.

Constant pressure, provided for a loved one, only breaks your confidence in him and the location. Put yourself in his place? How many such inquiries and suspicions could handle you personally? Most often, giving an answer to this question, you overestimate their strength and think, such in the order of things, only it's not so!

Begin to trust much more difficult, than to begin to suspect. Suspicion does not require anything and ask for nothing in return, the trust is a complex and long process. The way, which passed from beginning to end, will open in a new light partner, revealing wholly all his strengths and qualities.

Any therapy devoid of their forces, if you are missing the most important drug – loyalty, honesty and, of course – confidence! Remember that, starting your own path to rehabilitation.

How to stop being jealous girlfriend, girl and wife?

  • Jealousy of his wife – not so common, but, not less weak. Your wife already made the choice many years ago, and if she really wanted to get away from you, you would not guess about it, and knew for sure.

Adult women are not so keen for adventure and unusual situations, they are in some way tired of all that youthful routine. The only thing that can make an experienced and stately a woman to make some tweaks, this baby. But even in such a situation, a Frank family conversation, answering questions, will show her a more clever solution.

  • Jealousy of his girlfriend, to another guy is quite common. This is the normal order of things, and the surprising and mysterious there. Your friend is not your girlfriend, these are different things and should not be changed shortcuts sometimes.

As a friend, you remain just a friend, and this, not give you the right to claim the beloved, which does not even know about your feelings. The zeal, tested to a friend, belongs to the category of unjustified. She doesn't have to be accountable to you about his new friends and meetings, so, being free and not attached to anything or anyone – man, she is free to do so, as you see fit. Your task is only, to understand their own problems and solve them: admitting to her feelings or to discuss this point.

  • Jealousy girls – completely different, flexible and sometimes extremely abnormal phenomenon. Therefore, and solutions here are a few.

During the first relationship, that will only allow you to learn all the essence and beauty of women, have, and drink the bitterness. "There is a silver lining, exactly, as good without a blessing". Real pleasure comes only after hardship.


In his youth, you hold most dear my first girlfriend, and any obscure and hidden from you information, cause the rage and discontent. If real ground for them there, then have to go through this thorny path of relationship, after which, take a deep breath.

The more young guys think about her only, the stronger focus switching time on it, and as a result, go to extremes when you do not get an equal return.

It is not necessary to show her full love and affection, he was willing to do anything for her. In the beginning, it can comfort and seduce the girl, but after, either she will be bored, or realize that she is the center of your desires and begin a cruel, manipulative.

How to stop being jealous mistress?

The most simple situation, as here, everything is obvious, that except for you, she has someone else. It is not clear that, but what do you expect? Jealousy does not occur without some manifestation of love, and love your, very will remain unanswered.

Two people can fall in love with each other, unaware, they've already got the second half, and then, Willy-nilly, they have to keep their relationship strictly secret.

Levity levity attracts, and if nothing but sex initially that you do not need, so, and the changes in the future highly dependable.

Love, arose between two of the different, existing, families – leads to the collapse of their current life and deprived of happiness in a potential joint. Isolated cases trying to disprove the statistics, the heart wants, but most often because of boredom and lack of attraction to his wife, men have mistresses, expecting them at least occasionally, but to get what, they physically can't give.

Love and loyalty is not something, what do you expect from a lover. Incurred the jealousy on this ground, unreasonable and ungrateful occupation. Self-control in any sphere of the relations must come first, and after – everything else!

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