How to start like, to meet and seduce older women

How like the girl who's older than you? You need to look the part and act. Actually it's not that hard, as it may seem. Than the older lady, the smaller cockroaches in her head, she understands where everything goes and often she pushes you to the desired action. Understand?

Choosing an older woman, who is she?

I mean girls 25-35 years. Usually at this age they are either very successful, or very unhappy, or divorced.

Successful – business lady

The first option (successful) arguably the most difficult and the easiest at the same time. A girl clearly interested in sex. Probably family she doesn't have it is because, that all their time and effort she paid not the search for the men and the creation of the hearth, and his career. These women are very self-sufficient, self-confident and very demanding. And how – she has achieved everything herself, and can easily do without a strong male shoulder. But inside, she wants heat, love, affection and of course, sex. And if you come across such a hungry lioness – you will be lucky.

Not happy

Poor women – those, who was not able to get married. The reasons for this can be weight, and they give us no reason. If this girl is well-groomed and well-behaved, so she continues to look for his betrothed. Then you have to portray a young man, who is ready for a serious relationship, family and children. The most important thing for such a lady- finally get married and start a family. But from good sex they, too, will not refuse thee.


Divorced women – the most complicated category. On the one hand, these ladies can recuperate after a few years of quiet family life. Therefore, a girl will meet you very easily. She will be delighted, what else can attract men, her body is still in shape, Yes she is but nothing. New sensations, pepper, passionate sex – she missed it among their family problems and scandals. But it happens, the girls closed, constrained, pissed off and don't make contact, or more intelligent for a simple guy and looking for an older man, any successful and serious man!

I spent a little tour of our contenders. So here's the drill: to explore.

How to meet a girl older than you?

You can choose three roles:

  1. It is the role of the representative of serious men, who will be able a lot to give a woman, to ensure its, to be with her in times of need and lend her his strong shoulder.
  2. You can be a regular fun guy, with an already established understanding of this life. But you are able to remind her, what is true joy, fun and entertainment. Trust me, she's waiting for, until someone will bring her back to the carefree days of youth.
  3. And in the end you can be just a good man, which will give this woman the warmth and affection, which she had so long sought. And no matter, how old are you, the main thing – you will give her that, what she lacked.

Your behavior depends solely on your goals: whether you want just to sleep with her, looking for unusual sensations or do you just like older women and you want to find a girl.

Man with pictures

How to seduce a woman? The first thing you have to take care of their appearance. You just can't afford to be neglected, untidy etc. Definitely get expensive perfume and good shoes. Often women can not pay for a man's attention, but after hearing the bewitching fragrance of its perfume, they turn after him. Boots are always a lot of talk about being successful. And women somehow pay special attention to them. In General, you need to be a personable young man, whose seriousness and social status will not cause mistrust from the first sight.

In fact, you can easily appeal to adult women and sneakers – here is the case in its tastes and characteristics. You never 100% not guess, what you should look, to attract a particular lady. But in most cases, Mature women are waiting for serious stylish handsome.

Your gait

Are you going to approach a girl, which has seen a lot in this life. As it just did not fit: and with rose, and with the joke, and dancing. Now your main task is to approach confidently. Remember that you are a serious adult man without complexes. Not MNEs in the corner, don't say in a trembling voice, don't go back. Just come and say. Straighten your shoulders, walk tall, keep eye contact and speak clearly and distinctly.

It is very important not to get into her personal space. This girl used to be alone and her inner strength, for sure, envy every. Now, not approach too close to it, thereby showing respect for her person. Keep your distance, stop in front of the girl at arm's length.

Forget it!

However the acquaintance with the girl older little different from any other Dating. But there are things, who can not speak:

  1. Forget all your humorous ways to get to know, which are all teenage girls.
  2. Don't talk about sex immediately, gradually your conversation should go with the theme of seduction – she'll give you a hint!
  3. Don't do youth slang, don't swear – be polite and considerate.
  4. Don't say words by type: "baby", "baby", "Hey, beauty" etc.
  5. Forget about the age, not to mention the guy absolutely nothing. You remember about it only then, when she would raise this issue.

What can we say?

You should just politely get a girl. Despite her 28 or 30 years, she still loves compliments. And when they heard from the lips of a young man is several times more pleasant. In fact, these hungry cats just waiting for you and you just walk up and say:

  1. "Hi. Just could not pass by such a beautiful girl. Would you like to drink with me a Cup of coffee."
  2. You can easily define even such a simple question: "Girl, you just can not tear his eyes. You're quite busy today – maybe, we will have dinner together?"

You have to show, what a treat it respectfully. No tricks with the orders, affirmative phrases will not work here. If you come to Mature successful woman and say: "Today you go on a date with me", she'll just think, what do you arrogant immature guy and will send you on three cheerful letters.

Order or action plan

  1. Compliment her

Her, for sure, hardly anyone says so. You can focus on anything: her eyes, lips, on a dress or on that, she looks very graceful in heels. Tell her something very pleasant smooth calm tone.

  1. Ask, if she is busy tonight

So you immediately will understand, what you know of human employment, what you have doing and you're a serious guy. I can even say something like: "Today I freed 6 and I would like...". She'll understand, that you have a job, that you're serious and responsible.

  1. You have in mind will be the one good restaurant or something fun for the both of you a lesson.

When you, a young guy, you ask a woman out on a date, she's probably with a grin think: "Hmm, and where is he gonna take me?". You need to give it a wonderful option, which she did not expect from you. This will increase your chances.

Assigning a date, don't say "don't know" – you know, you're sure about this, you will decide everything myself.

Option 2

Despite his age with a woman can be very easy to meet. You just need to establish eye contact and start a conversation. Talk about anything, starting from a situation. Choose intelligent topics, art themes, travel. This is a traditional topic of conversation, on the basis of which to build a conversation with any girl. When the communication between you will be easy and effortless, voiced her intention and invite in a good place.

And yet you are young...

Use it to your advantage. Trust me, the girl is flattered, that she was approached by a man younger than her. Of course, you must radiate his adult seriousness, but your youth you hide not worth it. Be a little carefree – show, what is it with you very easily. Joke, but without the rude and dirty jokes. Don't be Moody and overly strict. Possible, the only reason you will become her interesting, what she sees in you a chance to start again a little easier to relate to life.

Now you know something about these mysterious and such special ladies. You can win one of them.