Secrets to picking up on the street – the girls can not refuse!

Before, how to meet a girl on the street – create a very appealing guy, which nobody can deny. What to do? To correct a few things and to conform to such rules:

Quote Of Freud

  1. Wear clean ironed clothes.

No self-respecting lady will not meet on the street with the, who looks unkempt, clumsy and some "suspicious".

  1. Try, below you smelled nice.

Just don't overdo it with perfume, use it in moderation.

  1. Well dressed.

It is not about expensive branded things (although they are not too hurt), and combined well manner. Women appreciate a sense of style and at the first visual meeting draw the attention of a man, dressed tastefully and in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

  1. Forget about Dating for a recharge.

Drink for courage? Oh, no – you don't meet a nice young lady. Be adequate, sober and cultural. The liberty experience to fuel you can afford in a bar or in a nightclub, but this is unacceptable.

  1. I'm alpha male and I can do everything

Many sites suggest to proceed immediately to action: dissolve the crude compliments, jokes, wink with the zeal of the maniac etc. Be sure, calm, interested, but well-mannered and discreet with a woman.

  1. Choose appropriate to you girls

It does not hurt to admit it, but if you are into rubber slates and a t-shirt from the market will come to a glamorous girl in shoes by Christian Louboutin, success is unlikely to take place. Girls choose to become yourself. It's about social status, age and even tastes.

Elegant woman from 25 years give their preference solid, a well-dressed man. She'll love it coats, expensive shoes, etc. Ordinary girl years 17 be happy simple and pretty neat guy.

Choose girls with hair graft, silicone lips and other delights? Then get ready, that trip to the Park for ice cream it clearly inspires, and to meet on the street – it's not the best place for these ladies.

Consider all, that can get in your way, in advance.

Step one – get her look

Before, how to approach a girl on the street, set with her eye contact. Ideally, this happens: you are waiting for the bus, look at it, you like. When she looks at you, show her, that you are interested. It does not have to wink (better not to do) – not averting her gaze and the little smile.


Green light for traffic on:

  • If you are reassessed with each other – chances are very high.
  • If a girl looked at you and also smiled a little – it is necessary to continue the acquaintance.
  • If gives you a look and immediately took him to the side – apparently you are suitable for her guy, either she's already Dating others. But in this situation you have nothing to lose, if they ask about it.

To the girl looked at you, just look at her. Women have well developed peripheral vision, and they instantly catch glances of. Interest overcomes the indifference, and the woman will turn my head to you, to evaluate the applicant.

This non-verbal contact is possible, even when you go to meet each other: in this case, all happens very quickly.

The second stage – approach the girl (7 rules')

When the contact is already installed and you are ready for action, it is important to note that even, as you approach the lady.

Gait maniac


Girls do not feel comfortable, when the reader sent to them on their own trajectory. Why not go straight to your lady – she will be scared.

Imagine: unknown, strong man purposefully to it and almost covers her way. "Who is he? What he wants? Maybe, he wants to take away my purse, or to hurt me" – so feel girls at the moment, when you go directly at them.

How to go:

  1. Go confidently, slow and steady.
  2. The shoulders and back keep straight.
  3. If you are going to meet each other, stay on the side of the ladies and when you find yourself almost on the same level – tactfully stop her.
  4. If you are moving in the same direction, catch up with the girl, beat it on one or two steps, turn to her and say your first words. Tell her "hi", adequately smiling.
  5. Take one level: if she is sitting at the bus stop – sit down next to her.
  6. Starting a conversation, stay at arm's length, without violating her personal space.
  7. Stand in relation to the lady in the corner 45 cm – this position is considered to be the most successful when contact with strangers.

"Feel it everywhere"

Many web sites assert, what you need to get acquainted with the use of tactile contact and with high persistence. One example: "Stop the girl hands, in the truest sense of the word. Grab her hands, touch more. Show, what you put on top, but it is not". Now, following this guide, you probably will take the police, what you will get adequate girl.

"More say the word I want"

This makes sense, but don't force her to do something. Show her your courage and perseverance, but without aggression in the eyes and high notes in the voice. Tell: "I WANT to buy you a Cup of coffee», "I WANT to learn to make friends, since you are just adorable». So use the word "want".

Step three – what to say to her

Here you came to the right girl and you need to say something. Best to just say Hello to her. If you meet a grown woman, say "Good morning", "Good evening" etc.


If your goal is a young girl, tell her "hi". This phrase turns a good acquaintance. Girls begin to scroll through a mental list of his school class, groups at the Institute and think, where you could meet sooner. You can surprise her confession...

"You're so beautiful, unbearable…"

In this case, you show a girl your intentions and talk about the causes of action, complementing all of the compliments. This should be done very confidently and boldly, as you will have to inform, what do you want to take a girl to a coffee shop, or see again. That is, just come and tell her about, that you like it, if you want to continue with her acquaintance.

Phrases when meeting a girl on the street


Say, she looks beautiful, looking for that, that peculiar only to her:

  • "You have very beautiful green eyes"
  • "You just charmed me with his blond curls" etc.

Girls relate differently to the words "you" and "you". Some prefer, to strangers appealed to him, regardless of their age. This is the most correct from the point of view of good parenting. Better go to the "you" in the process of communication with her permission.

Look at her and think, what would you say about her clothing or appearance. For example, if wearing dress, tell:

  • "You are so beautiful in this dress. I'd like to buy you a Cup of coffee".

Say, why learn:

  • "I saw you, and I thought, we can talk to you forever"
  • "I can't help it, not to ask you on a date. After all, you are just adorable", etc.

Sincerely say something, what do you feel. Make it very difficult, so how to overcome your fear and prejudice. And it works not on all girls. But still, method is the place to be.

Don't need duty, hackneyed compliments, and phrases, enjoyed all around. As an example: "Your mother-in-law is not needed?". Forget this phrase forever!

The goal is not just to compliment, namely, to notify her of intent. As usual the compliment is recognized as a bad method of Dating. In most cases the girl just says "Thank you" and moves on, at that time, as getting acquainted on the street you need to think about strategy and consequences arising from the compliment.

Another way to build a conversation on the basis of the compliment is to emphasize something unique and ask, how this was achieved.

  • "You are very graceful walk in heels. Most of the girls did not work. How do you do it?".
  • "To be honest, you just surprised me. I saw you, what is not seen in any other woman until now"

On the basis of the last sentence is based on the whole conversation. The girl must ask the reciprocal question, about, what you see in her. Then, create intrigue and ask, what she thinks she. Next, ask about her values, about, she appreciates the people, in men and women. Tell the end of a conversation about her dignity or promise to solve the mystery on your date.

Say it seriously, without ridicule, and too seductive tones of a male seducer.

A simple conversation or acquaintance? 4 effective method

This refers to the contextual method, as it implies familiarity, which is more like a friendly conversation. Use themes, you can learn from the situation.

acquaintance on the street
When you meet someone, which will take a location and see an answering smile – it's a sign, that would communicate.

Method №1. Heavy bag, cold night – is not a reason?

If the street was cool, and the girl's thin blouse, say something similar to this phrase:

  • "Girl, you, probably, cool in such a thin jacket?".

Can offer her your jacket or invite into the nearest coffee shop for a Cup of coffee.

If you see a lady with a heavy pack or bag:

  • "Girls can't carry such burdens. I'll help you".

The main thing, not to frighten her, not to be too persistent and not to take the package from her hands. Be polite and caring.

Method №2. Ask for help – don't hesitate

Fairly effective way, how easy to meet girls on the street to ask them for help! You can ask to show you the way or lend a second necessary thing. In this case, you can refuse only 10% girls, after all, failure is antisocial and not good.

Ask for a pen and a sheet of paper, to record something important.

Take only the handle, if you have a notebook. When done, continue the conversation:

  • "Thanks for the help. Suddenly there was a very important point, you definitely need to record. You have this when it happened?"

Prepare the story in advance, associated with their real interests, you are confident to develop this conversation.

Method №3. Get a room, without asking for it

  1. You can just ask the girl the phone. Explain that the, your cell phone died, and you need to tell someone something important (you were supposed to meet, but the man did not come).
  2. Then you dial your number (the sound on your phone, disconnect) and call me. All her number you already have.

You can do another thing. Say something like:

  • "Thank you very much. You know, now people rarely respond to the request for assistance. But you are an amazing girl. I would like to thank you, buy one Cup of coffee".

Here you can develop a conversation and eventually get her phone number with her consent.

Method №4. Wow, Nirvana? Yes, it was a wonderful group...

Not cool, and people with similar tastes are much easier to get to know each other. Remember, so on the first date you ever tried to lie about, what do you like Bulgakov or nodding affirmatively when the story of the girl about the famous film, you have not watched. Even if you are a little cheated, you did it because, what it brings.

Now, if you are lucky to meet the girl on the street with a camera, with the book author, which you are least familiar, t-shirt with the name of the famous rock band – think, today is the day your success!

To start a conversation much easier, when there is something to cling to:

  • "Hi. A good book in your hands, could not pay attention" or "About, you read a great book. You like?"
  • For young people, passionate about music, in General there should be no barriers: "Hi. Look, you also love Bring me the horizon. How do you like their latest album?"
  • "Nice camera. Doing photography? I really like this too"

Such situations and dialogues could be hundreds, the main thing to pay attention to the details, which will tell about the girl a lot. But success is guaranteed only then, when you have something to say on her preferences and tastes.

Last stage – 5 rules of successful resume

When you have correctly approached and started a conversation, you have to perform a few rules:

  1. If you met on the basis of common interest – to continue to develop this theme.
  2. If under other circumstances – find out the interests of girls, asking her various questions. Don't be afraid to ask – is the surest way to continue the conversation.
  3. Be interested, but not too persistent.
  4. Don't lie and don't pretend, if you don't know, talking about your fiancee.
  5. Use humor. Be cheerful, but without vulgar jokes.


How to transcend fear and come

There are three rules, you need to learn, to understand how to meet:

  1. Just communicate

Never approach a girl to get acquainted. Convince yourself, you just want to chat with beautiful and nice special. Why not? Who forbids it? Talks feeling companionship, you will be able to feel more free and relaxed.

  1. What's the difference, what she has to say

You have to understand, what all have bad and good mood. There is outright boorish, and there are educated. And if you ever say "fuck off" – it only suggests, you have chosen ill-mannered and rude girl.

  1. You have nothing to lose

If you meet a girl you have nothing to lose. And even defeated, you only gain another good experience.

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