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Familiarity is an art! How to meet a girl and not breaking anything in the beginning? Yes, you need only a little time, diligence and perseverance – any goal will become attainable. Forward! We will make you a Casanova!

General Dating rules

  1. Never try to please.

Even though it, like, is your main goal, but it just needs to know you. As for the girl — she just needs to feel positive, the warmth and joy of communicating. But not your obsessive desire and effort to make on it impression.

  1. Don't be invisible

A girl should like you to notice, so try to wisely draw attention to themselves. You do not need any extravagant behavior, just get up and get to see you. For example: going into the cafe, you can openly and respectfully say Hello to the administrator. Sit down and stay always in the most conspicuous place in the center of the room, etc. Can pass several times by girls, you like.

  1. Build a good impression

Initially, try to be polite and cultured. If you run into a lady at the door — hold her down. As before, how to start meets a girl – you need to demonstrate your gallantry.

  1. Watch for gestures and facial expressions

Sometimes wrong words give your shyness and insecurity, as facial expressions and gestures. Therefore, your body must be under constant supervision. Posture should be smooth, shoulders straight. Try to avoid such nerve symptoms, like biting lips, the clicking bones of the fingers, nervous movements of the hands etc. You should clearly know how to meet a girl, even if you've never done, just imagine if this situation can be repeated, as in a video game – everything will become much easier!

  1. Don't forget about eye contact

This is the basis from the start of every relationship (offline). Look her in the eye, try to catch a glance. Unobtrusive smile and show her, what's your interest in her.

  1. "Do not pull the rubber"

No need to wait, until depart "that guy" or drive "that car" — do not delay! women don't like to wait, until the guy decides to squeeze out the first sentence. Long wait only to change her mind about you in the worst way. So as soon as I saw the reaction on a visual level — get to attack. Instantly!

  1. Don't worry about her

In any case don't start to become poor fool, which itself in the mind with difficulty admits the idea, that such a girl will pay attention to it. Don't worry even the most beautiful and proud ladies — you should be with them at the same level, you're the man. The common rule about that, you have to be around her a strong and brave man, it is important in this case as never.

If you are not able to meet…

I want to reassure you that, very few people have a natural charm and incredible communication skills. But the last, unlike the first, you can easily purchase for 2 months of training. Yes, you have to train persistently and deliberately. I have a few good exercises, that'll teach you to talk. Namely the conversation and make it easy to meet girls. So:

  1. Talk about interesting…with all

You just need to choose an interesting for you topic. Let it be something, what you more or less understand what have a great interest. Talk about it with passers-by girls. Just go near them and start talking then, what. Speak with enthusiasm, the rapture — get maximum emotions. Never mind, if they will be surprised, confused, look at you, as abnormal. Your job is to ignore it and try to start a human conversation. Of course, if he starts to beat you mate. After, you will be doing it with 20 people, can safely assume that the task is completed.

  1. Hit them for a living

This time you need to do 10 girls with their interviewees. The main thing for you — not how to politely ask for something, and learn to tell interesting, to engage in the conversation. Why you should choose a topic, which touches ladies live — let this be the contentious issues in relationships between men and women. To do so, she actively communicated with you or even argued.

Before you start to perform these tasks, evaluate your abilities. If you're not sociable person, hesitate to even speak with their good friends deal first with this problem. Train with your friends and acquaintances, and then proceed to exercise program on the girls.

How easily meets – effective methods

Give her a flower

There is one method, how nice to meet a girl, to combat it all at once — to give her a rose just immediately. This is a wonderful method, to get her to stop, to pay attention to you and start a conversation with you. But I will not hide, this method has one major drawback: if you walk down the street with a rose means, you are looking for a "victim". And trust, ladies understand this very well. So you can just find a place close to the flower kiosk and buy a rose right in front of the lady. This can be done, if you are waiting for the bus and near the bus stop there is a flower shop. Just install with her non verbal contact, and then stop at the store and come out with a flower. But act quickly — to have time to go.

Ask for help

In our society it is absolutely normal perceived adequate assistance. I mean, ask them to point the way, time or location of an object. You can easily use it in their favor:

"Tell, please, where is the intersection of so-and-so, and something I lost. I parked there my car and now can't find her".

But here you can't ask the wrong things. You have to understand, where do most people go on the street and ask the girl place in the direction. This is necessary in order, to help you along the way — you need to continue the conversation further: “On, so we are on the way? Well. Just walk me. You hope pleasant my company?".

Ask her a question

This method works flawlessly, and a little farther we'll learn more about it, what questions to ask your girlfriend. This method is convenient because, that it can be used for fun on the street, and for online Dating.

So you can easily get acquainted, for example, shop. Generally a great option to approach her and ask, fit you this shirt or not. Or just ask to choose.

Also you can ask her opinion, if you are in a cafe: "Tell, do you come here often? This is a good cafe?".

Just say

This is the best, the simplest and the most complex method of Dating. Just start chat with girl. Use this to all, I know: repelled by the situation, using your sense of humor or even some common phrases.

I can't meet girls. What to do?

First, what can be the reason for the failure is the manifestation of your fear. For this you need to continue to train your self-control and use my tips and techniques.

Remember, no one will tell you exactly – how to meet a girl, but they consciously or unconsciously weed out the weak, and if you quit right after, as she got in her face you're a pussy. Do not give up immediately and pass it natural selection. Your persistence must play for you, but it is not too much: frankly if a lady sends you, why tolerate this abnormal. If she tactfully makes it clear, it does not intend to meet, can do three things:

  1. To pretend, what it absolutely does not hurt to pay a compliment and walk away
  2. Harmless joke, especially about the inaccessibility, rudeness, stubbornness.
  3. Continue attempts to explore, through some intervals.

Now you know more than enough about that, how to meet. So I'm confident in your success on 100%. Train, grow and don't stop trying – such turns everything!